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day, February 29, 2016

Hiya, y’all. Wowsa. November was a crazy month in the Boon home.

I had two books release back-to-back. The first was in Desiree Holt’s Kindle World Omega Team and was an Amazon #1 Best Seller Woop. It’s titled Mission Saving Shayna. It released November 15th and is titled Mission Saving Shayna.

Mission: Saving Shayna
An Omega Team and SEAL Team Phantom Crossover

Professional violinist Shayna Macintyre has a problem. Her borrowed, multi-million dollar Stradivarius violin has been stolen—and someone is leaving her threatening messages to present herself to them, or else.

Mike Royce is used to being backup for the CIA, until him and his partner decided to retire and open their own security business. However, the best plans don’t always follow the rules when love is involved. Now, he’s working for the Omega Team on a special assignment as a babysitter. He’s never had a problem keeping things professional, until he sees Shayna, and now all he can do is think about her, and the very dirty things he wants to do with her. And to her.

When the threat to Shayna’s life intensifies, Mike will do anything in his power to keep her safe. Even if it means spending days on end locked up with her.

Mike hadn’t planned on what being with Shayna would do to him, but will almost losing her push him past his limits, and beyond?
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Mission: Saving Shayna
Adult Excerpt

“Last chance,” he let her feel how hard he was for her. His dick barely contained inside the tight briefs. There was no way in hell he could or would be able to hide his erection.
Those nimble fingers of hers went unerringly down the front of his chest, making him shiver in anticipation, then she stroked him through the thin cloth. “If you ask one more time, I may just have to hurt you.” She gave a small squeeze.
“Thank god. Your hand is like poetry in motion.” He used his own to release the catch on her bra, loving the little berry tipped mounds. “Fucking perfect.” He bent and took the tip of one into his mouth. Her breath caught, a small mewl accompanied her hand holding his head in place.
He switched to the other nipple, tweaking the one he’d just sucked on between his fingers. Mike wasn’t sure what he loved more, hearing the sounds she made, feeling her shiver, or the way she tasted beneath his tongue. He decided it was all the above, but needed more.
Lifting her up, he placed her in the middle of the already turned down bed, then climbed over her, keeping his weight balanced on his forearms as he stared down into her emerald eyes. He could feel her wetness and heat through the thin barrier of her panties. The need for more and the urge to taste all of her, overwhelmed him.
“Mike,” she whispered, uncertainty in her voice.
“I’m here. Trying to decide what to do first. You’re like all my Christmas wishes come true at once.” And she was. His dick jerked telling him exactly where it wanted him to go, but he had other plans, another heated kiss before he moved on to see if her neck was an erogenous zone. Before the night was over, he planned to know everything about Shayna’s body. She arched up into him as he licked and sucked his way down her neck into her shoulder, placing tiny biting kisses. When he reached her sensitive breasts, she was panting and writhing beneath him. His woman definitely loved having her nipples sucked and bit. A little pain had her arching against him for more.
“Mike, that feels…oh god, I don’t know, but I like it.”
He assumed she hadn’t much experience, but needed to know how much. His head lifted from her belly. “Tell me if I do anything you don’t like, Sile.” His hands worked the last bit of covering from her body.
Her fingers ran through his hair. “So far the only thing I don’t like is when you stop.”
Her words made him laugh. She may be the perfect woman for him. No, scratch that, she was the perfect woman for him. He wedged his shoulders between her thighs, pushing them farther apart.
“Good, I have no plans of stopping.” His voice had taken on a sandpaper quality.
His own callused hands parted her folds, the saturated lips of her sex were sweeter looking than anything he’d ever seen. “Has anyone ever eaten this sweet pussy before, Shayna?” he questioned, his lips surrounding her clit, drawing it into his mouth.
Her hands released his hair, shudders shook her and her hands slapped against the bed. He looked up in time to see her fingers tugging at her nipples, harder than he’d have thought.
He drew on the tiny bundle of nerves, then used his tongue, lapping up the slick moisture coating the swollen folds of her sex. Using two fingers, he rimmed her entrance, licking at her with hungry stokes, focusing on her reactions. Using short strokes he teased her, dipping into her vagina while he used his hands to cup her buttocks and lifted her up, giving him better access. “Tell me, Sile,” he demanded.
Why he needed, wanted to know, Mike wasn’t sure, but the thought of any other man touching her, giving her pleasure ate at him.
His growled words vibrating against her turned her on, if the sweet cream flowing from her pussy like nectar was any indication. He licked it up even as it spilled out of her, his cock aching between his thighs, swelling painfully from the need to sink into her heat.
“More, Mike. I need more,” she cried out against his tongue.
“Answer me and I’ll give you more than you need, baby.”
She arched up, her hips lifting against his face.
“No. Nobody has ever…please fuck me, Mike.”
He didn’t give her a moment to rethink her words, lifting her higher, he pushed his tongue inside her pussy, making her cry out. Christ, she was tight, clenching on his tongue as he thrust it in and out. Her juices flowing down his chin. He replaced his tongue with two fingers, flicking his tongue over her sensitive clit, lashing it back and forth, moaning as she began clenching down on him. He could feel the throb against his tongue and knew she was ready to come. Surrounding the bundle of flesh, he drew it into his mouth, and added a third finger alongside the other two, and then she was coming apart for him.
Perspiration coated them while she arched against his rapid thrusting fingers into her pussy. His own body was humping the bed. He was more than ready to claim her, but wanted to wait until she was screaming his name.
“Mike, oh yes, right there. Don’t stop. Never stop.” Her hips rose faster, fucking his face and fingers, and then he felt her pussy ripple around his fingers, the little clit throbbed in his mouth. A second later, she screamed out his name, the sweetest sound he’d ever heard. He couldn’t get his boxer briefs off fast enough.
Mike pulled his fingers out, releasing the bundle of nerves from his suctioning mouth with a small kiss and leaned over to the side of the bed, grabbing a condom. The fingers of one hand smoothed the rubber on, while the other gripped the base, rubbing the head in her juices.
“Shayna, look at me,” he growled, his lust making it hard to hold back the need but he didn’t want to hurt her. “One last time. Are you certain?”
She locked her legs around his thighs. “You really are too honorable. Please, make love to me.”
“Once I bury my dick in you, there will be no going back.” He had to warn her. She may not realize it, but he was claiming her for more than just this mission. When they caught whoever was after her, Mike planned to still be waking up with Shayna next to him.
Her slick juices coated him, making him want to sink into her.
She lifted her hips, inviting him in with more than just words. He slipped just the head in, the brutal pleasure of being inside Shayna rocked him. Shit, he had to count to ten to get his bearings, or feared blowing his load. “Damn, you feel so good.”
He pushed in a little more, then rocked back out. Repeating the motion until he was all the way inside. Surrounded by her slick heat, he could understand where the poets created the sappy words. If he could, he’d pen one himself.

Mission: Saving Shayna
Story Excerpt

The valet came to his side, while another opened Shayna’s door. Mike barely kept the instinct to growl at the man to back off from escaping. He reached over, grabbing Shayna’s arm. “Wait by the side of the car for me,” he said too low for the others to hear, then quickly exited.
Shayna grabbed her purse, while he grabbed his overnight bag and the small case she’d brought. He held his hand out, his look daring her. They were supposed to be a couple on holiday he’d explained on the drive. The little minx smiled up at him, then instead of grabbing his hand, her arm snaked around his waist, snuggling into him.
He bent, putting his lips next to her ear. “Be good, or I’ll spank that pert little ass of yours.”
She licked her lips. “Now that sounds fun.”
A groan, part lust fueled, part fear she was playing with him, bubbled out of his clenched teeth. “Oh it will be much more than fun.” He let his hand trail down her rear, giving it a little tap.
Her hand trailed down his back, feathering over his ass. “Promises, promises.”
In that moment he wanted to say screw shopping and dinner. He wanted to whisk her up to the suite he’d reserved under an alias, but then common sense prevailed. “Put a pin in this convo and we will return to it later.” That was most definitely a promise he’d love to keep.
They entered the upscale hotel with him keeping a firm hold on Shayna. His arm now locked around her waist. Not once did she try to move away.
Once they were given the keys and he waved the bellhop away, he and Shayna walked arm and arm toward the bank of elevators. “Are you hungry or would you like to shop first?”
At his question, she sighed. “I hate shopping. I usually just grab something that’s in the window display, figuring the sales people clearly know more than me and I’m good to go.”
“Well, luckily for you, I happen to have a keen eye for fashion.” Mike held the door to their rooms open. He made a quick sweep of the space, then sat his suitcase in one of the rooms, placing hers in the other, then realizing she had a penchant for sleepwalking, he retraced his steps. “You’ll be sleeping in here with me. We can build a wall between us with pillows.”
“Has that worked with previous lady friends?” she asked walking to look out the bank of windows.
His instincts screamed at him to make her move back away from the glass, but he moved next to her instead. “Nope, I’ve never had to.”
“I bet. So, we doing this or not?” Nervousness edged her voice.
Mike turned her to face him, the sun cast a glow around her. “What’s wrong?”
She shrugged. “I don’t want to embarrass you.”
Confusion made him frown. “How would you do that?”
“I’m not like the women you probably have brought here before. I don’t like to shop. I don’t have the confidence to just hop into bed with you, even though I play at it. And…I can’t dance.” She tried to step away.
He gripped her upper arms. “First of all, shopping is not a big deal. You’re a rare treasure, and it will be my pleasure to show you the joy of going into a boutique and finding a dress. Second, I never expected you to hop into bed with me. This is a job, and even though I find you one of the most gorgeous women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, it isn’t part of the requirements of being with me to hop into bed as you put it. And last, but certainly not least…how can you not dance if you play music, and I thought you said you liked Latin dancing. Besides, the beat is in you, you just haven’t figured out how to make your body flow with it. Luckily for you, I’m a great teacher. Now, do you need to use the ladies room before we head out?”
Shayna shook her head, then a beautiful smile lit her face. “You’re truly full of shit, but I thank you for your words. As for liking Latin dancing, I do. I love to watch it done by those who can do it, and do it well. I just happen to not be one of them.” Then she stood on her toes and kissed his chin.
Mike stood stunned for all of two seconds, but having hold of her arms, he didn’t allow her to step away. “I’m not lying. In fact, every word that just came out of my mouth is factual. However, instead of trying to convince you with words, I’ll do it with actions. Well, all except the second one. If I made love to you, we’d be here for hours and miss shopping, eating and dancing.” He grinned at her open mouthed expression. “Hold that thought. I need to check in with Grey first.”


Shayna searched his face, yet could tell he really believed what he said. The man was probably one of the sexiest she’d ever seen, and she had been around some of the most alluring in the world. She’d played the violin for princes, and kings. Yet this man could cause her to be speechless. The feel of his hard body pressed against hers, had her thinking of all the things she’d like to experience. She knew without a doubt he would be a wonderful lover, unlike the last man she’d been with. Lord, that man didn’t even deserve to be called a lover. Two minute man at best.
“Alright, but I’m holding you to it. You make me look stupid, and I’m going to find a way to repay you in kind.” She poked his chest with her finger, the warmth of his skin radiating out.
“I guess I’m safe then. Unless we stay here, and then neither of us are safe. I need to check in with Grey before we do anything though,” he growled.
He released his hold on her, stepping away reluctantly, or was that her wishful thinking? His voice muted as he spoke with Grey, yet she saw him glance at her over his shoulder, heat licking at her like he was physically touching her. Shit, she was in so much trouble.
When he placed the phone back in his pocket she waited for him to face her. “What did Grey say?”
Mike didn’t seem to be stunned at her question. “They are still getting Intel in, but said we should be on high alert,” he answered honestly.

The second book released just one week later on November 22nd, and was also a #1 Amazon Best Seller. This one is in Susan Stoker’s Kindle World Special Forcesand is titled Protecting Teagan.

**Protecting Teagan is a crossover novella of SEAL of Protection Series from Susan Stoker and SEAL Team Phantom of Elle Boon**

Protecting Teagan

Dallas “Boomer” Holt and his fellow SEAL team members have been in many situations that required them to put their lives on the line, but their latest mission included two other SEAL teams. Matthew “Wolf” Steel and his team, along with Rocco and his team are needed to pull a lone American woman dubbed, “The Hollywood Princess”, from an ISIS stronghold without causing a national incident. After weeks in captivity with men who think nothing of using and abusing prisoners, the teams know the woman they save…may not be anything like the one who was taken.
An unknown location, too many variables they hadn’t counted on, and a female hostage who’d never faced a day, let alone weeks of torture…all of these things and more are what the SEALs, will have to overcome in order to complete their mission and bring their target home safe.
When a mission takes more than one team, a little help from fellow Navy SEALs who all share the same motto is always a good thing. Having three teams who believe in the saying “Failure is not an option” ensures they will get the job done, one way or another. Failure is not an option.


Protecting Teagan
Story Excerpt

“You keep looking at me like that, and I won’t be responsible for what happens next,” Dallas said when they were alone in the booth.
His words made her blink the fog of lust away. “What?”
“Your eyes were on my mouth like you were fantasizing about kissing me. The only thing keeping me from ravishing you right here and now, is the fact we’re in public, and this is our first date.”
Heat licked up her stomach. “So, what you’re saying is that you’re not averse to seeing where this goes with you and me?”
Dallas got up from his side of the table, and sat next to her. “Hell no I’m not. To be honest, you’re all I’ve thought about since I saw you in the infirmary.”
She knew she shouldn’t do it, but Teagan couldn’t wait until later. The pull of having him sitting close, the scent of his cologne, one she wanted to memorize, was too much. In a quick motion before she could change her mind, she pulled him down to her, capturing his lips in a kiss that he quickly took control of. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, no gentle coaxing for this man. Oh no, he took, his tongue sweeping inside, hers greeting his while they ravished each other. Teagan knew they should stop, but he kissed her with a passion she’d never experienced. She wanted to be one with him. Wanted to feel his naked chest against her own.
“Dallas,” she whispered against his lips as he pulled back.


He trembled as he fought for control. The raging need nearly blinding in its temptation. In all his years, even when he’d been a teen losing it to a girl three years older than him, he’d never had to struggle so hard to get himself under control. Hell, he’d only been fourteen and wasn’t even sure he’d been inserting his dick in the right place, and wasn’t certain he’d get it in before blowing his load. Now, he swore he was on the verge of doing the same, and he’d only kissed Teagan.
Her body writhed against him, reminding him she was equally affected. “How hungry are you, princess?”
“For food, or you?” She grabbed his face. “Dallas, if you say something altruistic, like you think we should eat and get to know each other, I might hit you.”
Every bit of hunger for him was echoed in her face. “I was just gonna say, if you were hungry for food, too, we could maybe order take out.”
Her answering grin lit up her face. “I like the way you think.”
He skimmed his hands down her ribs, his thumbs tracing along the undersides of her breasts. The rapid rise and fall of her chest let him know she wanted him and that meant the world to him. He wanted to see her without clothes, wanted to touch every inch of her flesh, but a crowded restaurant was not the place to be doing it.
“I think we should place our order to go, Dallas.” Teagan leaned forward, kissing him again. She smiled against his lips.
“That sounds like a great plan.” Hell, he’d need to do some calculus in his head, or he’d be sporting wood as they walked out. Especially if Teagan didn’t quit touching him as they waited for their takeout to arrive.
“Don’t get that look in your eye, Mr. Holt. Unless of course you’re changing your mind.” She bit her lip nervously.
Dallas rested his arm on the back of the bench seat. He’d contemplated moving back to the other side, but rejected the notion in favor of being as close to Teagan as possible. He’d take whatever pleasure he could, and being next to her was a form of pleasure in itself.
The waiter who’d taken their order, grinned when they’d decided on taking their orders to go arrived. The bag holding their food in one hand, the bill in the other. “Thank you, keep the change,” Dallas said handing him enough to cover both.
With a bow, the young man left.
“He knows we’re going to go home and do the dirty dirty, you know.” Teagan laced her arm through his, her teasing words made him stumble. At this rate, he was going to be accused of having two left feet.
Bringing his face close to her ear. “That’s the best way to do it. Down and dirty, with a side of out and out filthy.” He nicked the lobe of her ear, keeping his voice low.
His erection was hidden behind the bag, but damn, he wasn’t sure how he’d make the fifteen minute drive back to her place without her seeing his dick tenting his slacks.
“If you’re really good, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” Teagan leaned in to him, accidentally on purpose running her hand over his zipper.
Her eyes widened, making him smile. “Hey, it’s your fault,” he accused.
“How?” she asked.
He put the food on the back floorboard before helping Teagan into the passenger seat. “Thoughts of what you are gonna show me have left me in a constant state of arousal. I think I’ll need therapy afterwards. Do you think we could go to couples sex therapy? You know the kind where we have lots of sex to work it out?”
The edges of her lips quirked up, her eyes widened. “I do believe I know a place. It just so happens to be in my bedroom, and I don’t charge very much.”
He groaned, as he leaned down and kissed her sassy mouth. People passing by had no clue just how turned on he was. Or, if they did, they had seen worse. Either way, Dallas was sure he was in big trouble.
When he got in the car, she’d already buckled up. “So, are your prices negotiable?”
She nodded. “I believe we can come up with a price that’s more than satisfactory for the both of us.”
Her grin let him know she knew exactly what she was doing to him. He wondered if she was as wet as he was hard. Once they were on the road, he let his hand settle on her thigh for a few seconds. Gooseflesh met his fingers. Oh yeah, she was turned on. He wanted her to want him, as bad as he did her. It would be fast and hard the first time, then slow and easy the next. Hell, he was sure it would take him about ten times to finally be spent.

Protecting Teagan
Adult Excerpt

He growled and gripped her hips. “Dammit woman, you’re too sexy for my peace of mind.”
“I could say the same was true about you,” she sighed.
Inhaling, desperate for control, he tried to think of something other than making love to Teagan, but failed. She tilted her head to the side, looking at him over her shoulder. “You gonna do something with that thing poking me in the back, or just stand there all night?”
Her words had him laughing, and then he skimmed his hands down her torso to her hips, until he hit her thighs, gathering her dress as he went. He eased the material up, letting his knuckles drift over her silky smooth skin. He had her dress up to her breasts, exposing their tanned softness. Fuck, everything about her was silky smooth.
His cock pulsed with need at the feel of smooth flesh, hard wasn’t even the word he’d classify the appendage anymore. Hell, one touch from her, and he was sure he’d come in seconds.
“Oh shit, what the hell are you doing to me?” Teagan writhed under his touch.
He took the bunched up material and pulled it over her head, leaving her in a pair of silky nude colored panties, and nothing else. He spun her around then lifted her onto the kitchen island, taking one hardened nipple into his mouth, making her cry out. The sound went straight to his groin, knowing he was giving her pleasure was something he took pride in. Women always came first in his mind.
Switching to the other nipple, he pinched the bud he’d been sucking on, keeping just enough pressure on it to keep it hard.
Teagan pressed her chest forward, spreading her legs, wanting more if her movements were anything to go by.
“I want to feel you, see you, too,” she whispered, the words falling from her lips.
He eased back, grabbing hold of his shirt and tugging it out of his slacks, then pulling it over his head. Her eyes ate him up, like she enjoyed what she saw. “You’re good for my ego, love.”
“And you, sir, are a tease.” A whimper escaped her lips as he traced her inner thighs with the tips of his fingers.
“Nah, I just don’t want to rush things, yet.” Hooking a finger on each side of her hips, he dragged the panties down, glad she helped by lifting up exposing her perfect bare pussy. Fuck. No, she was most definitely not all natural down there. She was smooth. Waxed. Flawless.
He hooked his foot in a stool and sat down, putting her perfectly in place for his feast. “I think I’ll have my dessert now,” he said and lowered his head, trailing a line of suctioning kisses up from her knee, then up to the apex of her thighs. Finally, unable to stop himself, he licked her sweet little clit that stood out, keeping his eyes on her face, he swiped his tongue from the bundle of nerves, all the way down to her opening.
Teagan cried out, her arms holding her up shook from the pleasure. “Oh god, yes,” she gasped.
Dallas pushed her legs open more, thrusting a finger into her tight wet heat, increasing his licks and kisses on her flesh, making her writhe. Within moments, he felt her body clenching and he added a second finger, stretching her more.


Teagan stared down at Dallas’ dark head buried between her thighs and felt herself come under his talented tongue and fingers. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to accommodate the huge erection tenting his slacks when the feel of his large fingers were stretching her, but as he sucked her clit into his mouth, a feeling of euphoria exploded over her. A freedom unlike any she’d experienced, and she knew she wanted more, and needed it now. With this man.
“Make love to me, Dallas.”
He glanced up, his chin glistening with her juices. “Where’s your bedroom, princess?”
She pointed down the hall.
His eyes narrowed, but he nodded, then kissed her inner thighs before standing. “I think I can make it that far.”
Passion lit his features, his eyes promised more to come. “I sure hope so, Dallas.”
He laughed. “Oh, I plan to rock your world like never before.”
Standing, he wrapped her legs around his waist. She giggled as proof of how much he’d already rocked her world was even now wetting his body as he carried her toward her room. “I think you’re already on your way to proving you’re pretty awesome, and I should probably be embarrassed, but I just can’t find it in me.”
Dallas covered her lips with his, silencing anything she’d thought to say in one heated kiss. “I guarantee, you’ll find something in you shortly.”
She ran her hands over his back, and around his shoulders, their kisses becoming harder. With her legs wrapped around his waist, the feel of his erection bumped her ass each time he moved a certain way, and she wished he was naked so she could slide down onto him.
Before she knew it they were in her room, and he was laying her on the bed. Her eyes stared as he undid the belt, then the button of his pants. Her breath froze at the sight of his cock. He was huge.
He fished a condom out of his wallet, then rolled it on. “This first time is gonna be hard and fast, but I’ll make it up to you,” he promised.
She moved to the center of the bed, her fingers toying with her nipples. “Sounds like a plan to me.”
Dallas crawled over her, his arms caging her in, then his lips took possession while he placed his dick at her entrance. The muscles in her stomach fluttered, her legs shook as she waited for him to enter her.
“Relax, Teagan. I’d rather cut my arm off than ever see you hurt.”
She swallowed. “I know. I’m just nervous, which is really silly after what we just did or rather you did. It’s just, you’re huge.”
He licked at her bottom lip. “I’m not that big, sweetheart. Trust me when I say, I’ll fit. Let’s see if I can help you relax.”
Dallas brought her to orgasm again with his talented fingers, then as she was still coming, he pushed into her. She moaned at the tightness, at how right it felt having him inside her.

Now, I write several genres, from paranormal with shifters, elements, fey, and have even introduced vampires, and hybrid vampire/shifters into the mix, as well as my military romance and contemporary. But, writing in Kindle Worlds was new to me, but I will say I LOVED IT SOO HARD. I am excited to say both books seem to be successes and my friends/readers are enjoying them. For me, that is what I truly want. #WINNING

Last month I had the awesome purple Kate Spade bag and 9 signed paperback giveaway going, and am excited to announce the winner of it is Annette Elens.

For the month of December I am going to be giving away a SHITTON OF THINGS. That is right y’all. A SHITTON. It might be boarding on a F**Kton of things as I’m giving away a Kate Spade bag, a Pink Kindle Fire, a set of my Iron Wolves in print. A set of my Mystic Wolves in print. A set of my SEAL Team Phantom in print, along with A set of my Ravens of War, and my SmokeJumpers in print. Plus much much more. It’s all gonna start 12 Days before Christmas, so be sure and friend me on Facebook and watch my pages for the details.

I’m working on Bodhi’s Synful Mate right now and hope to have it out on December 27th. That is my goal, so finger and toes crossed.

That's it for me this month. I hope y'all follow me on all the links below, and hope to see you there. Be sure and mention you saw this blog post over on my FB wall and you are entered to win a $10 GC. I'm making it easy LOL. Just say I saw your Sweet and Sexy Blog Post and tell me what I posted in the first paragraph to be entered. BAM  <3




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