Monday, August 8, 2016

Making a Change

Normally on this blog I talk about writing, or writing related items (such as time management or stress relief) but lately something has been bothering me that I've been seeing a lot, so I decided to voice my issues here.

Now I will state for the record I am no expert at this. Its something I'm working on too. This blog is not meant to critique or criticize anyone but merely ask a few questions.

Lately, I have a friend who is having some financial issues. She has two teenager, which anyone whose had one of those--or maybe even just been one--knows how they bleed money. Between sports, school events and braces, they are just draining her bank account. Her husband is looking for another job that would pay better but when I asked her why she isn't doing the same, she said she just couldn't right now. She owed our department too much. She constantly complains that her rent is ridiculous (which it definitely is, its almost four times my mortgage, though it is for a bigger place that's still crazy) but when I brought up moving, she said it would be too expensive and the kids really like the house.

I'm not writing this to criticize her. I understand it can be hard to make changes. And I have definitely had my fears about changing my circumstances but sometimes jumping into that fray is exactly what you need to do. No matter what you do, not changing your circumstances, will give you the same result you've gotten before. If that's okay with you, or what you want than by all means, but if you want something more. If you want to change your circumstances in some other way (make more money, fall in love, accelerate your career), you need to move. Period. End of story. There's no other way its going to happen.

To pull this back to writing, I've been thinking the same thing about my writing career. I've been going at my writing career the same way for the last five years. In the beginning it worked great for me and I was very happy with the results, but lately it hasn't been working as well. The industry has changed and I need to change with it. Right now I'm a little unclear about what that change will be, I still need to figure out what is going to work with me, my time constraints and limitations, and what will bring me the most enjoyment. But I definitely think a change is on the horizon, sooner or later.

Is there anything in your life that your afraid to change? Afraid to leave the safety of that job for your dream? Afraid to move out of your neighborhood for fear of being in a new place? Embrace that fear, think of all the good things that could happen or are happening, due to that change. In the long run, I think we'll all be better off if we just jump into the void, take a chance and make a change.


Tina Donahue said...

It's my guess few people like change. It's simply easier to get into a routine. However, if you don't change/adapt, you die. It's painful, but necessary.

Kayelle Allen said...

I'm experiencing a similar crisis. I'm making big changes, one of which is taking more time off. I need a breather and I need to connect in a stronger way with the people who are important to me. Pulling back seems counterproductive, but sometimes, you need to turn off the power and reboot. :) I hope to come back better than ever.