Saturday, December 3, 2016

A most unusual Xmas!!!

This Christmas story came out last year, but is just as applicable as Christmas always is.  It's the story of a spoiled young Marquis, who had rejected the marriage their parents arranged.  No one is more surprised than Jason when she grows up and he falls in love with her.  Not surprisingly, she detests him and wants nothing to do with him. So Jason has a hard time convincing her  that this time it's a forever love.
"He found her in the main hall, with a brightly tied bunch of mistletoe in her hands.
To his delight, she greeted him with no sign of her animosity of the previous evening.
“Jason, I need to get this mistletoe nailed in the most strategic places. They will do no good at all if I hang them where no one will walk under them. What do you suggest?”
Conquering his urge to seize her and kiss the puzzlement from her enchanting face, he pretended to ponder the matter.
“Do you only have the one bunch then? I thought there would be more.”
        “Oh no, we have three. But they must be properly placed. Surely you can see that.”
At the moment all he could see was her lovely face, her head cocked to one side as she considered the matter.
“Let me think a moment. One should go in the doorway that leads to the large parlor, as we will all definitely be going to and from there. And how about the hall that you must cross to the dining room?  And the third? What do you think of the door to the patio? Anyone going out there deserves to be caught.”
She looked warily at him as she considered the matter, and then grinned.
“Perfect. Shall I call a footman to help you? You surely want to execute your ideas, don’t you?”
Her mischievous smile nearly broke his control. He couldn’t, he simply could not grab her and kiss her as deeply as his body urged. He’d never had a problem of self-control before. Women had chased him ever since he could remember. He’d never had to court a woman.
He vented a deep sigh. This girl was changing all his ideas of himself.  Right now the only thing he wanted to do was carry her off to a secluded spot and bury his throbbing body in her delectable curves. 
What the hall had happened to him? Why didn’t he just take her hand, take her to a private corner, kiss her senseless and rid himself of this ridiculous obsession with a girl he had no doubt was a virgin.  It probably wouldn’t even be enjoyable. She’d have no idea how to please a man.
He raked his fingers through his hair, willing himself to leave.
Instead he beckoned a footman over to help, and with him holding the ladder steady Jason managed to place all three beribboned bunches of mistletoe in the spots she pointed out and approved. Not that it was easy. Abigail stood at the foot of the ladder, directly him an inch to the right or the left, until she finally approved the placement.
He was not a footman, for god’s sake. He steamed silently, but followed her directions. When he finally got down off this damn ladder he’d simply walk away from the whole stupid scheme of decorating this mausoleum of a house.
A beaming Abigail held out her hand to help him down the last few rungs.
“Thank you, Jason. That was so important. I want everyone to be caught under the mistletoe as often as possible. I do so want this to be a merry Christmas for everyone.”
He briefly shut his eyes. Dammit. Standing there with her small warm hand holding his he felt like the king of the world. His heart clenched as he realized if he were adept enough he could easily claim more than one mistletoe kiss.
“I’ll do all I can to help, Abigail. I don’t know much about a merry Christmas, but I’m willing to learn whatever you want to teach me.”
He hoped the sincerity of his gaze convinced her.
Because damned if he didn’t mean it."

Hope you liked this excerpt.  I love all Xmas stories, Xmas decorations, and all the wonderful giving of gifts to the very special people we loved. And to all of you, may you have the best Xmas ever!

All of my books from Ellora's Cave have been frozen to me until January 1st. I'll then be very delighted to start transferring them to MuseItUp for editing and publishing. 


Tina Donahue said...

I LOVE this, Jean! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina. It was fun to write. Love bringing an arrogant hero to heel.