Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Visions of reality, or not?

This is my newest release, and I simply love the cover! Or rather the image of the sexy hero. He's got just the right amount of hair on his face, not too much and not too little. Don't you agree?

And since I wrote this blog once and it got lost in cyberspace somehow, I'm now out of time and will just give you an excerpt to whet your appetite. For  little background, Victoria has mage powers and can sometimes envision the future. In one vision, she and Cabot are happy and on their honeymoon, in the other he is weeping over her prone body. Which is the correct vision?

"He’d accepted she possessed powers he didn’t understand. He’d seen her perform deeds otherwise unexplainable. His father’s stories had conditioned him for something like this. But somehow he couldn’t accept this vision of hers as the truth. It seemed literally too good to be true.
But the vision was real to her. Her beautiful eyes pleaded with him to have faith in her. Her obvious yearning for his body made it doubly hard. Her nipples were erect and pebbled, and he could smell her feminine arousal. He doubted she even knew how this distinctive odor signified so much to a ready male. His rod, always in a state of erection whenever they were in the same room, urged him to believe her, deal with Selina later, and enjoy his love now. His expanding penis pulsed as his brain fought what he feared was a losing battle.
Then he looked at her and watched her squeeze her eyes shut in a vain effort to hide the tears running down her perfect cheeks. He simply couldn’t stand to see her cry. He’d do anything, anything at all to stop those tears.
“Don’t cry, love, please don’t cry.”
He loosened his shirttail to mop at her tears, but they kept slowly coursing even as she sniffed and scrubbed at them with her fists. Doubly conscience-stricken and torn, he made his decision.
There was no real choice. He’d enjoy her body and teach her the pleasures she knew nothing about. The passionate joining both their bodies wanted. He’d bring her to fulfillment and more, but he’d not permit himself quite the same delight. Still, it would be much more than he’d ever expected.
He took her in his arms and kissed her tears, the salty taste convincing him once again he couldn’t leave her like this. He was doing the right thing. If it felt so wonderful, it must be right. He held her, molding her curves against him with his big hands, rejoicing at the wondrous feel of her supple body pressed against his raging one."

These two have a real problem. And there's a double romance when Cabot's brother also falls in love, and meets unexpected obstacles. I think you'd enjoy this book, now available at MuseItUp and all the usual sources. Or go to my website, www.jeanhartstewart.com

Til next month......


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats, Jean, on your newest release! That is a beautiful cover. The guy is to die for. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina. I think he's pretty hot!!!