Wednesday, November 23, 2016


As the author of the Dancing Vampire series, I wanted to share a video to put us all in a Fangs-giving mood.

And here is a Thanksgiving dinner from Vampire Diaries.

All six of the Dancing Vampires series, (Dance of the Vampires, Vampire Highland Fling, A Bonnie Vampire Dancer, Vampire waltz, Valkyrie Vampire Sword Dancing, and Some Vampires Shimmy) are all set in Scotland. So no Thanksgiving. But, I do have a scene where the hero’s mother and father discuss the vampire girl or baobhan sith (baa’-van shee ) their son brought home, which fits in with the vampire/family theme.
Before Ian could get a word in, his father asked Tavish, “Did you set
the carin aright?”
“Aye, I put the stone back, good and tight.”
“Aye, but now we have a baobhan sith sleeping in our house,” his mother said.
“Well, she has to sleep somewhere dear. I dinnae want her draining my
cows of their blood though.”
“What about your sons’ blood?”
“Ooch, well I dinnae want her drinking theirs either.”
“Well I’m glad to hear that.”
His mother turned and saw Ian and Sorcha. She plastered a big smile
across her face. “I did not know you were awake.”
“Mom, Sorcha and I are going out. I’m going to show her around the town.”
“That’s nice,” his mom said.
As Ian walked away, he overheard his father say, “You have to be
careful of what you say around the baobhan sith. They’ll sneak up on
“Hush, she can still hear you,” his mother said.
Ian turned and waved good night to his mother and father.
“He can show her around all he likes but I dinnae want her near my cows.”
That was the last comment Ian heard before he walked out the door.
With his arm wrapped around Sorcha’s shoulder, he led her down to the
winding road.

Happy Fangs-giving to all!


Tina Donahue said...

Awesome videos, Cornelia. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! :)

Cornelia Amiri said...

Thank you so much, Tina, and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.