Monday, November 7, 2016

Random Thoughts by Harlie Williams

Today is Sunday, November 6th.  Two days before we elect a new President of the United States.  I will not share with you, my views, nor will tell you who I voted for.  I will, however, remind you to vote.  It is our basic right, as a US citizen to vote.  A lot of countries don't have that freedom.  Just remember that when you decided to/or not to vote.


1.  I'm a reader first.  I subscribe to a lot of author newsletters.  Please, I beg you, when you send out a newsletter talk about yourself first.  Don't promo another author before yourself.  I have unsubscribed from author newsletters because it's nothing but the promo for another author.

2.  On the same subject...please don't send me an update every day.  Time is precious.

3.  Why are some authors requiring you to pre-order a book, email them the receipt just so you can enter a contest?  Yep, I stopped following them.  I have a book budget just like most people.  Just no.

4.  Ever been around someone that all you do is eye roll on everything they say or do?  Yep, dealt with that on Saturday.  Name dropping doesn't impress me.  It only makes that person look Unimportant.  I grew up in Dallas.  I was around a lot of important and famous people.  I worked for companies where famous people were around all the time.  Yes, I had lunch with them.  Got to know them.  Met their families.  Do I talk about them?  No.  To me, they are just people that put their pants on one leg at a time...just like me.

5.  Did I mention that our son is going to Disney World the week before Christmas?  My SIL's family is taking him.  Jealous!

6.  Still working tons at the school.  I did, however, stopped working with the kinders.  They physically wear me out.

7.  I'm thinking about writing again.  I would love to co-author with someone.

8.  Referring to #1, make sure when you do send out a newsletter that you say something personal about yourself.  Readers want to get to know the author that they like.

That's all for this edition of Harlie's time on the blog.  Hopefully, after Tuesday, we can all be friends again.  For me, I've just ignored it but I have unfollowed people on FB.


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Harlie. Have you considered getting in a box set with other authors. Box sets are very popular now and it's a way to get back into writing without committing to a long manuscript.

jean hart stewart said...

Boxed sets are great, but I don't know how you get in one unless you're invited. I do recommend them though..

Harlie Williams said...

@Tina @Jean
Thanks. I have thought about the box set. Need to put out feelers.
I don't know. I just felt like a rant was coming. Sometimes you just need to vent.


Fiona McGier said...

Oh Harlie, my sweet, even when you vent, you're sweet! Glad to hear that you've been subbing a lot more. I've been doing my 2-jobs, 13-hour days for way too long. I hate Tuesday, because I'm tired from Monday, but still have to work both jobs on Wednesday. Then "only" 1 job on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sigh...

I'd love to have the time to do a newsletter...or anything promo-related. I barely read my emails, most days. Yes, I'm making money. Yes, it helps with the bills. But damn it, I want to write! And I keep falling asleep too early at night! Especially now that we've changed the clocks back again.

Glad to hear that things are moving along well for you. Will your son be home by Christmas? I sure hope so!

FYI, I almost never make it to FB, so I'm glad you post here! That way I can know how you're doing. All's well with the book world, if Harlie is doing okay. (hug)

Harlie Williams said...


I love you, you know. I'm working tons but it is wearing me out this year. Physically wearing me out. The money is great but I miss writing and reading. The itch to write is coming on strong, too. *sigh*

And yes, Brian will be back for Christmas. We will meet up with him at the in-laws on Christmas Eve.

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