Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coming soon ~ Oracle's Vision

Good morning everyone! I am so happy to share with you Oracle's Vision! It's fall, the season of watching the colors change. Cool crisp mornings. Everything pumpkin spice. lol Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year because it ushers in the holiday season. It's also when you can kick back by a fire, and just read. What's your favorite thing about fall? Leave me a comment, and let me know.

But, before that, here is a sneak peek at Oracle's Vision:
Amanda Culter needs a time out. After spending much of her life on the run with no one believing her, she's committed the ultimate fuck up. She allowed her friends and unit to walk into a trap, killing three and hurting her best friend, Ben Kogan. With the orders to recharge and gain the ability to trust those around her, she heads to Wiccan Haus, hoping they can figure out what happens next. What she didn't expect is meeting a polar bear with a surly disposition, and an Oracle. Nor was she expecting either of them to be her mates. 

A change is coming. 

Niamh Laleh, Oracle and green witch, is happily mated to the man who stole her heart over seventy years ago. But when a vision of a sad, distraught Auburn haired woman fills her dreams night after night, she knows what she has to do.  

Arcades Bennett knows not to question his mate's visions and when she says she must go to a place called Wiccan Haus and seek out the woman in her dreams, he agrees. What he isn't prepared for is finding a second mate.  

Resisting the pull grows impossible as their friendship blossoms, but when push comes to shove, can he seal all three of them or will Amanda slip right through their fingers?

“Anything more on the auburn-headed woman?” Cade asked, as the air around her shifted when he stepped out onto the balcony before taking her into his arms.
“No.” Frustration laced through her tone as she allowed her body to relax against him. Cade towered over her tiny five-foot-five frame by more than a foot. Massive in human form, he became even bigger when he shifted to his polar bear. His imposing figure never scared her, quite the opposite in fact. He always made her feel extremely safe and protected. For a woman with her past, the safety and security he provided made her love him even more.
“Your visions are never wrong.”
He couldn’t be more correct, but because her visions foretold a change in their future it had been blurry, at least the parts having something to do with her. Cade and the auburn-haired woman, well, she had seen those in vivid detail. It was those visions that brought them here to Wiccan Haus for the week.
“No, they are not, but sometimes they also don’t give the full picture. Sometimes they require me to decipher them. I do not wish to decipher them wrong,” Nai answered. In the distance a seagull took flight. The edge of its wings skimmed across the water.
“Well, if it means anything, I trust you and I’ll always trust your visions.” Nai felt the deep growl in his chest as he tightened his arms around her.
“Yet you have questions.” She turned her head to gaze up at her mate. Glacier blue eyes meet her head on, never wavering.
“Of course I have questions, hjarta. You come to me and inform me you have a vision that will impact our life, and how we must come here.”
A wave of guilt rolled through her. When retelling Cade her visions, she’d deliberately left out certain things. He thought they were simply here to help this auburn-haired woman, and in a way, they would. Yet, she hadn’t told him she had seen him and the woman having sex. Nai knew this was impossible, unless the auburn-haired woman had been a potential second mate.
“It seems to me a piece of the puzzle is missing,” he stated. “Is she perhaps a polar bear?”
“No. She is not a shifter. She hides.”
“Do you think it’s our job to bring her out into the light?” he asked.
“No, she must want to do that on her own, although I believe we will guide her.”
“Maybe this isn’t the correct time place and time to find her, hjarta.”
Schooling her features so they remained blank, she neither agreed nor disagreed with him. The piece missing would be the auburn-haired woman. “I have the correct time and place.” Her body stiffened as he questioned her vision. No one had ever questioned them. Rulers had decimated countries, killing thousands of men, women, and children to possess her and her visions.
“Of course, my queen,” he murmured, nuzzling her neck.


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