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New Adult reads from Rita Hestand

I've gone into the New Adult short story writings now and hope you check it out. Here's a excerpt from Part of Me.


He saw her walking down the road and his heart stopped. Her head was bent, her shoulders slumped, her expression lost. It was Amy Benefield, but where was she going, and with a suitcase? She had on a pair of jeans and blouse with a pull over sweater. She was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever known, with her blond hair that curled around her shoulders, and her deep brown eyes that looked so soft all the time. But of course, he knew she was stuck on Kevin. He couldn't really blame her, Kevin was more of a go getter when it came to girls. Still it never kept his heart from leaping every time he looked at her.

He drove right up to her and stopped. "Amy, what's wrong, babe? What are you doin' walking out here in the middle of the road?" Carson Walker asked as he got out of the car. There was no traffic on the road this time of day and he knew he didn't have to worry about that. He was worried about Amy.

Her eyes were trained on the road. Her look was lost.

"Where are, you going, what are you doing?" He asked, with concern.

She didn't answer, didn't look at him.

"Amy," He turned his head in question, "What's wrong?"

She still didn't answer.

He came up to her, and caught her elbow, turning her around to face him.

She raised her head, her soft brown eyes going over him with tears hovering in the corners. "I'm leaving."

"Leaving?" He repeated her word. "Leaving where? Where are, you going babe?"

"I don't know. Away somewhere I guess." She muttered miserably.

He reached for her suitcase, and then her hand. "Come on, let's go somewhere and talk." His voice had a softness about it that could calm a storm. Carson knew there was something wrong and he aimed to get to the bottom of it. As much as he commanded, he calmed even more. He'd been her friend forever, but there was something about him today that made her respond to his gentle commands. 

She followed.

"I need to find a place before dark." She said hesitantly.

"A place. You aren't making much sense. What's wrong? Talk to me. It's me, Carson, your buddy. Tell me what is bothering you so. I want to help you."

She looked up now, staring into his dark blue eyes, searching for something. "Everything…"

"Come on, come with me." He instructed.

He opened the car door for her and he drove up to the lake, a special spot they used to go to talk. He turned off the ignition and turned to face her. "Okay, now tell me what's going on."

She stared out at the lake, but her mind seemed miles from there.

"I'm leaving Carson, and I'm never coming back, that's what's wrong." She said, not bothering to look at him.

"Why are you leaving?" He asked simply.

"I have to. I've caused so many problems. It's my fault. I must leave now. Can you take me to a bus station or a train station or something that will take me away from here?"

"Not on your life. I want to know what's wrong." He demanded softly.

"Nothing, I had a fight with my folks is all. And I'm leaving."

"Must have been a pretty bad fight to get you to packing your stuff and taking off like this." He commented. When she said nothing, he surmised, "Did they kick you out?"

She glared at him. "Yeah, they did."

"Why?" He hollered now, not understanding any of what she said.

She looked out the window, away from him, unable to face him. "Be….be…" She couldn't finish. "I can't tell you. I'm too ashamed."

"Ashamed? Of what?" he looked incredulous at her.

"Oh Carson, you're such a good person. Why couldn't it be you?"

"Why couldn't what be me?"

"I guess I might as well tell you. You'll hear it sooner or later. I'm pregnant."

Silence sliced the air.

"Your…your pregnant?" He asked as though he wasn't sure he heard her right. It was the last thing he expected to hear from her. But, knowing how she had missed Kevin Stevens when he left, he didn't doubt there might have been something between them other than friendship.

"That's right Carson, I’m pregnant. You can announce it to the whole town if you want to. Everyone will know soon enough." She turned a hateful glance on him.
"Well…. what about Kevin, have you told him?" Carson asked wondering about the situation but not voicing it to her.

"Wasn't hard for you to figure it out, was it?"

He stared at her, "No."

"As long as we three have been friends, we've always stood up for each other, had each other's backs. Haven't we?"


"Well, not any longer. Kevin refuses to admit it's his. Claims I probably slept with you. He won't stand up to his responsibilities and my folks won't have me around." Now the tears fell and Carson felt angry at his friend Kevin and angry at her thoughtless parents.

"They kicked you out?"

"Yeah, said I was just like my no-good sister, Megan. Same thing happened to her a couple of summers ago. I guess it runs in the family. Mom was pregnant with Megan when she married my dad."

"Aw…Amy, I’m so sorry. And Kevin won't claim the child?"

"Kevin won't even see me. He told his folks I was lying, that it wasn't his. He told them the baby was yours." She cried. "I tried to tell them differently, but they didn't believe me. They think their precious son could do no wrong. They told me they couldn't believe I'd say such a thing and not to come back."

"My God, babe. I'm so sorry. Come here," He pulled her to him and held her close. "I wish it was, I'd never leave you Amy." He kissed the top of her head.

"What am I going to do, Carson, I’m so scared."

"Aw babe, it's alright. We'll think of something. You aren't going anywhere. I'll help you, you know that."

"It's not your problem. It's mine." She cried.

Another silence sliced the air, but Carson's mind was turning at a high speed. He assessed the situation, and without due consideration shook his head.

"Okay look, he accused me of being the father. Fine, I'll take the responsibility. Since he doesn't want to. You are my friend and I won't desert you. We've been together since we were kids. I'm not about to let you handle this alone. It's much too big. Now, we just got to figure out a few of the details."

She was staring at him now, and melting at that stare. "I can't let you take the responsibility for this?"

"You may not be in love with me, but I know you like me, trust me. That's a start. We'll work on the rest, together."

She hung her head and the tears came down.

"They wanted me to have an abortion, Carson.  I refused. So, they told me to get out and figure it out for myself. They wanted no part of a little slut and her kid. They said if I was old enough to get pregnant that I was old enough to figure it out for myself."

"Your parents called you a slut?" He reacted with pure shock.

"I deserved that. Acting so moon-eyed over Kevin just because he was off to college and I missed him like crazy. I thought Kevin loved me, the way he was acting, he said he missed me too and was glad I was there. I was just one of his girls. He's got a new girl already. She should be careful, she'll end up the same way." Amy cried.

She sat up and looked at him, "I was a fool to think he would care. I'd missed him so much when he went off to college. When he came back for Spring Vacation…we kissed for the first time. He took me to the lake, he was telling me how much he missed me too. And we kissed. One thing led to another. We made love. Several times. But after he went back, I worried about what I'd done with him, knowing he was at college. I felt alone. Then I realized I was pregnant. And he had another girl there at the college, I know because I called and she answered his phone. I was just his weekend fling. I couldn't believe he used me like that. The three of us have been friends all our lives, Carson. I went to tell him yesterday as he just got home for the summer. He laughed in my face and told me he was sorry, but he was going with someone else. He stood there, staring at me and said, "You've been here with Carson all this time, and now I'm accused of being the father. I don't believe that." He practically called me the same thing my folks did. I felt so cheap, so used up, and so scared. Then when my folks threw a fit and told me to get out, I just didn't care any longer. I just wanted to die, Carson."

"No, no you aren't going to die." He turned to the steering wheel of the car and held on to it. Gripping it so hard his fingers turned white. "Just give me a little time here to think. We'll work this out, Amy."

"That's sweet of you Carson, but it's not your problem." She told him. "Although, now that I think on it, he might cause you some problems if he tells everyone it's yours."

Carson stared at her a minute, then smiled. "Let him. I wish it were mine. I'd take care of you and the baby. I wouldn't mind at all."

"Carson?" She looked big eyed at him.

"I've always liked you Amy. You just couldn't see it for Kevin's flirty ways." He nodded. "It's done. As far as anyone knows. This baby is mine then. I'll marry you and make it legal and no one can say a thing. The baby will have a father, and a good last name."

"Oh no, Carson. I didn't mean for you to…" She looked at him. "You are the sweetest person I know Carson, but I would never push this off on you. I'll think of something."

"No, Kevin wants to tell everyone it's mine, then, fine, it'll be mine. We'll get married. Would you mind marrying me? Am I so awful?"

She hesitated, her glance going from the short cropped brown hair to his deep indigo eyes. He was handsome, she'd always thought so. "Awful? You are the nicest person I know Carson, always have been. But your parents, what would they say?" She shook her head.

"I'm not sure. We'll just have to find out. So, you'll go home with me, and we'll tell them. If they kick us out, I've got an eye out for a house in Murphy where we can live. Or if you don't like that we could go live with an aunt of mine. She wouldn't kick us out." He assured her.

"Carson, I can't let you do this." She protested. "As sweet as you are, you can't solve all the problems of the world you know."

He looked at her now, and pulled her chin up to stare into her beautiful brown eyes. "I care about you Amy, and I care about your baby. I won't let you suffer this alone. We've always done everything together, we'll do this too. There's just one thing…."

She looked at him, "What?"

"If I marry you, you will be married to me, for real. And that baby will be mine. Not Kevin's. He can't have the baby after we are married, or you. Agreed?"
She nodded slowly, "You'd do this, for me?"

"I would. Now dry your eyes and hold your head up. From this moment on, the baby is mine. Got it?"

"Yes," she stared in wonder. "Oh Carson, I so don't want to ruin your life."
"Ruin it? You'll make it!"


"What's the matter, you don't think in time you could grow to love me?" He chuckled, but his eyes pinned her to the spot for an answer.

"I already do…for what you just said!" She shook her head.

"Just not the same way you love Kevin."

"Carson, you don't understand."

"What's to understand?"

"I slept with Kevin because I love him too. He was sweet when he came back and well, I did miss him, he's never been gone like that before. I think I let my good judgement slip when he started touching me. Carson, I was a virgin. He kissed me a couple of times. I hadn't even been kissed…like that before. And then he started touching me. I was swept up in the moment. I can't truly say it's the forever kind of love. I trusted him."

"Oh God, babe. Can this get any worse?"
Part of Me

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