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Shifters Hallows Eve is out and that means you can read Dark Lovers my book that is in it woop. You’ll get to meet a whole new set of characters, plus visit some of your favorites from my Iron Wolves. The reviews are already coming in and they are amazing. For only $.99 cents with 12 NYT, USA AND Best Selling Authors so what are you waiting for. Oh and did I mention there is a giveaway where you could win a purple Kate Spade bag along with 9 signed paperback books? Well there is so get to getting y’all <3

Here is a most definite NSFW excerpt and Safe For Work excerpt from Dark Lovers. Y’all know I love me some sexy shifters, and add a little vampire, shifter, and Fey to the mix and BAM I think it’s a great recipe.
Dark Lovers
Adult Excerpt

He knelt above her, his body rock hard at wanting just that. To feel her fangs sinking deep within him. He knew his own eyes had probably turned red. A glance at his forearms resting next to her head, he could see they were red as well. Yeah, he waited to see how she’d react to the demon half of him.
“How big do you get in your other form?” She ran her hand up his bicep.
A shiver wracked him at the lack of disgust in her voice. “Depends if I’m in a battle, or just angry. Most times, if I just shift, I am about seven and a half. However, I think closer to eight if in battle. Of course, I haven’t actually measured.”
She licked her bottom lip. “Are we done talking now?”
“You still want to be with me,” he asked gruffly.
“More than anything. I’ll try to keep my fangs to myself,” she said with an impish grin.
He laughed. “One day you can sink them into me, anywhere, anytime.”
Her deep inhale made her breasts brush against his chest.
Time for talking past.
“You smell so good, Creed. Even when I first saw you, I wanted to lick you.” Raina’s arms came up and pulled his head down. She nuzzled his neck, growling as she did, making his spine tingle.
“Fuck, that is sexy as hell. I scented you as well.           I would have ripped the arms off of anyone who dared touch you. Now, how about this shirt disappearing?” He sat back on his heels, thinking of using his powers, then discarding the notion. One by one, he popped the buttons open. Her creamy flesh appeared even smoother next to his, making him aware of their differences. With effort, he pushed his demon side back. The need to be careful so as not to hurt her beat at him.
“You can’t hurt me.” She echoed his thoughts.
“Are you reading me?” He asked, opening the last button on the shirt.
There was a moment of hesitation before she answered. “I think we are still connected. Can’t you see what I think and feel?”
He stopped and looked inside her mind. Wonder filled him as he realized she’d been open all this time, while he’d been more concerned with what she’d think of his long life and past. His brief pause clearly caused her to worry what he read in her memories, and he rushed to reassure. “Mon Eros, I want you now like none other. I don’t know if I’m worthy. No, scratch that. I know I’m not, but I’m not noble enough to let you go. If you want out, say so now, and you’ll have a fighting chance to be free.” He released the ends of his shirt, holding his hands out to the side. “Make the decision quickly though, because once I make love to you, I will never let you go. Bond or not. You are mine. Do you understand?”
She chewed her bottom lip. “Creed, do you understand that there is only one Hearts Love for my people?”
He raised his brows and waited.
“What that means is, you are it for me, silly man.” She pressed her tiny hand over his heart, making it skip a beat, then speed up. “There is no turning back, unless you don’t want me. In here, what do you feel? Do you not feel the same? Don’t ask me to go, please.” Tears shimmered in her eyes.
It was his turn to growl. “Never. I’m never letting you go. I clearly didn’t do a good job of letting you know how much you mean to me with words. How about I show you instead.”
“Normally, I’d say words are better, but by all means.” She nodded.
With a chuckle, he laced their fingers together and moved back over her body. “You are too precious for words.”
His kind also claimed their mates by marking them, combining their essence by exchanging fluids with a bite. It took supreme effort for him to make his other half understand they would claim Raina soon. She was their Chosen, regardless if they could never claim her fully.
“Look at me,” he ordered.
Once she made eye contact, he bent and kissed her. Then releasing her hands, he slowly slid one hand down her stomach while she wrapped her arms around his neck. Their tongues slid together in a dance of their own while his fingers found her wet and warm. He parted her legs with his own, then delved his hand between her thighs. She canted her hips in welcome, making him chuckle. He rubbed her clit before stroking farther down to her pussy, pushing inside. With each pass he gathered more of her cream and spread it over her clit, sweeping and circling it then going back to her entrance and doing it again. She trembled the faster he moved his fingers, while he never stayed long at either place, prolonging her pleasure.
She gripped his hair, pulling her mouth away from his. “Please, Creed.”
“Please what, Eros?” He licked her neck, flicking his nail against her clit faster. “Do you want me to do that?”
“Oh, yes. Yes that.” She tilted her hips up.
“Or do you want me to fuck you with my fingers.” He pushed two digits deep, then added a third. She was so tight, her inner walls squeezing him.
“That, too. Everything.”
Pushing his fingers inside her, he rubbed his palm against her clit and worked her to a hard fast orgasm. It was all he could do to keep from sinking his teeth into her exposed flesh as she wrapped her strong arms around him and pulled him to her.
She shuddered, moaning as the mini contractions still shook her and he continued to work his fingers in and out of her.
Her arousal coated his fingers when he pulled them out. He sat back and licked, taking her flavor into his mouth.
“I need to be in you. Are you sure?” If she said no, he would surely go insane, but he’d pull back.
“More sure than anything else in my life. Make me yours.” She reached between them, running her hand up and down his cock, her thumb brushed over the tip.
He shuddered, untangling her fingers from his cock, then dropped forward, spreading her thighs farther apart. Looking down, he swore he’d never seen anything sexier in his entire life.
Anxious to join with her, he grasped his cock with one hand, ran the tip along her wetness coating it with her cream, then pushed inside. A harsh groan at how hot she was escaped his throat before he could stop it. Pulling back then pushing forward, he slowly entered her until he was seated all the way to his balls.
“Damn, you are like a searing inferno gripping me like a wet hot glove. Don’t move or I’ll come like a boy on his first time.” He settled into the V of her hips, holding completely still.
She panted. “I don’t think I can move. You’re huge. Like did you grow a third leg or what?”
He suppressed a chuckle. “You’re good for my ego.” After a few moments, he felt her relax. Drawing himself out, he then surged forward. In and out, he set up a pace ensured to satisfy them both. Wanting to prolong both their pleasures, he eased one hand beneath her hips, angling her up slightly, he made sure his pelvis hit her clit on each downward thrust. The action making her cry out sharply. He felt her pussy clench down on him, making him plunge back in and out faster, losing his rhythm for a second.

And one more excerpt to get you excited LOL
“You know what, I don’t give a flying fuck what you are. Fey, I need out of here. Raina is gone.”
Jenna stepped closer to the bed with Kellen right next to her. In the next instant, the air seemed to suck out of the room. Two men Creed had never laid eyes on entered the room, their bodies vibrated with anger, yet he scented Raina on them. Instantly, he wanted their heads on a platter.
“Where is she?” He reached them in a few strides, holding each up off the floor by their neck.
Voices rang in his ears, but all he wanted to hear was where his Chosen was. His black claws pricked their skin making blood well. His nose twitched as he inhaled the familiar scent.
“Why do you smell like my Raina?” His red skin was startling next to their tan all-American looking ones. “Speak now, or forever lose your ability to do so.”
The fact they were identical all of a sudden registered. They were blond, while his Raina was dark as night. He brought them closer to him, inhaling deeply.
“If he fucking tries to kiss me, I’m gutting him.” Brown eyes blinked out of a face that most women probably thought was handsome.
“Shut up, Damien. No need to piss off Big Red here. Now, listen, unless you want my big brother to get really angry, you should probably let us go so we can work together to find our sister.”
The one named Damien smirked. “Baby bro is trying to be nice. I am finding I am not wanting to bleed all over our Hearts Love’s home.”
Jenna gasped. “Boys, really. Let’s not do this in front of company.”
“Little Fey, we are as far from boys as this thing is from a human. Now, release us, before I get a real good mad on. My baby sister would not be happy if we gelded you.”
“Will you two wear a fucking sticker with your names on it for fucksake? Yo, big red dude, you’re wasting time trying to kill those two. They are not the enemies. Well, I mean, they would kill for your woman. Now, I did want to kill them, but that’s another story.” Kellen’s deep voice came from beside him.
Creed allowed the two beings feet to touch the ground. “You got here, you can get out. How?” He asked, not stepping away or releasing them completely.
“We were finally able to track her here. Shit, she’s gone.” Damien moved his hands in the air, electricity crackled.
“You don’t want to go where she is. Just get me there, and I will bring her home safely,” Creed swore.
At the exact same time, Damien and Lucas disappeared. He spun, expecting them to come at him. Only they stood next to the petite Fey. Their focus completely on her.
“You, little love, are in so much trouble once we get back from rescuing our sister. Now, before you add more infractions onto the laundry list we’ve already compiled, I suggest you zip it.” Damien covered her lips with his, followed by Lucas.
Creed wasn’t one to judge. “If you two are done sucking face, could you please get me the fuck out of here?” The last word was yelled so loud even his own ears hurt.
“We will all go,” Kellen said.
“You all will die. No, scratch that. In order to go to my world, you must be dead. Nobody goes to Hell who is alive. Are you all fucking nuts?” He clenched his fists.
Jenna held her fingers against her lips. “They might be a little, but I do think you need a little backup, and in my mind, you are going to need them.”
One of the twins looked down at her. “You trying to get rid of us?”
Her eyes widened in shock and horror at his words. Creed was an expert at reading those two emotions, having seen them his entire existence.
“How many is that now, Lucas?”
“I believe the Iron Wolves call it a shitton.” The man’s eyes shifted to red.
Damien shook his head. “Nah, I think we moved right on to the fuckton I heard them talk about.” His eyes too had gone from brown to red.

Now, I know y’all are wanting to know who won the plushie and awesome swag pack from last months contest soooo without further ado, the winner is… Vickie Chaisson. I will of course post the winner on The FaceBook LOL. So, how about another giveaway, just cause I love y’all so hard and think you need to get a chance at more shit? What could you win and how?
Well, that is easy. Let me see you comment here, and come see me on my FB wall and tell me the name of Lucas’s sisters? Yes, you needed to have read the book to know who they are. AND, if you read it, you can be the lucky winner of one of my signed books. BAMMMM. So, tell me here on this blog post and on Facebook. I’m needy like that LOL. You will have found out the names from my book Dark Lovers in Shifters Hallows Eve. You have until the end of the month when I post my next blog on December 1st. Or maybe before, who knows with me LOL.

Alright, now for some other news. I have 2 releases this month. The first is gonna be in Desiree Holt’s Kindle World. It’s called Mission: Saving Shayna and I love Miz Holt soo hard. Without her I would probably not be where I am today. She is an amazing lady who has been my mentor and friend for years. Yes, she is all that and a bag of chips LOL. Check out the cover for my book in her world, although I don’t have Buy Links as Kindle Worlds don’t let us upload until a few days before release. However, you can mark your calendars for November 15th. Mike Royce is the hero and you would have met him in the boxset Cuffed and Claimed (squinty eyes) If you haven’t bought that boxset go get it as it’s only $.99 and all proceeds go to the charity LEO.
Cuffed and Claimed: https://cuffedandclaimed.com/elleboon/
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The next release is gonna be in Susan Stoker’s Kindle World SEAL of Protection series. Excuse me while I FanGirl Hard LOL. Both of these are back to back and are going to crossover from my SEAL Team Phantom series. Yes, I am so loving both books, and I hope you will too. This book will release one week after the other on November 22nd. The hero for this book is one you met in my previous SEAL Team books Dallas Holt. This book is gonna be an explosive thrill ride that is gonna take us to Iraq and in the middle of an ISIS situation. “Biting nails”

Alright folks, that is all for my world this month. As always be sure and follow me on Facebook and all the other social media places. I have started doing LIVECHAT on the Facebook. I’ll be giving away a F**KTON of stuff, which is a lot more than a SH**TON of stuff LOL during the upcoming months, so be sure and follow me. PS…I’ll be doing 12 Days of Christmas is gonna be my soon to be giveaway on Facebook with lots of awesome giveaways.

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