Monday, August 15, 2016

Turning The Page - A Sneak Peek

Turning the Page releases on Friday, August 19 and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek.  I get many notes asking for stories of older characters, so with this one I tried to fulfill those requests.  This is very much a second chance at love story.  I hope you like it

Malcolm Webber is still grieving the loss of his partner of twenty years to cancer. He’s buried his mind and feelings in his legal work and isn’t looking for another relationship. He isn’t expecting to feel such a strong attraction when he meets Hans Erickson—especially since the man is quite a bit younger than him.
Hans is an adventure writer with an exciting lifestyle to match. When he needs a tax attorney to straighten out an error with the IRS, he ends up on the other side of the handsome Malcolm’s desk. The heat between them is undeniable, but business has to come first. When it’s concluded, Hans leaps on the chance to make his move.
Malcolm isn’t sure he’s ready for the next chapter in his life. Hans is so young and active that Malcolm worries he won’t be able to hold his interest for long. Just when he’s convinced himself to take the risk and turn the page, problems at the law office threaten to end their love story before it can really begin.
Purchase an advance copy:  https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/turning-the-page-by-andrew-grey-7367-b
“You know I’m not going to let this go, Mal. He was really nice, handsome if you like that sort of thing.”
Which Malcolm certainly did. Hans was the entire physical package for him if Malcolm was honest.
“And to top it off, he was definitely interested.”
“Will you leave me alone?” He tried to sound angry, but Peter knew him too well.
“I don’t want you to be alone for the rest of your life, and if things were left up to you, that’s what would happen. You’d go to work and stay in your house, mourning David. Now you may be a queen sometimes, but acting like Queen Victoria is not going to happen.”
“Where did you learn about that?” Malcolm was surprised David knew who Queen Victoria was. He’d never figured Peter for a history buff. Then it hit him. “Let me guess. Susan made you watch a movie about her.”
Peter mumbled something, and Malcolm turned to stare at him.
“I pissed her off, and she said she’d cut me off for a week if I didn’t. God, that thing was long and boring, and you are forbidden from ever becoming like that. So….” Peter leaned forward. “Are you going to call him?”
“You’re like a broken record.”
“Dude. I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll stop harping on it if you agree to call him and ask him out.”
“Is this high school?” It sure as hell was starting to feel like it. “I’m fifty-two years old, not fifteen.”
“I don’t care how old you are.”
Malcolm swallowed. “I saw his birthdate when I was reviewing his updated tax forms.”
“So you looked?” Peter asked with a self-satisfied glee.
“That’s ten years.”
“At your age it doesn’t matter. You’re a guy and you still like guys, I hope, because there are few things you can count on in this world, and my big brother being gay is one of them.”
When Malcolm rolled his eyes and nodded, Peter continued.
“Okay, then. You like guys, he likes guys, and he flirted with you. Also, and here’s a big qualification, he’s not dead, and neither are you. So….”
Peter crossed his arms over his chest, cocked his eyebrow, and waited. Malcolm did the same and stared right back at him. They used to do this for hours until one of them flinched.
“I’m a lawyer. I can do this all day.”
“Call… him,” Peter snapped.
“Fine,” Malcolm said, and Peter started the damned movie already.


jean hart stewart said...

Had a hard time getting the comments button to respond..and wanted to be sure to tell you this new story sounds intriguing....lots of success with this one!

Tina Donahue said...

Sounds wonderful, Andrew. Love the cover.