Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat!

Well hi there on this beautiful All Hallow’s Eve!

At least, it’s beautiful in my little corner of the world, weather wise anyway. It might be a little chilly, but Trick or Treat on Saturday was fantastic. Kids didn’t have to bundle at all.

Back in August I have a nice scene that had to hit the cutting room floor.  And this month I’ll be giving an excerpt from the book and also buy links on Amazon, and B&N Finally!

I’ve gotten great feedback from it, and it pleases me immensely.

Destiny is a lovechild born from my love of True Blood and Harry Potter. That’s what it started out as, Fan Fiction crossover. Some of that still lingers, though I have made a brand new world to drop my test subjects…. I mean characters in. 

Bridgid has a bit of myself in her, her sass and the way she loves - with her entire being; body, mind, and soul. Roman I took just a teensy bit of Alcide, and Remus Lupin, but then threw in a lot of my own Werewolf - my fiance. ;) Benjamin was completely inspired - at first- by first season Bill Compton. Then I watched Being Human, and OMG. Aidan. That's who I see him as now, it had been Stephen Moyer, but Sam Witwer is so much hotter. LOL!!! 

Speaking of hot... 

I'm about to make y'all sweat like a sinner in church!  The following is decidedly NSFW! 

Bridgid looked to Kasey, whose eyes had suddenly turned dangerously dark, her normal baby blues so very close to black, her long, red hair curling up into ringlets. She was smelling Bridgid’s anger. “Oh, love,” she started, and shook her head. “You are so angry.”
Bridgid looked away from everyone and set her bottle of rum down. “Yeah, well it’s been since the full moon since I’ve had sex…”
“Ahh!” Deanna yelled out, covering her ears.
“Shut up,” Bridgid said, glaring across the room at her sister.
Deanna smirked and shrugged. “Look, I’m sorry, but the fact that Benjamin was after me and you’re my sister, that talk kinda grosses me out.”
“You work in a sex toy store,” Bryn said, smirking over her bottle of tequila.
“Yes, but not one my sister comes into.”
“When you’re working!” Bridgid fired back. She purposefully paid attention to when Deanna was in the vicinity of the shop because she knew damn well that her sister was a juvenile. Gales of laughter began to echo in the room, and Deanna shook her head.
“What did you mean by that, Bridge?” Cassidy asked again once the laughter died down.
Bridgid sighed and shook her head. “What I want…is for Ben and Roman to fix their friendship so we can move on. They’re both so focused on the past that they are ignoring their present.”
“Good luck,” Deanna said, taking another long drink straight from her bottle. She winced a moment and lay back on the floor with a long groan.
Amanda gave Deanna a disgruntled look the Witch barely paid any attention to before she spoke to Bridgid. “Just try out the room, sweetie. You never know what would pop up in there.”
Most of them snickered at that, the fucking juveniles. Bridgid looked over at the door to one of the fantasy rooms for a long minute before she got up and moved over to it. She looked back at all of them once before she picked up a potion near it, gulped it down, and then slipped into the room.
The moment the door shut, a screen lit up in front of her, asking for a setting. Bridgid had to shake her head a moment to focus on the many options before her and chose the woods. She raised an eyebrow at the clothing options, giggling at the dominatrix clothes she found on the list before choosing none. She knew what she wanted.
Only a moment passed and a chair that felt like a dentist’s chair rose up under her, making her comfortable before the potion took effect and she was drawn into the scene. Trees sprouted up around her. A cascading waterfall partially hid a rock ledge behind its cold water, and a slight breeze caught her hair to make it fly over her shoulder.
It was exactly like she remembered it, the Scottish forest where she, Ben, and Roman had hidden after a month of being together. She had left their camp to wash the dirt and grime of their most recent battle off of herself. She shed her clothes and left them farther away from the pool that gathered at the bottom of the waterfall. Bridgid stood on the edge of the water, testing the water with her toes, a shiver running through her at how damned freezing it was before she took a deep breath and plunged in.
The water hit her like a sheet of ice, stealing her breath and making her come up sputtering and gasping for air. She drew air in gasping gulps before she heard the chuckle from the edge of the water. She spun to see Roman there, shirt discarded and jeans undone, the smooth skin leaving nothing to the imagination toward the bulge that rested in the confines of the denim.
“P-P-Professor Sh-Sh-Sheppard!” She could barely breathe in the water, let alone talk, shivers gripping hold of her, making her muscles cramp and clench in protest of the water temperature.
He tilted his head at her, smirking. “You didn’t think it’d be warm, did you?”
She shook her head and moved toward the shallowest part she could get to without revealing herself to him, unsure of exactly what he was doing there. “N-n-no.”
“I have half a mind to make you get out of the water while I’m standing here.”
Her eyes widened, and she shook her head. “I, what?”
Roman crouched to be more at eye level with her and grinned. “You think I didn’t stare at that ass every time you left my classroom, Bridgid? You think I didn’t notice the unbuttoned blouses and prayed to the gods that you would need tutoring even though it would cost me my job? For fuck’s sake, Bridgid, if you don’t know how much my body craves you.”
In the recesses of Bridgid’s present mind, where she knew this was the memory of the first time she and her men had wild, passionate sex in the woods, she still shivered at his words. This was better than anything she could have imagined, and seeing Roman stand to allow his jeans to fall to his ankles and kick them off, leaving his cock standing at attention, ready to plunge into her, still left her wet and wanting.
She’d allowed the memory to flow, but then remembered what Bryn had told her about the room. She could control what happened in there. She could change it, mold it to her perfection. A smile spread on Bridgid’s lips, and she stood, revealing herself to him and walked out of the water, knowing full well her nipples had hardened to rigid peaks, and focused to make the pool warm and inviting. “I do know, Professor Sheppard,” she responded in her best sex kitten voice. The one she had used so many times since it had been just the two of them and they’d played out their little fantasy. “I did it all for you, but now you aren’t the only one I want. Where is Benjamin?”
The wind changed, a slight breeze pushing back toward her, and she felt the presence of her Vampire behind her. “You were right, Roman. She is the Goddess you said she was.”
Yes, those were the same words her Vampire had used when he saw her for the first time. It had been later, Roman had worked her into a fevered pitch, but Bridgid was controlling this damned fantasy this time. Not Fate, not the men. She was.
Bridgid reached up for Roman, wrapping her arm around the back of his neck to draw him down toward her. “I need you.”
His eyes flashed golden, and he gripped hold of her, pulling her tight against his body. His mouth captured hers, his tongue immediately moving into her mouth as he pulled her up into his arms. Bridgid kissed him back earnestly and greedily wrapped her legs around his waist, positioning herself to impale herself on his waiting cock. In one swift movement that still made her gasp upon the intrusion, she slid onto him, moaning into his mouth and immediately began moving over him, working her hips to take exactly what she wanted from him.
Roman growled against her mouth and gripped hold of her hips, moving her over him. He took exactly what he wanted from her as well, quickly working her up into a frenzy. She cried out and pulled away from the kiss, flinging herself back just as she knew Benjamin would be there to catch her, and rested her shoulders against his chest.
The Vampire supported her with his body. One hand moved to cup and squeeze her breast while the other moved to where her body joined with Roman’s and deftly moved his fingertips over her clit. Bridgid screamed out then, exploding into ecstasy. The Witch squeezed her eyes shut as she lost herself in her release and gripped hold of Benjamin’s hair, feeling his lips move to her neck, his teeth playfully scraping against her flesh.
The feeling of his mouth on her was enough to throw her right back up into the height of pleasure. She lifted and dropped her hips in perfect rhythm with Roman, Benjamin’s fingers working at vampiric speeds against her clit, keeping her in an almost perpetual state of euphoria. She finally pulled herself from simply allowing herself to feel and looked up at Roman, meeting his gaze before she smirked and pushed him back away from her with her telekinesis, something she had never done before, and grinned as Benjamin caught her and turned her in his arms.
He lifted her and pinned her back against Roman’s chest before he plunged into her, the coolness of his body quelling the fire that Roman had started within her. It took her a moment to adjust to him, but when he began moving inside of her, he did so as he certainly had not over the full moon. After Benjamin had pulled her from the tub, he seemed to worship her. Slow and passionate lovemaking had happened that night. But what the Vampire was giving to her then was pure, unadulterated lust, and she craved every moment of it.

Now that I’ve melted your screens….
What’s stopping you from going to pick up a copy of Destiny?!

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Tina Donahue said...

Happy Halloween, Jordan! This is the only day of the year where you can legitimately beg for chocolate candy door-to-door and not have the neighbors call the police. The chocolate is also calorie free. Pass it along. :)