Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sweet meets Sexy

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A confession, I love the holiday season. I love the lists, the lights and colors, the music, the fresh tree smells, and the baking! Still, all the activity cuts into my reading time, and without a daily dose of reading, the true spirit of the season tends to dissipate faster than dryer steam in the cold air.

If your "to do" list is longer than your "to be read" stack of great romances is tall, maybe what you need is a  short reading break, no calories and a chance to put your feet up, catch your breath, and let your mind stop recalling the items you forgot at the store or the person you skipped on your list! So here's a bit of "brain candy" from my latest contemporary release, Golden Boy.

In Golden Boy, sweet meets sexy when single mom Emma, who's experienced the consequences of sex--her son Max--but not its pleasures and satisfactions, discovers through her sexy landlord, the meaning of desire. Enjoy!

“Did you get the car running?”
            Josh had known the answer. He would have heard the car motor turn over if she had.
            “Take a shower. Go to bed. Get some help in the morning.”
He couldn’t get more heroic than that, but she didn’t move.
She didn’t flee. She fixed her gaze somewhere over his right shoulder and asked, “How do you make it stop?”
            Josh drew in a slow breath. Emma Gray was asking him about the wanting, about being turned on by a glance. She had apparently tried to bury her attraction to him in her futile attempt at auto repair. “Working on the car for hours didn’t help?”
“I just want it to stop.” She got that stubborn look and folded her arms across her middle, hugging her elbows, still avoiding his gaze.
He straightened. He could help her, but not in the way she wanted. She wanted some mind trick, some form of magic self-control, a shutoff valve for her inconvenient feelings. He, on the other hand, was just the man to help her discover where those feelings could lead, and what she was admitting sent his mood from cautious to unreasonably hopeful in an instant. Nonetheless, he gave her one last out. “Take a brisk walk or a very cold shower.”
            She looked doubtful. “Is that what you do?”
            He laughed. “I’m self-indulgent, remember. I don’t try to make it stop.”
He wasn’t being entirely truthful. He had done his best to tire his body out in his mother’s swimming pool. He had listened to his mother put her unflattering spin on his interest in a woman like Emma Gray. He had agreed this afternoon to date the first of his mother’s picks. Whoever she turned out to be, she’d be the opposite of Emma, easy on both the eye and the ego, wholly accepting of his toys, his towels, and his lifestyle.
She’d be a match for him. He could therefore help Emma by staying strong for one night and shutting his door. She wouldn’t need super willpower if he did that, and she’d have nothing to regret. He was pretty sure that Emma would regret letting herself enjoy sex.
“You know,” he muttered, “we’re living the Marshmallow Experiment.”
             She stared at him. “What are you talking about?”
            “A psychologist put little kids in a room staring at a tiny marshmallow, the kind you put on hot cocoa, and told them they could have more if they could just wait and not eat the first one. Most of them caved, ate the marshmallow, and ruined their lives—: bad grades, low SAT scores, no college degrees, no success.”
            “You made that up,” Emma accused.
            “I’ve been a marshmallow-eater from the start. I know how it works.”
            “You think I ought to walk away.”
            “Right now.”
She looked so confused and so totally let down by his answer that he had to reach for her. If she could admit the attraction, why should he deny it? He got a palm full of studs sticking out of one of the leather cuffs she wore. “Come on.” 

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Love the guy on the cover. Yummy! :)

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Intriguing cover and excerpt!!!!