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Hiya...Elle Boon here. I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I celebrated the Christmas season in Northern Minnesota with my hubby’s families. It was a white Christmas and one filled with lots of love and joy. My daughter brought her boyfriend with for the first time, although they’ve been together since the 8th grade, he’s never came up North with us (9years later). I’ll say I got everything I wanted, which was being with my family. Although the new iPad Air Pro I got from hubby was wonderful LOL.

If you follow me on Facebook, or any of the other social media platforms I'm on, you got to see some of the amazing things I purchased on my trip up to the in-laws along i-29. I love truck stops, and shopping at them. As a college student I put myself through university working as a fuel desk cashier, so I have much love and respect for truckers and their families. Well, I also love to stop at truck stops because you can find the most interesting things, and unique presents. Check out the pics of some of the AHMAYZING things I bought during the 10hr trip. Of course, my hubby was the recipient of the T-shirts, and his family thought they were a hoot. I'm keeping the metal sculpture of the couple that holds wine bottles. Aren't they awesome?

Now, I bought these cute little darlings as well, and have already given away 2 of them, but don't fret as I have more that will be going to some good homes. The Feisty Pets are being given away in the next couple of months on my Facebook page, so make sure you follow me if you don’t.

I’m working diligently on Bodhi’s Synful Mate so I thought I’d show y’all the gorgeous cover and share a bit from his and Syn’s book. The release date isn’t set as of yet, but I am shooting for sometime in January, barring everything works out. I don’t want to rush this story because this couple deserves the best as do you my readers.

Bodhi’s Synful Mate
Iron Wolves Book 6

KARSYN STYLES aka Syn is tired of waiting on the man she knows is her mate to claim her. She’s going to take matters into her own hands, even if that means teaching the stubborn wolf she’s more than just the alpha’s baby sister.

BODHI has fought the feelings he has for the little wolf who’s supposed to be like a sister to him. Only the feelings she’s stirred in his body and heart are far from brotherly. He’s done everything in his power to keep her at a distance, even going against everything he and his wolf want, but nothing can tame either man or beast except the one female meant to be theirs.

Just when he is ready to claim his mate, Bodhi’s world is rocked as his past comes back with a vengeance. He wasn’t born a wolf, but turned when his family was slaughtered. He’d thought he was all alone in the human world, grateful for his wolven family, until one fateful encounter.

Syn sees the man she loves pulling away. Her heart can’t take another rejection, or seeing him turn to another female for the comfort only she should be giving him. She’ll do anything to show him they’re meant to be together.

Neither realize the danger lurking in the shadows as Bodhi’s past is more sinister than either realize. Can the Iron Wolves survive what’s coming next, or will what destroyed Bodhi’s past come back to do the same to their future?

Bodhi’s Synful Mate
Adult Excerpt

Bodhi controlled the urge to lift up and power into her. He needed to make her come before he shoved his cock into the tightest, sweetest pussy on earth and beyond. When he’d said she smelled like sin and spice, he meant it. She tasted like the sweetest cinnamon and sugar mixture he’d ever had. He wanted to gorge himself on her flavor. Taking his time, he held her down while she bucked against him, her cries were like music to his ears, a thunderous roar like a heavy metal band drumming in his head. His cock had been hard since he’d walked in her door. No, it had been hard for years, but now it throbbed like the primal beast he was.
He took his time, worshipping every inch of her, telling her how perfect she was without words, letting her feel how much she meant to him, only her for the rest of their lives. If he could, he’d stay right where he was, but his dick ached, demanding release. She was close to coming, and he wanted to feel that, needed to make her shatter. He wanted to watch her come apart for him. He hadn’t lied when he’d told her he wanted to memorize the exact moment for all eternity. Watching her dazed and sated face ranked right up there with the best of the best for him.
Her hands went to his hair, pulling, telling him without words what she needed. Bodhi licked faster, worked his fingers inside her faster, drawing more of her flavor into himself. “That’s it. Trust me. Give it to me. Come, now.” He lashed at her clit, suckled it and then drew it into his mouth. When her inner muscles began to squeeze his fingers, he looked up and watched her come apart, felt the ripples and couldn’t wait to feel them working his cock. Fuck, she was beautiful when she came.
He rose above her, and her eyes were slumberous, but still needy.
His cock was hard, and thick, pulsing precome. He ran a hand up and down it, then settled between her spread thighs. “You ready, chérie?”
Tight. So damn tight and hot. He positioned the head of his dick at the entrance to heaven and waited.
“Yes, make me yours.”
“You’ve always been mine,” he growled. The broad head slid into her silken depths, her heat licked him.
“Mine,” her whispered words made him smile.
His breath left him on a hiss. “Fuck yes, yours.” Somehow his lungs remembered to work, and although he wanted, needed to plunge into her silken depths, he took it slow, driving in an inch at a time. Every slow measured thrust he could feel the ache in his balls to come boiling up. Shit, at this rate he’d come as soon as he was buried into the hilt.
With his eyes locked on her blue ones, he kept focused on her for any sign of pain. The walls of her pussy still contracted from her orgasm, rippling along his shaft, and every inch he gained felt like a tight fist squeezing him. As he finally pushed all the way in, he settled over her, his gaze clinging to hers. He loved the way she met him eye-to-eye. The way she looked at him as if he hung the mon. Goddess, he prayed he never fucked up.
“Damn, I swear, you are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in all my life. How did I get so lucky,” he breathed out reverently. Truth rang out. His fingers flexed on her hips from where he held her still for his deep penetration, not wanting her to move just yet out of fear he’d come before he was ready. “You’re so tight. Your body was made for me, and I for you. Do you feel that?” He pulled out and pressed back in. “One day, we will create children when you’re ready. Our loving will make a part of you and me.”
She cried out and thrashed beneath him, trying to get him to move. “You can’t say shit like that and not move. Need to come.”
Bending, he took her mouth in a demanding kiss, then moved to her shoulder, knowing he was going to claim her in the way of their wolves as well. The mating mark would be visible for all their kind to see, and he couldn’t wait. At the moment of her climax, he planned to claim her there. He licked the spot, bit down, but not hard enough to break the skin then eased back. Her blues eyes lit up.
His cock was buried deep, ready to explode. “Are you okay?” He’d seen the flash of pain in her face as he’d entered her.
The beautiful flush that covered her skin enchanted him. Hell, Bodhi couldn’t believe he was thinking such things, yet with his mate beneath him, the flowery words were perfect for how he was feeling. When she didn’t answer, he lifted his hands and grabbed both of hers, pulling them next her her head. “I asked you a question.” Steel entered his voice.
Syn swallowed. “It only hurt a few seconds.”
He opened his mind and entered only the front of hers to gauge her words. Seeing the honesty there, he nodded. In the position they were now in, he was in complete control, and he loved it. He gave her a grin. At a glance down, her hair had spilled across the silver sheets, its dark mass a stark contrasts of silk on silk. He fucking loved her. Not like a brother, or a pack member. A mate’s love.
“I truly am okay, Bo. Please move.” Her words were accompanied by her squeezing the inner muscles of her pussy.
The delicious sensations had him pulling back and moving forward, the action nearly strangling his cock, building him up to the best orgasm of his life. He slammed deeper, harder than he’d planned, but she met him stroke for stroke. Their shifter strength allowed them to take each other harder, faster, and he pounded into like he’d never allowed himself to do with another. Every stroke jolted the bed, made her breast bounce, and he held her hands next to her head, his body in complete control of hers. She was completely held down by him. All his.
Completely lost to making love to his mate, he didn’t realize how close she was to shattering until her body clamped down on him, and then he had to exert his iron control to keep from following her. He didn’t want to come just yet. The need to push her over the precipice and watch her come apart rode him. “Come for me again,” he ordered. Two more times he instructed her, holding her down, commanding her to come, before he allowed himself the pleasure of coming. When he did, his wolf came to the surface, and his canines lengthened. The area he’d chosen beckoned. Streaks of fire raced from his spine to his balls, and as he allowed himself to come, the arcs of pleasure raced through his system, he struck.
Syn’s eyes widened, her pleas grew louder and her breath hitched as he claimed her. Another orgasm rolled over her. The spasming of her pussy forced another from him, making his head light, his abs quiver, and if he’d been standing he was sure his legs would’ve gone out. Giving his life new meaning. Giving him new life. He and Syn became one. He released her neck with a gentle lick, and turned his throat, giving her access, and jerked as she bit down on him in a much daintier bite, yet every bit as possessive claiming.

Bodhi’s Synful Mate
Story Excerpt

The constant need to be filled by Bodhi seemed to have eased after their last violent lovemaking session against the wall. Staring at herself in the mirror of her bathroom, Syn touched one of the marks on her hips, shivering at the remembered feel of his possession. Holy fucking shit, Lyric didn’t mention it would be so intense when she mated. The thought of her best friend had her looking for her cell. She glanced at the clock, and quickly walked back into her recently re-made bed. Each step was a reminder of Bodhi’s possession as she felt a slight twinge between her thighs. With her shifter abilities, if she was to shift to her wolf, and then back to human, all her injuries would be healed, but she was loathe to do so. Gah, she was so screwed.
She swiped across the screen and hit the button for Lyric. The ringtone her friend chose for herself, had her smiling as she waited.
“Hello, beotch. How’s the mating going?” Lyric asked.
Syn shook her head. “Oh, we’ve been fucking like bunnies, and then we fucked some more. Would you like all the down and dirty details?”
The sound of Lyric groaning, and Rowan yelling at her to take the phone off of speaker made Syn blush and look around for Bodhi. “Dang it you hussy, why didn’t you tell me you weren’t alone?”
Lyric’s laughing voice almost had Syn jumping into her truck, and racing over there to knock her best friend in the head.
“Oh Goddess, you should have seen Rowan’s face. Now that, is what we call free entertainment.” Lyric laughed some more, then stopped as she must’ve realized Syn wasn’t laughing with her. “Oh, hun, I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean to upset you. Hell, I tell you everything, even when Rowan’s right in the room. He sort of knows everything anyways. He’s like Super-SEAL, or would that be WolfieSEAL? Shit, what is he anyway now?”
“Lyric, shut up. You’re gonna give me a headache. Rowan is…Rowan. Who happens to be your mate. He’s an ex-SEAL but he’s also a shifter, so I guess he’s all that and a bag of chips. But, that doesn’t mean I want him privy to my sex life.”
Lyric sniffed, and Syn had the impression her best friend was actually wiping away real tears. “Are you crying? You can’t cry. You’re the one who fucked up.” Syn gentled her voice. Lyric never cried. “Do I need to come over there? Did Super-Wolfeal do something?”
“Wolfeal?” Lyric giggled.
“Yeah, I sort of came up with that. You know how Jenna and Kellen call the Cordell twins Wolpires, well Wolfeals. What do you think?”
“I’m totally gonna tell him his new nickname. Now, stop evading me, and spill. What did you and Bodhi talk about? I don’t need the dirty dirty, since I‘m a happily mated female, I kinda know what you do. Stick part A into slot A, B, or C.”
Syn pulled the phone away from her ear. “So you’re saying you allow Rowan to stick his dick into your vajayjay, your mouth and your…” she was cut off as Lyric screeched.
“Alright, that’s enough girl talk while I’m in residence, damn wolf hearing,” Rowan growled into the phone.
“Give me the phone back you big bully.”
“I’ll talk to you later, Lyric. Don’t let the big bad Wolfeal get the better of you. Offer up part C,” Syn said then hung up as Lyric squealed louder.
“You, Karsyn Styles, are a bad girl.” Bodhi leaned against the doorjamb.
He looked too damn good for her peace of mind, but she kept that to herself. Although the smirk on his face let her know he’d read her mind. His eyes, those green emerald fire ones, looked at her with such tenderness, making her sigh. “Well, you bring out the bad in me.”
Straightening, he strolled into the room. “I hate to leave you so soon, but I need to go talk with my sister, and Kellen. There’s a lot of unfinished business with her…husband, and his family. We know Rodriguez wasn’t in residence, which means he’s still a threat.”
Fear skittered through her. “He knows where we’re located.”
“Let him come here,” he growled, then paced away from her to stare out the window. “I saw some of the things he did to her.”
She didn’t need to ask who the her was. When they’d connected, and their mate link clicked into place, she’d seen his memories that he hadn’t blocked. She couldn’t imagine the hell Layla had endured, only hoped that Jenna could help ease some of it. “What’re you going to do?”
Bodhi sighed. “I’m going to hunt his ass down, and kill him. His entire family will die, if not by my hands, then by our pack. Kellen has given me his blessing as well as his assurance he wants to dismember them all slowly. He said Jenna was too lenient when she collapsed the home with the fuckers inside. I tend to agree with him.” He smiled grimly.
Syn remained silent. The need for vengeance was one she understood, but her gut told her it wasn’t going to be quite the easy task her mate thought. No, she didn’t doubt for a minute her mate was a badass, however, the man they were facing wasn’t an honorable man. She’d seen inside Layla’s memories, things she wondered if Bodhi had truly paid attention to, or if he’d been too disturbed to notice the little things.
“Go ahead, say what’s on your mind. I can see you have an opinion, and while I may not agree, I do value your wisdom.”
“It’s not my past to tell, but I suggest when you speak to your sister, you listen, and try not to freak the fuck out. She’s suffered enough without her brother going apeshit on her. Not that I think you’ll hurt her, but Layla is going to need you to stay calm while she tells you her tale.” Syn held up a finger. “If she opens up enough to tell you that is. If not, then when you look into her mind, really look.”
“What aren’t you telling me? What did you see that I missed?” Bodhi came to stand in front of her, his hands holding her by the shoulders.
“I’m telling you to keep your shit cool, and don’t be an ass.” If it was possible, he seemed to grow without shifting. Hell, his entire body appeared to vibrate.
“I hate fucking riddles, and I most certainly don’t like it when my mate won’t just give me the deets I need, so I’m not walking into a minefield.” Blunt, that was what Bodhi was.
Syn shook her head. “As your mate, and Layla’s sister-in-law to be, I’m giving you both my respect. What I saw through your mind, wasn’t a true vision of mine. It could be a distorted version, so back the fuck up off me.” Mate or not, her wolf came to the surface, ready to protect them.
“The Dominguez family are, and were, vicious from what I saw. Hell, I was too young to really know anything, other than my friend Rod wasn’t able to play on certain days because he was in trouble. What did I miss?” He closed his eyes for a couple minutes, then they opened wide. “From what I saw through my sister’s mind, they not only killed, but they enjoyed it. The killing and torturing. Her husband made her watch. He got off on it. Shit, that’s what you were trying to tell me. I missed it when I connected with Layla.” He stared down at her, his heartbeat throbbed visibly though the vein in his neck.
“Yeah, I’m sure there’s more.” She licked her lips.

Now, here are the list of winners from the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways I did:
Day 1: Yeti Cup Winner, Seal Plushie and swag pack. Trevor Kinkaid
Day 2: Two Greater Goods set and signed print book of winners choice. Francie Rose Wright and Terri Doughty.
Day 3: Large Rainbow Wolf Plushie and Zales Diamond Necklace. Sharon Slick Reads.
Day 4: Signed SEAL Team Phantom Print set and Charm Bracelet. Carol Capper.
Day 5: Set of Lora Leigh Nauti Series Set and SmokeJumpers by Elle Boon Signed. Megan Asmus.
Day 6: Coach Purse and Swag Pack. Kimber Oliver.
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Day 9: Pink Kindle loaded with my entire backlist. Lori Twardokus.
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Whew, Like I said that was a F**Kton of giveaways not to mention I was part of Lora Leigh’s BIG HUGE EPIC giveaways she did throughout the entire month of December, along with Lori Foster, Lorelei James, and Nicole Edwards. I am soo honored to be included with these amazing women. We gave to one lucky lady a Coach bag a week, plus on Lora’s page she gave away a F**Kton of stuff as well.

So, now the question is…what am I gonna giveaway this time? Well, pop over to my Facebook wall and tell me you read this blog and you’ll be entered to win one of the awesome Feisty Pets I bought.


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