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Coming October 19, 2016

By Bestselling Author Maggie Walsh


                                                      The Angel Pack- book 11

Sage Butler is a wolf shifter that has a dark past that he has always kept to himself. Not even telling his guardian Evan when Evan took him in and gave him love and a home. He has always struggled with this thing inside him that made bad things happen when he wished for them. Then suddenly, a year ago, a strange tattoo appeared out of nowhere on his wrist.
  Researching it’s meaning, he found that it was the symbol of his ancestors. The most powerful witches in black magic. As Sage learned more about who he had come from he knew he had to keep his secret. According to what he had read, this magic was evil. Sage worried that if this magic claimed him he would become evil and one of the things his new pack hunted. He loved them all and didn’t want to hurt them. So to protect them, Sage ran.
  Slade is a vampire with special abilities, and he’s also the best tracker in the paranormal world. When he is sent on a mission by King Dante to locate Maddy’s twin, Anthony, Slade never expected to find him right there in Sanctuary, living with his twins pack. But what surprised him more was when he found that Anthony was his mate, and now went by the name of Sage. And now Sage was gone.
  Sage had been in hiding for years trying to get away from a man who kept him captive and made him do things he didn’t want to do. Now that he’s back on the run, he worries that Francis will find him and enslave him again. 
  When Slade and Sage’s family discover who Francis really is, they know they have to act fast to find Sage before his twenty-first birthday in a week or risk losing him forever.

Sage stepped into the kitchen to get six trays of food ready, and stopped dead in his tracks when he came face-to-face with his mate. He had heard someone say earlier that the man's name was Slade, and Sage thought the name fit the man. His shoulder length, pin-straight, jet-black hair went beautifully with his cobalt-blue eyes. And the pink lips that stood out against his pale skin, caused Sage’s attention to zero in on them, and Sage wondered what those lips would feel like pressed against his.
Sage’s gaze lowered to a wide, muscled chest straining against his black T-shirt, then dropped lower to tapered hips, and nicely muscled thighs that stretched the material of his black jeans. The black combat boots topped off his ensemble, giving him the whole dangerous, bad boy look, causing a shiver of desire to race through Sage. Sage’s gaze slowly made the path back up and hesitated on the rather impressive bulge. After a quick fantasy about how his mate’s cock would taste, Sage looked up to meet his mate’s gaze.
Slade just stood there stone-still and let Sage peruse his form to his heart’s content. Their gazes locked and Sage could see the desire in Slade's eyes, but there was also amusement. The side of the vampire’s lip twitched and a small smirk appeared. Neither said a word as they just stared at one another for a few minutes.
Why wasn’t his mate saying anything? Maybe he was waiting for me? Would he even want me once he knew everything about me? Would he be disgusted and walk away? Damn, look at the man, was must be a super-model in his off time. What the hell would he want with me? Shit this was hard. Maybe just go with my normal smart-ass and see how he reacts? Show him right from the start who I am and what I’m like, and just get this over with. Sage raised a brow and gave a smirk of his own. “You do know that just because you’re a vampire doesn’t mean you have to wear all black all the time? There is a whole wonderful wheel of colors to choose from,” Sage said with a hint of sarcasm.
Slade just continued to silently stare at him for a moment. “I figured the black clothes make me look more mysterious. We’ll leave the rest of the rainbow to you, sweetheart,” Slade replied with the same amount of teasing that Sage had given.
Sage chuckled. “I don’t know about mysterious, but they do make you look hot as hell and edible.”
Slade finally moved and took a step closer. “So you’re saying you want to eat me?” Slade asked with a raised brow.
Sage licked his lips and gave Slade an appreciative look. “Who wouldn’t?”
“Only one person matters though,” Slade replied.
“Oh yeah?” Sage asked as he walked farther into the room and added a little sway to his hips. “And who would that be?”
“I think you already know the answer to that question, sweetheart. And I would say it’s about damn time, too. You’re a hard man to nail.”
Sage laughed. “Well if I’m lucky you’ll be hard. I’m pretty easy to nail if it’s the right man,” Sage flirted.
“And who would that be?” Slade asked, throwing Sage’s question back at him.
“I think you already know,...sweetheart.”
A nice, soft laugh came from the gorgeous man and his eyes filled with pleasure. It made him even more gorgeous than he already was, and the sound of his laugh had Sage’s cock filling. “So we’re really mates huh?” Slade gave a nod. “So what do we do now? Where do we go from here? Well besides a flat surface.”
“A flat surface sounds perfect to me about now. I’ve been chasing your ass for months,” Slade said and stepped closer, bringing him within inches of Sage.
“Really? And how’s the view from back there?”
“Perfect,” Slade whispered. He reached out a hand and cupped the back of Sage’s neck, pulling him closer as he pressed their lips together. Sage gasped at first contact, but then joined in. He closed the gape between them and pressed his body against his mate’s, placing his hands on the man’s hips.
The kiss was surprisingly slow at first, making Sage lightheaded. He opened his mouth to his mate’s roaming tongue and Slade accepted the invitation, sliding his tongue inside to meet Sage’s. The kiss slowly built in intensity, consuming Sage. Heat rose within him and everything became need, want, and desire. Every fiber of his being screamed out to be taken by this man and to be owned by him. That thought scared the shit out of Sage and he pulled back suddenly, breaking the kiss but not leaving Slade’s embrace.
Slade looked at him with concern. “What is it? What did I do wrong?”
“Nothing,” Sage whispered. “You did nothing wrong. I just...there’s so much...I’m not a good person. You deserve someone better than me,” Sage said in defeat as he dropped his hands away from Slade’s body and took a step back, then turned.

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