Sunday, October 16, 2016

What? It's the 16th already?

Sorry to be so late with my post!  Working long hours keeps me too busy to even get on-line anymore.  I didn't even realize I hadn't posted, or even that it was the 16th, until dinner time!

Last weekend my second son and his wife drove out from Michigan so that he could run the Chicago Marathon.  It was gorgeous weather, and he ran his second-best marathon time, of the 5 other ones he's run.  But we had to be up at 4am, in order to catch the train at 5am.  We got downtown at 6am, and his starting time was 7:40.  The rest of us walked 10 miles (his wife has a wrist thingie that tells her how many steps she's taken), as we followed the tiny dot that was him on the App she downloaded, and we cheered him on at 3 different places.  But that was my Sunday last weekend, so I didn't get anything done after that, other than a nap.  The chores I needed to get done were held off until this weekend.

Remember I work on Saturday, then grocery shop, so Sunday is my only day to do other chores like laundry.  I haven't made a dinner for my family in so long they were almost weeping with gratitude when I said I was cooking today.  Plus I made soup for me to have as a quick dinner for the 3 nights in a row that I work 13-hour days.  And I made muffins from smushy bananas, and an apple pie for the husband who has been giving me hopeful looks ever since we got our second bushel of apples from the orchard we visit every year. And I ran a few errands, in-between doing 5 loads of laundry.

Do I have any news of my book to come out soon?  Not really.  I've been told that it will be republished soon, but no date as of yet.  I'd been holding out hope that I would have the date by today, but no such luck.  So I'd been putting off writing my blog in hopes that I'd have some real book news to share.  And since I haven't been on-line in about a week, (yes, I've been that busy), I lost track of days. 

So I truly apologize for my post being so late.  Hopefully the long-term sub job that I'm doing will be done before the 16th of next month, and my schedule will allow me to breathe a bit. And hopefully I will have the republishing date for Secret Love by then.

Now I'm going to slink away in shame...take my shower and get to bed.  Tomorrow is another long day, and I'm exhausted already.

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your upcoming book, Fiona. Looking forward to reading/enjoying it. :)