Wednesday, November 9, 2016

             Two new installments of the Bestselling Angel Pack Series

                                                            By author Maggie Walsh

                                              Is Now Available at www.bookstrand.com

               The Angel Pack is more than a series of M/M erotic romance. It's an adventure.

Join the men of the Angel Pack as they take you to new lands, meet new creatures, and fight a deadly force that is trying to destroy mankind. All as they try to deal with their own lives, family, and finding their true mates.
  They will take you to heaven and hell as they learn who they can trust, who will betray them, and what will unite them for all eternity.

  "POWER" book 11 brings us into the darkness of black magic as our hero Sage battles which side will claim him. 

Sage is a wolf shifter with a dark past he keeps secret. A year ago, a strange tattoo appeared on his wrist. Researching its meaning, he finds that it is the symbol of the most powerful witches in black magic. Sage worries that if this magic claims him he will become evil. So, to protect his family, Sage flees.
Slade is a vampire with special abilities. When he is sent out to locate Maddy’s twin, Slade never expects to find him in Sanctuary. What surprises him even more is finding out that Maddy’s twin, Sage, is his mate.
Sage had been in hiding for years from a man who kept him captive, but now that he is back on the run, he worries that Francis will find him and enslave him again. When Slade and Sage’s family discover who Francis really is, they know they have to act fast to find Sage before his twenty-first birthday—only a week away—or risk losing him forever.

           "Blood doesn't make you family. Love does."   -Alpha Micah Angel

"MATING MAYHEM" book 12 in the Angel Pack brings a little lightness to our pack of hunky men as they come together to celebrate Halloween. But unbeknownst to them, an evil spell has been cast upon them that threatens not only their mating's, but their lives. 

As the pack comes together to celebrate Halloween, spirits are high, but their happiness is about to come crashing down. Minos, with the help of some witches, casts a spell on the mates, causing a mating mayhem, putting all of their mating's in jeopardy.
But Minos and his witches forgot one detail, the unmated members of the pack. When Cass and the others see pack members cuddled up to others who are not their true mates, Cass knows he must step up and act quickly before they do something they will regret for the rest of their lives.
Can Cass and the others find a way to save their family and themselves? Because if the mating's fall apart, they will all fall under Minos’s rule, and darkness will cover the Earth as the prophecy fails. What ultimate sacrifice will Cass make to ensure his family's survival?

"Welcome to The Angel Pack. All who enter, enters as a guest, but leaves as family."  -Alpha Micah Angel
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Sounds yummy, Maggie! :)

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Love the title! A catchy excerpt.....