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Hiya, y’all. Elle here again,

I'd like to first say thank you to all who wished me well, prayed, sent me good vibes, hugs, and all the other wonderful things y'all did for me while I waited for my results. I'm so blessed to be able to say that my lump in my breast, which I had removed a week ago last Tuesday was benign. Time to celebrate, or recover LOL. I'm now still considered 8 years cancer FREE on the last one, and 12 years on the first one. Yep, I'm still counting on WOOP>

I’m gonna do a little something different this month, again. So I told you how I was in a couple boxsets releasing this month? Cuffed and Claimed is the first, and it is with 9 other authors. It releases October 4th and is on sale for only $.99. All proceeds are going to the LEO Foundation, which is for the families of law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Soo proud to be part of this boxset…
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Next is the boxset Shifters Hallows Eve. Now this is another boxset that I freaking love soo efffing hard. Like SOOO HARD!! You’ll get to meet a whole new set of characters, plus visit some of your favorites from my Iron Wolves. And, the reviews are already coming in and they are amazing. Again, this set is on sale for only $.99 with 12 NYT, USA AND Best Selling Authors. You can preorder this set and have it on your e-readers October 25th. BAMMM WHAT LOL <3

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Some other exciting news is this amazing new e-magazine that the fabulous Susan Fisher Davis has created comes out today. It’s called Page Turners and in it you will find some amazing authors who I love sooo hard, and their books. Here is the link, and I totally recommend you taking a gander at it. I mean it is AHHHMAYZING.
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Here is the excerpt and blurb for my book Dark Lovers which is in Shifters Hallows Eve, and a giveaway at the end. Yep, if you get that far, then you just need to find out how to enter. Oh, and be sure to follow me on all those social media places, cause I happen to know that the ladies of Shifters Hallows Eve have an amazing giveaway planned. It includes a High End bag, some signed paperbacks and they are amazing.


Dark Lovers


“Can I just say that all those women were just practice for when I met you?” His words came out gruffly.

Little bit by little bit, the anger faded. The past was in the past. The future was yet to be decided. The present was a gift she was definitely going to open with both hands.

“I think we should leave all that locked into a box at the back of both our minds.” She knew her cheeks were probably a deep shade of pink, and was glad for the fact they were in the dark.

He pushed up and rolled them over. “I would do anything to erase all the others from my mind, and my history. Anything to never see you hurt, Mon Eros.” She opened her mouth, but he placed his finger over it. “I’m not done yet. You don’t understand the loneliness I have felt for thousands of years. When I felt a tug on my heart, it was as if my soul was being pulled out of my body. I had to go to that chamber. Seeing you there, I would have gladly killed any being who hurt you. So yes, I have done things in my past I’m not proud of, but if you give me half a chance, I swear to be the best man you could ever want. Hell, I’ll even be nice to your father and brothers.”

She stared at him for a moment, then leaned up and kissed him, hard, then deliberately pulled back. “That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. Make love to me, Creed.”

He realized he was nervous as he stared at her. Her arousal called to him the longer he lay looking down at her. “I love you, Raina.”

“And I you, Creed. I’m not an experienced woman like you’re used to.” He silenced her with a scorching kiss, one he felt all the way to his marrow.

She moaned, licking at his tongue. He tilted his head, his own mouth and tongue wanting to dominate even though he knew her wolf wanted control, when he nicked his tongue on something sharp. The metallic scent of his blood made him hiss. He looked down to see her blue eyes turn red. The vampire half of her sucked on his injury, seeming to enjoy his taste.

He pulled back, not giving her too much of his essence out of worry for what his lifesblood would do to her. “Easy, Eros. We don’t know what my blood will do to you.”

She pouted up at him. “Both my sides want to bond with you. In order to do that I’ll need to bite you.”

He knelt above her, his body rock hard at wanting just that. To feel her fangs sinking deep within him. He knew his own eyes had probably turned red. A glance at his forearms resting next to her head, he could see they were red as well. Yeah, he waited to see how she’d react to the demon half of him.

And one more excerpt to get you excited LOL

Dark Lovers

Story Excerpt

Creed had been in and out of Hell for thousands of years, but usually of his own volition. The only time he’d needed help leaving was the last time, and never had he tried to enter without alerting anyone. He was the bastard son, feared by just about everyone, and with good cause. Now, he was taking in three beings who were so far removed from ones who should be there, most likely on a deadly mission, yet he truly gave less than no fucks. Yeah, he was a bastard. The only thing he cared about was finding Raina, and securing her safety. He’d then do his damndest to ensure the men with him made it out alive, if not a little worse for wear. He owed them at least that much.

“Alright, men. Don’t talk to the locals. Don’t eat the locals. Don’t let the locals eat you. Any questions?” Creed asked once their feet hit solid ground.

Lucas raised his hand, but Kellen placed his palm over his face. “Shut it, or so help me I will not be responsible if only one of you are able to make babies in the future.”

The man placed his hand over his dick. “I thought we were friends.”

Kellen shrugged. “I haven’t killed you yet.”

Damien looked up at the black sky. “Why?”

Fed up, Creed began walking. “Try to keep up and shut up for the love of all.”

Through his bond, he searched for traces of Raina. Damning the fact they were unable to exchange essence out of fear of what his blood would do to her. His mind reached for hers.

Frustration ate at him. “Can either of you reach her?”

“Let me try?” Damien’s eyes swirled with power, flashing to red.

Lucas jerked next to him, his body the exact replica of Damien’s. “What the hell is a gallo demon?”

“She is with a being named Kyrene but she isn’t sure if she is friend or foe. They escaped the gallo, but said they were searching for them.”

Creed growled, the sound one he was sure the beasts around them would know what it meant. His demon, unhappy their Chosen had been threatened, pushed forward, skin stretching, uncaring that his woman’s brothers would see his other form completely. “Follow me. If you can’t keep up, you will die. She is with my Halfling who may or may not die by my hand. No one is to touch her but me.” Knowing exactly how he sounded and appeared to them, he walked away before he saw the fear, or revulsion in their eyes.

“Dude, our brother-in-law is fucking awesome.”

“Lucas, you really need to turn your stupid meter down.” Kellen’s voice sounded exasperated.

He held his hand up. Several things became evident. One, was the brothers were funny as shit, and he would probably like them after he got over the urge to kill them. Two, Kellen was a deadly adversary and he was glad the wolf was on his side. Three, they were surrounded by gallo demons. “Guys, I hate to break it to you, but we are surrounded by at least ten of some of the nastiest demons on this level of Hell. Now, I don’t have to tell you how to fight I’m hoping, but just for shits and giggles, don’t get dead, and don’t let them rip your head off. They enjoy the brains first.”

“Lucas is in the clear.” Damien dodged his brothers’ fist, then each man became focused on the fight.

The first wave hit, streams of creatures he was sure none of the men with him had thought to ever see. Creed took out two, his claws ripping their stomachs open, then taking off their heads in two swipes each.

Kellen watched, then did the same with one who attacked him. Creed spun, looking for his next victim. The Cordell twins fought like two extensions of the same being. His distraction allowed a horde of smaller gallo demons to launch themselves at him. The pain of their teeth sinking into his arms and legs had him yelling in both agony, and anger. Razor sharp teeth ripped into his flesh, tearing into him while sucking on his lifesblood. He growled, knocking the ones on his arms off, then slicing the heads off the two on his legs. Luckily, their poisoned saliva didn’t affect him, yet he stumbled as he tossed another gallo away. They were like cockroaches, breeding without a worry for population control.

“Die you fucking prick,” Kellen growled lobbing a head in the air, then made a show of hitting it with his fist like a baseball.

“He shoots, he scores,” Lucas called out.

Creed watched as the trio used a gallo demon as a bat, knocking into another. The blood and other matter flying everywhere. He shook his head, arms flying out to the side as he felt two more trying to sneak up on him and kick out as one jumped. The sound of crunching bones, and tearing flesh went on for another ten minutes. Ten minutes which allowed his rage to build as he thought of what Raina could be going through. In all his thousands of years, he’d never felt nearly as much as he did at that moment. The need to decimate everyone and everything that stood between him and his woman flooded him. Power raced through his veins like the hottest place in Hell he’d ever been.

“Ah, shit. Someone has unleashed the power.”

He turned to see who’d spoken, the beings behind him looking smaller than before.

Kellen raised his arms. “We’re on your side, big guy. Let’s go find Raina. Remember, your Chosen?”

He stepped on the remains of a gallo, then over a rock, the scent of Raina all over the area. “This way,” he growled.

At the edge of the cliff he stopped. “You coming or what?”

“Dude, you wanna slow your roll. We ain’t twelve feet tall like you.” Kellen stopped next to him.

Creed pointed down. “We go down.”

Now, I know y’all are wanting to know what you could win. Well, that is easy. Let me see you comment here, and come see me on my FB wall and tell me what did Kellen tell Lucas he need to turn down? Yes, you needed to have read the excerpts above to know what I am talking about. AND if you read it, you can be the lucky winner of one of my plushies and a swag pack. <3

Alright folks, that is all for my world this month. As always be sure and follow me on Facebook and all the other social media places. I have started doing LIVECHAT on the Facebook. I’ll be giving away a F**KTON of stuff, which is a lot more than a SH**TON of stuff LOL during the upcoming months, so be sure and follow me.

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Elle Boon there are times I wonder where you get the idea for your books. And I am so glad you do. This looks awesome. I pre-ordered along time ago. Happy day lady.

Tanja Dancy said...

Hi Elle! Thank you for the excerpts and the contest.

Tanja Dancy said...

I didn't know which of your pages to write on, so I wrote on both, elle.boon and Elle-Boon-Author. Thank for the chance.

Tanja Dancy said...

I didn't know which page to comment on, so I wrote on elle.boon and Elle-Boon-Author. Thank for the chance.

Sheri S said...

So happy for you that the lump was benign. 4.6 years for me on my Uterine cancer.

Deanne Taylor said...

He needs to turn down his stupid meter! I really enjoyed this but now I'm even more impatiently waiting! Love seeing Kellen again Elle!!

Deanne Taylor said...

He needs to turn down his stupid meter! I really enjoyed this but now I'm even more impatiently waiting! Love seeing Kellen again Elle!!

Deanne Taylor said...

Love this Elle!! Can't wait, loving seeing Kellen!

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest releases, Elle! :)

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Kellen told Lucas he needed to turn his STUPID METER down. Can't wait to read this! Love all the return characters in the excerpts!

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Love you elle!!!! <3

Kahla McDonald said...

Love you Elle!!!! Your books are so Awesome!!!!! <3

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LOVE YOU ELLE! Your books are Amazing!