Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What makes you stop reading a Series?

So lately, I've been in kinda of funk.  Writing isn't working out, too hot this summer and now I'm getting passed over for sub jobs because I don't have anyone relative working for the district.  Gotta love small towns.  With that, I will not be a Debbie Downer today.  Instead, I want to talk about reading a series and when the author decides to change the direction of the series.

The series that I'm going to talk about is Julie Garwood's contemporary series.  10 years ago, we moved to a small town in East Texas and I was trolling Walmart.  I thought I would start reading again and I found the book Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood.  OMG!!!!  Romantic suspense, great characters and I found my 2nd favorite book boyfriend of all time...Noah Clayborne.  Anywoos, I went to the library after that and read all the books that were before Jordan Buchanan and Noah Clayborne.  Noah first appeared in Heartbreaker with Jordan's brother, Nick and Noah's best friends.  The series deals with the hero's working for the FBI.

I worship this series.  I got invested in the Buchanan's.  This is how the series started:

1.  Heartbreaker - Nick Buchanan
2.  Mercy - Theo Buchana (Justice Department attorney)
3.  Killjoy - Features Noah Clayborne and the heroine works for the FBI
4.  Murder List - Alec Buchanan
5.  Slow Burn - Dylan Buchanan (Boston cop) and his brother's make appearances
6.  Shadow Dance - Noah Clayborne (FBI), Jordan Buchanan (sister of the brothers)

There are still 3 more Buchanans, Mike, Sydney and then a teenager (I forgot his name right now).  I'm patient.  I think the next book would be about Mike since he is a Navy Seal.  Sydney is too young and the younger brother even more so.

But no.  She decided to write about Reagan's friend (she is the heroine is Murder List).  I'm game.  Turns out that Fire & Ice is awesome and features an FBI agent that works with the Buchanan's, Jack McAlister.  Again, great book.  Nice to familiar faces.

BUT then she changes course and decides that she needs to introduce us to another FBI agent that has no connection to anyone.  Grrr...

Then the next two books are about people that have NO connection what so ever to anyone.  I gave up reading the books.  I have the last 3 books on my nightstand from the library.  I highly doubt that I will read them.  Why?

Because like every other diehard Garwood fan, we miss her.  Her writing is off kilter, there are no Buchanan's and the connections to the other books, even if just a thread, are not there.  It is disappointing when an author does that.  She only writes one book a year, if that anymore.

I have the first 6 books in my keeper collection at home.  No one is allowed to touch them but me.  In fact, Heartbreaker is in hardback and signed.  I will tell anyone to read those first 6 books and stop.  Fire and Ice is good too but only if you want to see how one of Reagan's friends gets her HEA.  I did and she didn't disappoint me.

So my question to you is, what series have you given up on because the author decided to take a different turn?  I will admit that the Brotherhood series is lost on me.  Once I read Butch's story I stopped.

Until next month...


Tina Donahue said...

I can't count the series I've given up on. They're like TV series. You get comfortable with characters and then they're gone and new ones introduced and you don't like them as well. Could be those who come in later in the series like the new characters and aren't so keen on the first ones.

Harlie Williams said...

I've dropped television series because of it. I love the Avengers but I gave up on Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. It became too stupid for me.

Fiona McGier said...

I gave up on Anne Rice's books when her wordiness just got to be too much, and the stories weren't grabbing my attention like they used to. In fact, I've sold off the books I had enjoyed, because I'll probably never have the time or desire to reread them.

I gave up on the Laurell Hamilton series'...both of them. The fairy books never had much of a story after the first one. And Anita Black got to be boring, when she HAD to have sex with multiple men, shifters, and an emu or two (J.K. about the emus!) all of the time, and none of the men, mostly alphas, objected to sharing her. Yeah, like that's believable! The last straws was in the book husband bought me as a special treat, in hardcover, and she has Anita explaining rough sex to one of the alphas in such a pedantic, boring way, that I threw the book across the room and I've never picked it up again.

I also got bored with the Sookie Stackhouse books after book 4, when it seemed to be too repetitive. And I loved the "Dead and Unwed" series, until that also, got to be boring and repetitive. I guess some authors just can't give up a cash cow (cough! J.K.Rowling! Cough!) even though they can't think up anything new for that series. I joke that some authors could publish their grocery lists, slap on a title for one of their series', and people would flock to buy it.

Meanwhile, some of us labor in obscurity. Such is life, eh?