Monday, January 16, 2017

Secret Love continues to be a real secret!

Alas, I continue to be in-between a rock and a hard place.  I'm an unknown indie author who has been published since 2009, but my books don't sell much.  Because they don't sell much, I can't afford to quit either of my two jobs, so I have no time to do promotions...or even to write during the school year!  Used to be that I'd wait up until everyone else was asleep and write into the wee hours of the night.  But getting older takes its toll, and combined with early mornings, I can't stay up late anymore.  So no time to promote means even less sales, and I'm back to wondering if it's a lie when I call myself an author.

I got the rights for my book, Secret Love, back when its first publishing house was sold to a corporation.  Then I submitted it to my new publisher and it was re-edited and slated for republishing back in 2015.  Then that publishing house was sold and things ground to a halt.  I approved covers and editing and was told it would be published "soon" in early November of 2016.  Then I never heard from anyone.  Now I find it's on Amazon, listed as having been republished in November 2016, but it's only available as a paperback and not an eBook. I've contacted my published but have heard nothing back to date.

So while I ponder over what kind of promotions I can squeeze into my already over-full days, at least I can show you the new cover (again) and give an excerpt.  I got some very good reviews on this book when it was first published, and it's been improved upon since then. This has always been one of my favorite stories, since I want to live the life the heroine has, despite all of the danger. And I totally love the hero, while wondering if anyone will be able to guess which actor I based him on.  I tried to disguise him with a few changes, because I don't want any lawsuits; but I know whose face I kept seeing while I wrote all of the hot scenes!

  Expanded blurb:

Sheena has been an international agent for the past twelve years...twelve long years of constant movement, being sent all over the world to hopefully do good things in other countries.  She has enjoyed most of the aspects of her exciting life, including the many men she has been able to amuse herself with during her rare time-off days in-between assignments.  She has never been tempted to break the cardinal rule, which is that agents are not allowed to have emotions, which are too dangerous in their line of work.  She has spent years suppressing them quite successfully. 

When a famous actor walks into the safe-house bar in Berlin where she is beginning a few days of down-time, she decides that seducing him is just the thing she needs to help her ignore the strange feeling of discontent that she has been plagued with lately.  Tall and bronzed, the Native American action movie star has long black hair and a commanding air that interests everyone else in the bar as well.  But to her delight, his eyes are only on Sheena.  They spend days in her borrowed apartment, discovering the joys to be had in sharing their bodies with each other.  Slowly, Sheena is forced to realize that she is developing feelings...finding out that Cory is already in love with her adds another layer of danger.  She will have to leave him when she is given her next assignment...that has never been a problem for her before.  Will she be able to forget him once she leaves him?  Will he ever forgive her?  Since she is not ever supposed to see the same man twice, will it matter?

Excerpt set up:  Sheena hasn't seen the actor since last year, when she abruptly left him in his apartment with a note telling him how sorry she was that she had to leave, and how she would always treasure the memories of what they had shared.  She hated herself for doing that, but had no choice when called to another assignment.  Now she is at a Hollywood party and he is unexpectedly on stage with the band.  She is on assignment and can't risk her cover being blown, which could have very deadly results.  She runs upstairs to a bathroom to try to figure out how to get out of this scenario alive.

All of the self-recriminations, the hoisted by my own petard clichés, and the irony of having fallen for a man she could never have again washed over her with a vengeance. She felt too stunned to even move. Having emotions of any kind was a liability in her world. Being too paralyzed with feelings to take any action was grounds for immediate termination…and not just from the job. Agents turned up dead after such disobedience made them careless. Lacing her fingers together, Sheena took deep, cleansing breaths and tried to get her racing pulse back under control.
She jumped at the sound of someone pounding on the bathroom door.
It’s occupied!” she said, hoping to convince them to go away. After a short pause, the pounding started again.
 Go away! Find another bathroom!” she shouted, starting to channel her emotional upheaval into the safety of controlled anger. This instantly made her feel calmer and more in charge of herself.
         The pounding only got more insistent.
Anger is good. She stomped over to the door to fling it open. What the fuck is your problem?
You are,” Hickory Woods said, as he pushed her back into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.
         What are you doing up here?
She hated the panic suddenly threatening to overwhelm her as she felt his raw anger wash over her in waves.
          Why aren’t you still on the stage? You’re supposed to be up with the band.
Why the hell are you with him? he yelled at her. I thought you said you couldn’t be seen in public with celebrities like me. So in you stroll with him, the current flavor of the month, and I have to watch him groping you?
He loomed dangerously over her as she backed away from him until she was trapped by the wall-to-wall counter of the sink behind her.
“I’m not with him, not that it is any of your business,” she replied weakly, aware of how vulnerable her voice sounded, but not able to get it under control yet.
         “Just like your leaving me in Berlin was none of my business?” His face was dark and his voice dripped with scorn. “You never told me what your business is. At this point, I’m guessing high-class hooker. Was I a freebie, or are you just behind in your billing?
         Cory, just let me leave and forget about me, okay?”
She tried not to sound like she was pleading. Shed spent years perfecting how to order men around, but right at this moment, she would have begged if it would get her away from this man she still wanted so much, but had hurt so badly.
 His eyes were wild as he pushed forward with his hips to trap her between the sink counter and the unmistakable bulge in his pants.
I can’t forget about you, damn it! That’s the problem. You’re in my blood. I want you so bad I can taste it.”
With that, his hands grabbed her urgently, and he ran them along her naked back, down to the cleft in her behind. He saw his hands move in the mirror behind her and shuddered. He gripped her hips and ground himself into her. With a groan, he moved one hand up to grab her hair and force her face up to accept his kiss, a punishing battering of her lips with his. She cried out from the pain of her hair being twisted around his hand, and he forced his tongue into her mouth and laid claim to her, despite her objections.
Gasping, she tried to push him away, but since she didn’t want to actually hurt him, she couldn’t use any of the skills honed over years of training and practice.
Besides, the truth was that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Her hands crept up along his back as she leaned into him, pressing herself against him with strength of passion equal to his own.
 *                   *                     *
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 And yes, I'm a huge fan of spy movies and TV shows. 😍


Tina Donahue said...

Your books are wonderful, Fiona. I hope 2017 brings you greater recognition.

S.Lira said...

Keep at it Fiona, I feel your pain. I've been published since 2010. Sales are starting to pick up as of late for me, so I hope that continues. This book sounds good!