Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Two gorgeous men!

Did you ever see two  more gorgeous men? Beautiful hunks, both of them! These are my two latest covers and I simply love them! Oh, to be able to ruffle their hair!! 

Here's a short excerpt from Quest for Magic. Jonothon has been on the fast track in London, in fact he's earned the nickname 'London Lothario'. Hayley is an actress dedicated to her art, and has no intention of even meeting Jonathan, even when he moves to the flat adjoining hers. To Jono's surprise, his life focuses on the girl who won't even speak to him. Here he's crossing into her backyard to return her cat.

“Sheba calls on me frequently. I’m your neighbor. You surely don’t expect those paltry bushes to stop a cat?”
He flashed his winning smile. One guaranteed to charm females, young or old.
Hayley’s face froze. “Evidently it doesn’t stop uninvited visitors, either. I thank you for returning her. Now, if you’ll hand her to me, you may leave.”
Her tone was as cold as her expression. Jono didn’t know whether to be insulted or intrigued, and finally his curiosity won.
“I’m not a bad neighbor, you know. I definitely won’t borrow cups of sugar and never return them. And I’m fairly quiet. No, I’m not bad at all.”
He let loose his most sexy smile. The smile that usually melted females and turned them into a warm blob of pudding. He’d know how to get her in bed once he broke the ice.
If anything, she looked even more hostile.
Maybe he’d better stop thinking of her as Hayley. Definitely he should postpone the bedding a little. Miss Harcourt’s features grew even more disdainful.
“I don’t agree with you at all, Captain Townsend. You’re the worst possible neighbor for me. I’m no fan of the man the papers call ’The London Lothario‘. She grabbed Sheba, her fingers brushing the top of his hand ever so slightly, and clutched her cat tight as she marched toward her back door. Jono stood staring after her, his hand still tingling from her touch. She knew his name, he’d been his most charming self, and she’d definitely rejected his overtures. She didn’t want him even as a friend.
She turned at the door and glared at him. “We have nothing in common, Captain Townsend. Nothing.”
And then, with a flip of her skirt, she hurried into her flat. Jono stood staring after her, rubbing the top of his hand as the persistent tingling warmed his skin, slowly snaking up his arm. The woman must be insane to refuse to even acknowledge his charm. Shaking his head, he went back to confront Barry. At least he could make it into an amusing anecdote. Now maybe his unruly rod would stop stiffening at the thought of her beauty.
A part of him, a plunging in his stomach he’d never experienced, didn’t like this one bit. Rejection didn’t sit well at all. Perhaps he wouldn’t tell Barry after all. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he wasn’t ready to talk about it.
And her face. My God, her face. Close up, it struck him as simply striking, with its high cheekbones and huge dark eyes, their brown so deep as to seem black. And her poignant face could not be easily be forgotten by anyone claiming to be male.
But he was certainly capable of completely dismissing the ridiculous woman. She was more unapproachable than any woman he’d known. Not worth wasting time on, he thought, as the warmth began to fade from his hand.
What the hell was the matter with her?
How  the hell could he put her out of his mind?"

As you can see, Jonothan has a problem.  Solving it involves changes he hasn't imagined, and dangers to them both he had never foreseen.  It's an action packed and amusing story, and I hope you'll give it a chance.

Available at MuseItUp, Kobo, Barnes and Noble,  Amazon, and all the usual places. Or links as on my newly re-designed website, www.jeanhartstewart.com


Harlie Williams said...

Those covers are yummy!



Tina Donahue said...

Awesome covers - congrats, Jean! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, ladies... Muse is a great publishing house to be with.