Sunday, September 18, 2016

Better Late...

....than never!

I was away with my boys for a family weekend in Northern Ontario. A place called Wasaga Beach - the longest fresh water beach in the world.

Meat Man's aunt has little and very basic cottage that we love to go to. There is no phone, no internet and barely any service for our cells. There's no cable tv and without cell/internet service it's the old fashioned DVD's or VHS movies - yes there is an old machine there :)

We walked down to the beach at night, look at the stars to find the constellations and watch for the International Space Station. There is an app you can get to find out when it will be flying overhead in your location. We played Cards Against Humanity, drank (my kids are in there mid to late twenties) had bonfires roasting weiners and making s'mores, playing the drinking game Kings - have you played that? It's pretty fun. We even went bowling yesterday because it rained. It was like the good old days.

This was the first night. It was so nice, with a nice warm breeze rustling through the trees. My cubs are the two on the left, Chef Son, Techie Son. The other boy is their friend, they've known for over twenty years. He's deaf and the whole group is fluent in sign language. The girl on the right is Techie Son's gf, she's also hearing impaired.
We walked down to the beach in the dark and decided to take a selfie. We couldn't see a thing and when the flash went off, we were all blinded and making funny faces.
Saturday it rained and boys decided to go for a swim. I enlarged the shot and why it's fuzzy

Our glow in the dark bowling shoes when we went to Rock-a-bowl.

After a great weekend I need to buckle down and finish my edits on my next Harlequin Blaze, title - A Cowboy In Paradise. It comes out next March - it's available for preorder everywhere. I don't have a cover yet, but this is a mini blurb.

In her designer dress and high-heeled shoes, Jimi clearly didn’t belong on a dusty Hawaiian ranch. Or with rugged cowboy Dallas Wilde. Dallas may be a delicious temptation, but could a city girl ever trade Laboutins for lassoes?

How does it sound? 

But in less than two months my sexy serial Working Girl will be release in UK, Australia and New Zealand - it's also available for preorder.

Working Girl:  A sexy new serial, perfect for fans of Audrey Carlan's Calendar Girl.
A sexy seven-day job interview. Seven irresistible interviewers. Who will she choose at the end of the week?

Tess has been determined to get revenge for her father, ever since he was falsely accused of misusing company funds and unceremoniously let go from Diamond Enterprises. Applying to be Executive Assistant to the elusive, elderly head of the company, Mr King, seems the ideal way to get inside the firm and clear his name.
But the job interview is not what she expects. Arriving at the company HQ, she is escorted to a helicopter, blindfolded and flown to a secret location. She meets a man whose voice is disguised, but introduces himself as Mr King and says the job advertisement was a ruse to find the new CEO of Diamond Enterprises. The catch, the interviewer says, is that the job will only be hers if she passes a seven-day interview.
Tess will have seven mysterious men who will assist her - one for each task each day. She will have to use all of her skills if she's to succeed and to resist the powerful magnetism of the irresistible men sent to help - or distract - her. Or will Tess find herself losing her heart when she meets her man of the week?

Mr Monday, Mr Tuesday, Mr Wednesday, Mr Thursday, Mr Friday, Mr Saturday, Mr Sunday. Meet all seven in Working Girl - who will be your man of the week?
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  Wow! See, I told you better late than never. It was worth it right? So until next month! Happy reading.

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