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June Rocked for #WolvesofWillowBend

It's hotter than hell in Texas, but for one Willow Bend wolf, she has an entirely different kind of challenge facing her in the icy north...don't miss the highly anticipated installment in the Wolves of Willow Bend as we travel to one of the most secretive packs in the U.S.

Ranae is the youngest of the Buckleys and the only girl amongst three powerful male siblings. Her restlessness and dominant nature affected her every relationship within Willow Bend, not to mention testing the patience of her Alpha. Apprenticeship to the Hunters fed her desire for a purpose. When her Alpha and eldest brother ask her to undertake a mission to the Yukon territory, she’s thrilled at the opportunity to be useful. Clashing with the Alpha was the last thing she expected on the dangerous assignment.

The oldest Alpha in the U.S. packs lives a gray existence. The loss of his mate so many decades before wears away at him until he doesn’t give a damn about anything. The problems of the other packs are not his, and he prefers to be left to his isolation. The arrival of the Chief Enforcer annoys him, but it is the wolf traveling with him who wakes the predator in Diesel. The scent of mate clings to her, but she rejects his overtures and challenges him on every level.

War may be coming for the Yukon, but Diesel’s battle is very personal…

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Read the first two chapters right now!

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AMBER'S ACE by Taryn Kincaid

AMBER'S ACE, my third Black Hills Wolves story for Decadent Publishing releases July 15, but I'm thrilled as can be that it's up for Pre-Order now!

Like the others, this one's also a stand alone read, but it's one of the opening salvos in the BHW's  brand new "Matchmaker" subseries.

The elder ladies of Los Lobos, the center of the Black Hills Wolves pack, just can't help themselves from meddling in the, ahem, affairs, of some of the fated wolves who haven't yet found each other...or those who have, but don't seem to know it!

The heroine of AMBER'S ACE is Amber Northridge, one of the twin sisters of Brick Northridge (hero of WOLF'S SONG) and Chance Northridge (hero of ANOTHER  CHANCE). She and her twin Garnet  have long been imprisoned by the evil, demented, whackadoodle former alpha of the pack. Now, with the BHW pack thriving again under the new alpha, and building up their town of Los Lobos, the sisters have been rescued! And in the midst of the rescue (the end of ANOTHER CHANCE and the beginning of AMBER'S ACE), we see Amber's attention one-track focused on a baseball game on the TV blaring in the background...

Enter the hero of AMBER'S ACE, Riley Morgan, star pitcher of the New York Kings.  A hotshot MVP, Cy Young Award winner and face of the major league club, Riley's got a hairy little secret...


Riley Morgan, the all-star ace pitcher of the world champion New York Kings, has long hid his secret from his adoring fans and the clamoring metropolitan press. But when Riley is distracted on the mound by a long-distance mate call and the sweet voice from home he couldn't possibly have heard, he suffers a freak, career-ending injury that sends him back to his South Dakota wolf pack to heal.

Stolen from her family along with her twin sister years earlier, Amber Northridge was held prisoner and abused by the crazed former alpha and his henchmen since she was a teen, managing to survive through resourcefulness and wits. Now, at long last the pack has located them and set them free.

Returned home to Los Lobos, Amber recognizes the hunky baseball player she's seen on TV as her mate, but she doubts she can be with any man after all she has suffered.

Can the romantic machinations of Los Lobos' four renowned matchmakers unite the damaged pair?



Something sloshed into the creek from the nearby falls and briefly splashed about before emerging onto an island of rock—beaver or badger out to play and test the cold spring waters, most likely. Amber jerked her head up, gazing through the filmy curtain of spray, and sucked in a sharp breath.

A man.

Not “a man.” The man. The one she’d seen on the flickering TV screen seven months ago on the day of her rescue. The man who’d fallen to the ground in centerfield, writhing in agony. The man she could not forget.
 She rubbed her ring. The amber heated and seemed to glow.

Everything inside her melted.

He seemed blissfully unaware of her, so she gaped her fill. Luna. Such a sinfully handsome naked man, droplets of water glistening like diamonds on his lickable, strokable, sun-kissed skin, his taut muscles bulging and rippling with every movement.

Tendrils of his rich, unique scent wafted across the water, curling around her, into her nose, into her brain, seeping into her body and setting a carnal fire between her legs. Goddess. He smelled delicious—as she’d known he would. She sniffed again. He smelled like summer, like hot sun and freshly mown grass, like the whisper of clean, soothing rain, bringing with it the barest hint of a dangerous thunderstorm. Like Cracker Jacks and cotton candy and roasted peanuts and salted caramel fudge at a state fair…or a baseball game. Not that she’d ever been to either. Still, she could taste him on her tongue, a feast for all her senses.



She wanted to devour him. A tremor ran through her, both excitement and fear. One thing to fantasize about the erotic delights she might share with an imaginary lover, another thing when confronted with a real, living, breathing, flesh-and-blood male. A big, clearly dominant male. When she could hardly bear to touch or be touched, when everything in her readied to flee, how had heated words like “lickable” and “strokable” entered her mind? How had she conjured images of her skimming her hungry lips in delight over his tanned skin, savoring the salty, masculine taste of him?

Amber dipped her hand in her pocket to run her fingers over the features of the small wolf Brick had given her, calling forth its protective powers. Instead, the little stone sculpture fairly buzzed, reflecting her own excitement. Warmth filled her palm. Something hummed and sang within her. She could not be imagining the sizzle of fiery energy coursing through her. Could not be imagining him. The amber ring on her finger lit with an inner fire, radiating light. Her hot blood scorched through her veins.

Her mind told her to run, to leap up and shift and bound away, to escape the solitary confines of the woods invaded by the threat of the strange man.

But her wolf struggled inside her, rebelling and whining at the notion of flight, claws abrading her skin, urging her instead to plunge into the crystal water and twine herself around the man. Amber shook her head and curled her fingers into the grass, willing the motion to ground her to solid earth.

Her wolf howled its displeasure, compelling her to at least remain where she was and watch the naked man—if she refused to run to him, to bask in his proximity and loll in his scrumptious scent. The beast scampered in a confusion of joy and frustration, sensing something nearby that would bring it endless delight and crying in hungry need when she deprived it of the satisfaction it craved.

Amber remained rooted to the spot, unable to tear her gaze from a masculine form as perfect as a sculpture, so beautiful and hunky she wanted to weep.

Well, except for the weird angles of his left hand, the fingers somewhat gnarled and twisted, and the muscles of his thinner left arm not quite as toned and bulging as those of his right.

Water slapped around the wide granite pedestal on which he stood.

As she stared, he went into a windup like the one she’d seen him perform on the TV screen so long ago. He ceased his movement before the throwing action, though, bringing his left arm back to his side with a disgusted shake of his head.Instead, he bent, gathered up a few stones, and skipped them expertly across the creek with his right hand.


His sharp gaze followed the progress of the stones, the splashes they made as they traveled to the other side.

Then he looked up and their gazes met, his eyes locking with hers, his own wintry and dazzling, a mercurial quicksilver freezing her in place like a bee in amber.

Amazon US ; http://amzn.to/28TJTli
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iBooks: http://apple.co/28Tkjel

If you haven't read WOLF'S SONG or ANOTHER CHANCE, no worries. (Although I'd love you to, of course!) You won't miss a beat with AMBER'S ACE.

Taryn Kincaid writes hot and sensual paranormal, historical romance and contemporary romance, sometimes spiced with a little humor or a lot of snark. She enjoys pinching and tickling words, and writing stories that'll sweep you away. 

Visit Taryn at her website http://tarynkincaid.com, or her blog http://dreamvoyagers.blogspot.com, as well as Twitter, Facebook, tsu, Pinterest and Goodreads.

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Scorching Highlander Collection for $2.99

Eight full-length novels from the stars of Scottish historical romance! This is a powerhouse collection from reader favorites Glynnis Campbell, Bethany Claire, Tanya Anne Crosby, Julianne MacLean, Margaret Mallory, Suzan Tisdale, Laurin Wittig and Sabrina York. 

Deirdre of Rivenloch, a beautiful Scottish female warrior, has never had trouble turning away men. But when she marries her powerful enemy, Lord Pagan Camelliard, in order to save her sister, she soon finds herself losing the battle over her heart. 

On an archaeological dig in Scotland, Brielle awakens a spell that sends her tumbling 400 years into the past. There she is married to the laird of Conall Castle, who, according to legend, is about to be murdered. Can she prevent the tragic death of the man she loves or has history already decided his fate? 

Scotland’s King David seeks an alliance with the fierce mountain Scot, Aidan dun Scoti. But only one woman will tempt Aidan—the accursed beauty whose father once betrayed his clan … she is also the one woman who may bring the fierce chieftain to his knees. 

Highland scout, Darach MacDonald volunteers to shepherd an heiress back to her home, but spending countless nights on the open road with a lassie as temptingly beautiful as Larena Campbell is enough to drive any hot-blooded Scot mad with savage desire. But Larena is furious with her captors and determined to escape at any cost… 

The Laird of Wedderburn is haunted by the past and set on vengeance. Wed since thirteen to a man who tried to break her spirit, Lady Alison is looking forward to a long widowhood when the fearsome Beast of Wedderburn storms her castle and informs her of their imminent marriage. 

When the handsome Frederick Mackintosh offers to marry Aggie McLaren she is certain ’tis greed or insanity that motivates him. Besides land and a chance at a chiefdom, she believes she has nothing else to offer. She soon learns nothing could be further from the truth. 

Can the mad chief of MacLachlan regain his sanity and the heart of the skittish Healer of Lamont in time to keep his clan, and the woman he cannot live without, safe from her brutal pursuer? 

After the battle of Waterloo, Daniel Sinclair has nothing left but his tarnished honor. As he travels to Dunbeath to collect a dubious inheritance, he meets a vexing boy who makes him question even that. The world is a dangerous place for a woman alone—even when she’s masquerading as a boy—so Fia Lennox decides to become his traveling companion. Whether he likes it or not.



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Cerise went to #London, saw #Regency #Osterley Park and brought home a patroness of #Almack's!

Going to England? One of the best homes to see if you are a Regency fan is Osterley Park. Nestled in a rolling estate not far from central London, the house is a gorgeous example of Regency architecture and Georgian furniture.
Caretaker's house inside main gate!
Taking the Tube, you can easily get to the stop in a few minutes. Yes, it is a bit of a walk, perhaps a mile or two from the station, but the terrain is flat. (And the trek works off your eggs and banger for breakfast!) If you'd prefer a taxi, those are readily available on the street.

But as for Mr. Deland and me, we did the walk and were glad we did. This always give us a greater sense of the town, the people, the restaurants and yes, I even spied a black gas meter in the sidewalk, circa. 1880!

Nestled off the main road, the house and the grounds sit away from the bustle of traffic. The gate is lovely, the caretakers cottage, too. And then suddenly you are greeted by the four-legged inhabitants! These shown here are only a few of this working estate. Charolais cattle are the drawing card but the day we were here, they must have been on vacation.

That four-pillared entrance portico you see was designed (and added on to the house) by famed architect Robert Adams. Interesting because it does not cover the entire walkway to the front doors, it adds a Palladian charm and symmetry that makes the house grander than its more humble Tudor origins.

The walk around the pond with the house just in the midst of the trees!
Built by a Tudor financier, the house and grounds over the centuries became dilapidated. They were purchased in mid-18th century by Francis Child, a trader and banker. His intention was to keep the original footprint of the Elizabethan house and improve it with Adams' more contemporary sensibilities. Not only did Adam plan to improve the appearance of the outside of the house, but he redecorated the inside by deciding on each piece of furniture and ornamentation. 

Those who owned the house were a family grown rich from their involvement in the East India Company and afterward in banking. The appointments in the house reflect that interest with a lot of Chinese porcelain of the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties, ivory carvings from India as well the yellow and jades colors well associated with those periods. The Long Gallery, where ladies could take their constitutionals on rainy or snowy days, showcases these family treasures.

Intriguing to see so well preserved is the bed in the State Bed Chamber which is more than 14 feet tall and almost 8 feet wide. Huge and canopied, the massive bed was meant for a visit by King George III who never visited. But the crown atop the carved canopy denotes the hope the monarch might arrive. The lavish appointments of linens and coverlet are lovely works of the period. The bill for this room, the bed and furnishings was so enormous, Robert Child ripped up the paper and never told anyone the final tally!

Up an elaborate green marbled staircase are more bedrooms and a library. Each is preserved in varying degrees with period furniture, draperies and fittings. The library is rather bare, because the contents (original works) were sold for profit and/or given to museums long ago. The music room on the main floor features a piano given to one of the ladies of the house. In the servants hall downstairs I suggest you take your time to look at each and every pot, pan, loooong wooden table, sinks for washing vegetables and a century-old oven. Next to that is the estate manager's office, large and dark and imperious. In all, the house inspires visions of who had walked here, what finery they wore, what dreams they dreamt.

One intriguing story is about the daughter of Robert Child. Sarah Anne wished to marry the 10th Earl of Westmorland, a known gambler and rake. When the man asked her father for her hand, Robert refused on grounds he was not worthy of her. Plus, he feared the man married her for her fortune.  When the earl asked her father, What would you do if you loved a lady and her father refused you?
Robert replied, Why, run away with her, to be sure!

Sarah Sophia Child Villiers
Countess of Jersey
(4 March 1785 – 26 January 1867
And so the young man persuaded the lady to elope with him to Gretna Green in Scotland. Robert was in hot pursuit but to no avail. The marriage was completed. The Westmorland's however lived happily together despite the fact that Robert rewrote his will, disinheriting his daughter and awarding all his fortune to her second child. That child was a girl who became a scion of society and famous patroness of Almacks, the famous 5th Countess of Jersey. As with houses operated by the National Trust, this one must be preserved by careful cooperation with visitors. Pictures inside were a no-no. And so I urge you to go see the house for yourself. And please do take a preview of the house and fabulous furnishings at the website! http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/osterley-park-and-house

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Author Aubree Lane

Aubree Lane

FREE Through The Weekend
August 24 - 27
Negative Eight: getBook.at/NegativeEight

1954 - Stockton, California

Knowing Uncle Sam is about to come knocking, twenty-one year old Jimmy Franks saves the government the cost of a stamp and preemptively enlists in the Navy. He loads up on stationery and pens, and with a heavy heart, kisses his lovely bride goodbye. Leaving his precious Suzy is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do.

Pregnant and left alone to deal with their feuding families, Suzy Franks is heartbroken when Jimmy ships out for the Mariana Islands. Knowing Guam is considered safe and that she will eventually be able to join him offers her little solace. Suzy's mettle is put to the test. Her husband's letters of love brings comfort, but 15 W. Gibson is a lonely place without him.

Sparks fly when the non-profit One in One-Fifty and Melissa Ellison team up to create mistletoe magic for the town’s Christmas dance. The hanging spheres of kissable kindness kickoff holiday happiness and ornamental optimism, but all is not what it seems. An evil elf lurks in the shadows and conspires to prey on those most vulnerable. Will Melissa find the miracle she needs to protect the ones she’s grown to love and respect?

Wedding day dream or disaster? Dani Ellison has hooked the man of her dreams, but the rough and tumble girl is no match for the groom’s rich and controlling mother. When Aunt Corrine sees the feisty bride accepting defeat, she recounts the day Hurricane Gail blew in, bent on destroying her special day.

Aubree Lane is a true story teller. This award winning author has been writing in one form or another for most of her life and has loved every moment.

Aubree lives in the beautiful foothills of Northern California with her husband, two wonderful sons, and her super special peek-a-poo. When not managing the pooper-scooper, Aubree can be found at one of her favorite vacation spots ranging anywhere from  Lake Tahoe to Maui.

Her motto: Write Until Your Butt Hurts, And Your Eyes Are Crossed.

Aubree and her husband enjoy the harvest of their seasonal garden and reading

Aubree Lane's Links: Make sure you check out Aubree Lane's other books as well!!

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Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/AubreeLane3

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Welcome to Lovers' Lane
My brand new Reading Group/Street Team
We're heavy on the reading and light on the promotion
Come check us out. We'd love to have you.


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Welcome to the Magical Town of EroticaVille, Where No One Showers or Shits by Suz deMello

Welcome to EroticaVille, a magical town where our characters don’t shit, piss or bathe...except when there’s some kinky goings-on involving in-shower BJs, scat play or golden showers.

When I first started writing romance back in the Dark Ages, I read many stories in which the characters enjoyed frenzied fucking but never seemed to get slimy, smelly or sweaty. They never showered, bathed, pooped or peed. Normal bodily functions were ignored except for eating—mealtimes were prime time for characters to relate to each other.

I hated that. Not that I’m squeamish about bodily functions, but ordinarily, the first thing I do post-afterglow is drag myself out of bed to a bathroom for a quick cleanse, even if that’s only a damp washcloth over my crotch. I can skip that if we’ve used a condom, which is always nice as well as safe, as we all know.  Being uninterested, even repelled by bukkake, I firmly believe that come belongs in my mouth or a condom, not in my hair or on my face. Either of those destinations would call for a shower. Immediately. Others may feel differently—more power to them. And I hate to sleep on the wet spot.

Back to my main point—in many novels, characters behave uncharacteristically. Normal body functions are a part of life, and while I believe that a nod should be given to normalcy, the fact is that our characters are not humans, and the world we’ve created is not our world, not even in the grittiest contemporary.

So I was the out-of-step reader. I’d read a lovemaking scene and then think, “Don’t these people ever wash? Disgusting.” Now I understand the reason writers don’t include every little thing that characters do.

Every scene in every story should perform one of these four functions:

·         Advance plot
·         Reveal or develop character
·         Complicate or resolve conflict
·         Express setting, mood, theme

Nothing belongs in your book that doesn’t do one or more of the above four, not even the tiniest comma.

And that’s the reason most writers don’t show their characters brushing their hair, tying their shoelaces or taking a dump (unless their Dom tells them to, which is quite another matter).

Here’s a snippet from my writing manual, ABOUT WRITING:

Everything in your manuscript should have a function, even every comma or em-dash. And this is the reason the special world we create in our stories is so different from our ordinary world. Much happens in our day-to-day existence isn’t particularly relevant to the story of our lives, that is, the accomplishment of our dreams and goals.

Let’s say that we’re thinking of having our protagonist, who has as his goal great wealth, stop at a Chipotle restaurant for a burrito. Eating that burrito doesn’t help accomplish that goal. But it’s a common act, one that occurs often. Lunch is a part of our lives, but we wouldn’t put it in a book about a protagonist on a quest to amass loads of money unless something occurred at that Chipotle that fulfills one or two of the above purposes.

Perhaps the protagonist meets someone there who is a mentor, ally or adversary; he could eat lunch with his hippie mom, who vehemently expresses her dismay over his life choices.

Maybe he heroically stops an armed robbery from taking place, garnering publicity that helps him on his way—even though he gives up the chance to close the biggest deal of his life, a sacrifice that would make his eventual triumph all the more poignant. And the event shows character, that this guy is more than a soulless money-making machine.

If he’s just eating lunch, his burrito probably doesn’t belong in your book. The scene might show a tiny bit about your character, but that’s not enough to justify an entire scene. A short phrase (He devoured a burrito at Chipotle before heading back to the stock exchange—where he hoped to complete the biggest deal of his life) is all that’s necessary.

But when I first started reading romance, which was long after I’d started having sex, I found it odd that no heroine got out of bed to tidy herself up. She didn’t even reach over for a tissue to grab that glop before it fell out of her and created the (shudder) dreaded wet spot.

Perhaps this was because of my own peculiar emotional conformation. While in the bathroom, I’d ruminate about what had just happened and how the lovemaking affected my feelings about my partner. In a calmer relationship, as during most of my marriage, I might get up but maybe not, and I wouldn’t think about anything. Scenes of that nature shouldn’t appear in books because they don’t fulfill any of the legitimate purposes of a scene.

People bathe in my medieval!
But in a romance, post-coitus is a prime time for the characters to indulge in a little introspection, or if they’re feeling chatty, it’s a great opportunity for your characters to relate to each other.  The sex itself should certainly advance the plot—if not, why’s it there? After, a little sweet talk is a nice sequel to the sex scene—or maybe the conversation goes awry and conflict is revealed or advanced.

I love to write historicals, and part of the reason is that I love to learn about how people used to live. The clothes they wore. The foods they ate. And yes, how they disposed of their feces. Most people think that a garderobe was some kind of medieval wardrobe. Nope—it was the castle’s shitter, usually just a bench with a hole. It most often led to the moat which, as you can imagine, was not the most charming spot in our hero’s demesne.
My passion for realism often leads me to write scenes in which the formerly virginal heroine washes off the brownish streaks that her first lovemaking left on her thighs while (you guessed it!) thinking about what just happened and how it affected her and the relationship. I also write characters who wake up with morning breath, children who have to use the garderobe and yes, my characters shower often.

After all, the shower is a great place to fuck.

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Did you say dragons? @kayelleallen #scifi #dragons #kindleunlimited

Pietas takes dragons, adds his twin sister Dessy and no matter how he does the math, it equals trouble. After a literal lifetime away, his sister is back and as usual, brings chaos into the mix.

Did you say dragons?

The nameless, empathic bond between him and his twin drew Pietas, and he caressed Dessy's cheek with the back of his fingers. "Dess, have you--" He yanked back his hand, biting off the words. "Never mind."
"It's all right. Go ahead. Ask me."
He held her gaze, reading the depth of her knowledge with the innate connection their bond afforded him. "Have you-- No." He turned away. "Never mind. It wasn't important. Forget I said anything."
The single word stopped him cold. He faced her, chin lifted. "What?"
"You heard me. Dragons. That's what you wanted to ask, isn't it? If I've been dreaming about dragons." She unzipped her leathers down to her rounded bosom, and pulled out a fine chain dangling a dragon charm. "In the dreams, yours are teal and silver. Mine are ruby and gold."
He returned to her, and took the pendant in hand. The golden creature sparkled, its eyes glistening as if wet with blood. "Beautiful." He rubbed a thumb over it, and the dragon warmed to his touch. He smiled into Dessy's pale eyes. "How often do you dream them?"
"Every night. Tas, what does it mean?"
At hearing her childhood name for him, he dropped the pendant. "Dragons are primal protectors. They symbolize defeat of the beast within and show selfless courage."
She tucked the chain back inside her top. "How do you know that?"
"How do you not?"
She called him a rude name, and shoved him.
It broke the tension, and he laughed. "Come on, Sis. Let's do what you came to do and be done with it. I'm busy."
"Fine, you big spoilsport. You never let me have any fun."
"Father wouldn't approve if I did."
"And we all know how much you want Father's approval."
One thousand nine hundred and sixteen years old, and the truth behind her teasing still stung. Pietas spun away from her and crossed the room.

Read Bringer of Chaos by Kayelle Allen

Two enemy warriors: one human, one immortal. Different in belief, alike in spirit, marooned together on an alien world.
Imprisoned and in isolation over a year without food or water, the immortal Pietas survives. Though broken in body, his intellect and will are intact, thanks to Six, the special ops warrior who captured him, but kept him sane. The warrior had no hand in his deprivation and, like Pietas, was betrayed by his own kind. When Pietas is abandoned on an alien world with nothing but his honor--and Six--he must find and rejoin other immortal exiles. After centuries of war, Pietas detests humans and kills them on sight, but he is too damaged to continue on his own. Though he despises needing help, he allows Six to nurture and restore him to full strength, and then accompany him. As they cross the planet together on foot, the immortal begins to wonder if he has found his first human friend, or if Six is loyal only because Pietas could keep the others from tearing him to shreds. This human will either be his closest living friend, or the one whose betrayal will trigger all-out vengeance by the most powerful immortal ever born.
Immortal. Warrior. Outcasts. Traitors took everything. Except their honor.

Download the first chapter https://kayelleallen.com/chaos-origin/
Available on KindleUnlimited
Amazon http://amzn.to/1R8DAbb
Amazon print http://amzn.to/1SSmueB
CreateSpace http://bit.ly/boc-origin-csp
Kayelle Allen is a best selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.
Homeworld/Blog https://kayelleallen.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/kayelleallen
Facebook https://facebook.com/kayelleallen.author
Amazon http://amazon.com/author/kayelleallen
Romance Lives Forever Reader Group https://kayelleallen.com/bro

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I Love You More

My first literary contemporary novelette, I Love You More has just been released.

A mother's love never fails…it always prevails.
On the verge of turning sixty, Garland recalls memories and moments of her life’s journey from an abusive childhood to a bad marriage to the ups and downs of a single mom. She is rewarded with a magical mother’s day with her son, daughter in law, and granddaughter. Her moving story is sure to touch your heart.

I usually write romance and not only romance but historical, fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi romance. I did however add a bonus novelette, The Ghost Lights of Marfa to my I Love You More ebook on Amazon.

The Ghost Lights of Marfa is also a single mom story and it's contemporary, but it's contemporary fantasy. Though the genres are different, I thought the stories had similarities and compliment each other well, and they are both about the same word count. So together they make the book over 20,000 words.

Adventures Of A Small Town Single Mom - Beamed To An Alternate Dimension. 
Mysterious aliens set Kristy on a path of self-exploration and romance. Is the wonderful world of In everything it seems
to be? Or do the Inids have an ulterior motive for helping her and her son?

Here are some teasers for I Love You More:

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HER IMMORTAL VIKING by Adele Downs WINS the HOLT Medallion Award

HER IMMORTAL VIKING by Adele Downs *WON* the prestigious 2016 HOLT Medallion Award "for outstanding literary fiction in the Romance Novella category." 

Sending heartfelt thanks to the dedicated readers who judged the HOLT Medallion Award and loved my Viking hero Gunnar of Alfheim enough to bestow us with this honor. The medallion will take a special place on my mantle at home.


Viking Warrior. Immortal Slave. Freed by Love.

A Viking cast into eternal servitude by an angry god is transported to the modern world, but to claim the love of the mortal who called him, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name across the divide of a thousand years.


Divine intervention. That’s all Penny asks. Freedom from overwork and mountainous debt. She sings songs of praise, chants like a yogi, and rubs her belly like Buddha until the crystal charm on her navel shimmers, all hoping to draw the attention of someone—anyone—“up there.”
In the west, beyond the seas, from the place between Heaven and Earth, an immortal hears Penny’s cries. Once a renowned Viking warrior, Gunnar has been cast into eternal servitude by an angry god. Now, while Penny sleeps, he comes to Earth to grant her wishes. But Penny is about to wake up, and so is every desire she’s ever known. To claim their fairy-tale ending, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name. Not only must his sword arm and courage stay strong, but their powerful love must cross the divide of a thousand years.

Buy The Book on Amazon!
Buy The Book from Boroughs Publishing Group!

For more information about books by Adele Downs, visit her website: http://adeledowns.com

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When it comes to love, these working men aren't afraid to get...dirty. #erotic #contemporary #kindleunlimited

Summer's here, and Sander's Valley is getting HOT!

I've got the details on your next vacation read! Check out the first two books in the Blue-collar Billionaire series, Sander's Valley. Both are F-R-E-E to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Love in Repair
Sander's Valley, book 2

Even love needs regular maintenance.

Wyn Sander enjoys the simple things in life--a variety of women, good friends, and working on cars. He's not cut out for commitment. But with his older brother's wedding on the radar, Wyn is rethinking his stance on exclusiveness. And he has the brown-eyed, exotic woman who barges into his garage to thank for it.

The sexy Russian socialite manages the impossible--capturing Wyn's interest for more than a night. She's everything a guy could want, but she's made her stance clear. She's in Sander's Valley for one purpose--to plan her half-sister's wedding. In a month, she'll be gone.

Challenge accepted. But navigating the murky waters of love and relationships isn't Wyn's biggest obstacle. Iona's possessive ex wants her back. Suddenly loving a rich girl might bring deadly consequences. For both of them.

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Rewind & Go
Sander's Valley, book 1

Sometimes moving on means taking a step back.

Kyle Sander is an expert at starting over. At eighteen, he had his whole life planned out--marry his long-time girlfriend, take over his parents' farm, have kids, and live out his days in Sander's Valley. But his perfect life came screeching to a halt the day Ronnie Axel skipped town without a good-bye.

A decade later, the little rich girl he'd loved is back, looking sexier than ever. Finally, he has the chance to work her out of his system. Too bad he's never been able to separate sex and love when it comes to Ronnie.

This time, their connection is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the years apart didn't fix their issues. Ronnie's obligation to the Axel fortune threatens to tear them apart a second time. But it's the family scandal involving her that might make their separation not only permanent, but...deadly.

**AVAILABLE in Kindle Unlimited**

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Also available in Print...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Binding Her to Him ~ Dirty Doms Box Set

Good Morning everyone!

I am so lucky and proud to be a part of the Dirty Doms box set. When Lori King asked people to join her on this project, I jumped at the chance. She's super fun to work with and by the time she explained the whole series concept, I couldn't wait to get started on my story.

Binding Her to Him, is about Phoenix Dupree and Kennedy Le Roche. They were high school sweethearts, and when Phoenix pushes the idea of marriage and starting a new life together, Kennedy rejects him.

Fast forward fifteen years, and Phoenix and Kennedy's lives will be weaved together after the death of a young girl. Will they find the happiness they denied themselves fifteen years ago? I guess you'll just have to wait till June 28th to find out. Bonus: the box set is only .99! :)

I hope you enjoy it!


Kennedy Le Roche, is on a mission.

A new drug has hit the streets of Reserve, Louisiana, and it is claiming victims at an alarming pace. The only clue she has is a BDSM Club on the outskirts of town. As a submissive, she’ll go undercover to ferret out who’s distributing the drug. But, there’s a catch.

Phoenix Dupree, is a police consultant by day and a Dominant by night.

When the police chief shares a case of utmost importance with him, he takes it. What he isn’t expecting is the identity of his submissive for the night, Kennedy Le Roche.

Feelings long since dormant resurface. Can Kennedy and Phoenix work together or will old wound prove to be too deep?

This is a bondage/restraint story and of lost love.

She awoke in a pitch dark room, not sure if it was day or night and with no knowledge of how she got there or when. Kennedy tried to process the last several hours…days? Shit, she didn’t know. Cocooned in the blanket of warmth surrounding her, she wanted to drift off and forget about everything. Wiggling farther down into the comfort of the bed cushioning her, Kennedy felt the hard press of a body behind her. She wiggled again. Wasn’t she at home?

“If you don’t stop doing that, Kennedy, I won’t be responsible for what happens in this bed.” Phee. Holy shit. What the fuck happened to me, and how the fuck did I get here?

“Um?” Her heart hammered. Her hands fisted in the sheets. She tried to remember how she got there.
“I’m naked.”

“Yes, you are. I took your dress off,” he answered, as if it was nothing for her to be naked in bed with him.

Closing her eyes, she pursed her lips and reached under the covers. Her hand came in contact with warm skin. His chiseled to perfection chest formed two perfect pectoral disks, accented with small pebbled nipples. Farther down she counted six defined abdominal muscles. His rough grunt had her hand stilling for a moment. You have to know, Kennedy. You can do this. With a slight whimper she went lower. There just at his navel rested his erection. The crest slick with precum. “You’re naked too!” Quicker than she thought she’d be able to muster, she climbed out of bed. “Did we…Are we…” she squeaked, turning away from him when he rolled out of bed and crossed the room.

“No, we didn’t. This is how I sleep. I figured you’d sleep the same way.” He laid his hand on her shoulder forcing her to face him. “You know this thing between us,” he murmured motioning between them, “isn’t just a fluke, Kennedy.”

Wrong. So damn wrong. It is a fluke. It’s a disaster of epic proportions waiting to happen. “Phee we both know this isn’t good. We just don’t fit the same anymore.” Her gaze locked with his, and she could see the desire for her burning brightly in his dark brown eyes. Arousal sparked between them in an instant. Hot, fast and all consuming. She could deny it all she wanted too, but it’d always been there.

Kennedy’s nipples puckered into hard beads. Her pussy ached, growing wetter with each passing second. Dear Lord I’ve barely even touched the man, and I want him more than I want my next breath. “We should just go our separate ways, Phoenix.” Even to her, her words sounded breathy and uncertain.

“Your mouth is saying one thing, but your body is saying something else, sweetheart,” he crooned, his hand cupping her nape. His teeth caught his full bottom lip as he stood there regarding her. “What do I have to do to shut that mind of yours down?” Head bent, his lips brushed against hers. The zing of awareness shooting through her body startled her. Despite her denial, her anger and pain at his rejection, she wanted him with her next breath.

“I should hate you.”

“I know, baby. I know,” he whispered, stepping closer to her, effectively backing her up to the wall.

“I really do hate you,” she sobbed. His hands caressed her flesh, and a ragged cry left her lips. “You broke my heart, Phee.”

“I know I did. Now let me mend it, Kennedy. Let me love you like I should have all those years ago.”

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

La Isla del Encanto~ Tropical Paradise

 Summer is upon us and good thing Skyler has decided to set up permanent residence in sunny Puerto Rico with his lover Leo.

Apart for many years, Leo and Skyler have finally found each other once again, thanks to Madame Eve and the 1Night Stand service. Skyler may be a city boy, but his heart lies with Leo on la isla del encanto where the sky is always an iridescent shade of blue and the ocean water crystal clear.

Escape to sunny Puerto Rico with Skyler and Leo in Tropical Paradise.

Can Madame Eve work her magic one more time? Leo Santos left the one man he loved behind to care for his ailing father. Sky Macy never forgot his one and only that got away. When they meet again on a blind date setup by 1Night Stand, will they go their separate ways or will the sparks reignite the love they never forgot?

On a secluded beach at the resort Las Casitas Villas in Fajardo, Leo and Sky come face to face after years apart. Passion ignites so hot it threatens to burn them from within. They both will need to open their hearts and learn to trust if they hope to find love during one night of passion in a tropical paradise.


Skyler smiled, remembering the first time he’d seen the olive-skinned young man. Leopoldo Maria Santos. The hotheaded Latin that blew into his life with the force of the hurricanes that hit Leo’s homeland. He had strutted into Sky’s dorm room three days before classes started, freshman year.

“Hi.” Skyler’d waved from his perch on the bed. He’d been dressed in shorts and a tank top, trying to stay cool in the muggy early September day in Philadelphia. “You a nursing student, too?”

Yo? Hell no. Not that I have anything against nurses, but aren’t they usually women? Teacher. That’s what I want to do.” Hmmm, clearly not from around there, not with that accent.

“Nah, men are nurses, too. Maybe it’s not as common, but I’m hoping that’s in my favor. Where you from, cool accent?”

“Puerto Rico. Just arrived here last week. Stayed with my sister and her fiancĂ© in New Jersey.”

His new roomie, tanned and handsome, dumped his duffle on the empty bed. Sky moved over to sit on the bed. “So, I’m Sky. Skyler but not too many people call me that. And you?”

“Leopoldo Maria Santos. Leo, for short.”

“Damn, man, Maria is your middle name? Sucks to be you.” Sky laughed so hard, tears streamed down his face and he held his side.

“So what, your mami couldn’t figure out what to call you, so she decided on Sky instead of bird? What the hell stupid name is that? At least, where I come from, having Maria as your middle name, boy or girl, is something important. I was named after the Virgin Mary.” Disdain filling his voice, he gave Skyler the hairy eyeball.

Intrigued by the boy with the girl’s middle name, Sky admired his passion. It didn’t hurt that Leo also had killer looks.

Skyler pulled himself from his reminiscing and squinted in the sunlight, trying to get a better look at the man on the dock. Could it be Leo? He wanted to shout from the balcony but feared disturbing the other guests. And what if the man only resembled Leo? Years passed and people changed. Still…. Telling himself he needed to get to the dock anyway, he grabbed his overnight kit and sunglasses and made his way to the lobby desk.

“Hi, Celia, can you tell me where I go catch the launch? I swear I saw someone I know down by the marina.”

“Well, you won’t have much time to spare, but that’s where you’re headed. Out the front door, follow the right-hand path down to the marina, about a five-minute walk. When you get there, look for a yellow launch and ask for Joe. He’ll take you across to Palomino. Everything is ready there for you.”

“Has my date arrived on Palomino yet?” His voice cracked, nerves getting the best of him. How did Madame Eve choose the perfect person for someone? Would they get along? Have the same likes or dislikes? And had he really spotted Leo?

“I’ve not seen him, but I have it on good authority,” she winked, “that the man of your dreams is already on the island, enjoying the sun and sand.”

“Celia, you’re a tease, but I can tell we’re going to get along.” He chuckled and even that slight bit of humor settled his nerves. “Wish me luck. The man of my dreams may be just a short boat ride away.”

“You have no idea,” Celia called after him.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I'm sharing a personal drama that took place over the last two weeks. This isn't a promo post and images will be happy and pretty ones.

My biennial mammogram was June 2. In Ontario we have the Ontario Breast Screening Clinic for all women once you turn 50. I'm 55. So I'm part of this lovely group. But, my grandmother died of BC back in about 1956. So I had a baseline mammo done at 40. Welcome to the squish world. And not drinking coffee for two days prior does help me.

Emma. Such a sweet girl

Anyhow, two weeks ago this past Thursday was my routine mammogram. Bing, bang, boom, squish, I'm done. Then I get a call on the following Monday.

Convo with doc's office goes
Office: Hospital wants you to go back for another mammogram and they said they left you a message.
Me: What? No, no one called me.
Office: Oh, well. They've book you an appointment. This Wednesday at 1pm
Me: O-okay. Did they say why?
Papers rustle
Office: There is nothing on the letter, just that they want you to come back, upper left breast.
I start to get those hot and cold chills...you know the ones.
Me: Nothing else?
Office: No, and this is so common so don't worry.

Understatement of the CENTURY

So off I go on Wednesday. My over active imagine has all sorts of terrible things happening to me. The technologist doing the mammo was a mean girl. Not nice, or very comforting. I won't even go into the stuff she said, except this sums it up - I ask her Do you see anything? She says, I'm not paid $500,000 to read these, I just do my job. This was a major squish job and I'm surprised boobies don't pop. I wasn't allowed to move, had to hold me breath and oh lordy, the pain.....

She does say though that radiologist might be seeing pin prick size of possible calcification. Uh, okay. I leave in a cold sweat. I share my goings on with my two sons 25 & 27, they're old enough to handle it and see real life. So Techie Son does research, as he is wont to do and should have been a doc, and eases my mind *somewhat*. Next phone call is to my good friend, a 16 year BC survivor and one of the strongest women I know. Currently her brother is in the final stages of BC, yes you read that right. The only woman in her family that has not had BC is her 30 year old daughter. So we talk. She unhooks me from the ceiling, calms me down and says:

The breast is innocent until proven guilty.

And why I love her so.
my favourite flower in the whole world Frangipani

Being proactive, as my friend suggests, I have a doc appointment lined up the following week for results. That was to be last Tuesday. BUT. I get a call the previous Friday from the hospital this time, they are very apologetic. She says, we need you to come back for a couple of extra views. WHAAAAAT. The technologist missed a couple of views the radiologist wants.

I. Am. Spun.

Yesterday, another mammo with mean girl who is surprised to see me back and oh no she is adamant she did not forget a view. Mammo, done, can I wait for an ultrasound. I'm convinced I'm doomed. And suddenly mean girl becomes my hero. She arrives back from talking with the radiologist and told him I was freaking out. He told her to tell me "I don't think it's anything, and likely scar tissue, like we originally thought. I tear up and almost cry. Now Nice Girl says it's not conclusive until the report is written, but...and it's left hanging there for me to have some hope.

So, mammo and ultra sound over. Ultrasound tech was cool. My phone rings and flashes a bright light, she thinks all the lights in the room are flashing, finds my phone and covers it up but not before she is blinded by the light. Nice. She can't see and thing so we chat until she can see again. I ask how it looks, she says nothing is jumping up and smacking me in the face. I think that's a good thing. I feel a tiny bit better.
Sunset, John's Pass 

But the best news came a few hours ago as I write this post. My doc said nothing to worry about, is scar tissue and benign (I had a breast reduction 21 years ago) if radiologist had any concerns I'd be in for a biopsy. I will go for a recheck for mammo and ultrasound in 6 months to see if anything has changed.


I'm better, but still not quite 100% with the six month check. But, I'm better than so many other women that did not get comforting news. I feel for all of you and my heart goes out in leaps and bounds.

Moral of this story, get those boobies checked! I'm thankful, and so very relieved for my results.

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