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The highly Anticipated continuation of the Angel Pack/Beyond the Angel Pack Saga.
                     “LUCIFER RISING”
             By Bestselling author Maggie Walsh

                           Coming July 13th to Bookstrand.

Lucifer, Lord of Hell, has found his mates. An angel Nephilim named Demetrius and Mitchell, a lycan shifter. But Demetrius is part angel, and because of a curse that was put upon the Underworld and Hell stopping any angel from entering, Demi cannot be with his mates. Demi returns to the Gods, but never returns. When Phenex and Zane go missing as well it is up to Jesse to face the Gods to find them and bring them home.
But will the Gods let Jesse leave once they have him there? Or will Lucifer and the pack have to go after him and fight the Gods to save them all? The truth of Demi’s lineage is revealed and puts the angel Nephilim in even more danger than ever before, danger that forces Lucifer and the pack to go into Hell and face their deadliest foe yet. Will they be able to save Demi from the evil that holds him? Or will Lucifer and Mitchell lose their mate forever?

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 Demi thought his head would explode from the attention his mates were giving him. His beautiful Mitchell was sucking his cock like a pro as his big strong mate, Lucifer was slowly licking a path up his stomach and chest as Lucifer removed his shirt. Demi lifted off the bed slightly, giving Lucifer just enough room to get rid of the garment. Then he relaxed back against the bed. Lucifer licked and nipped his way further up Demi’s body until he was sucking a spot on Demi’s throat.[HM1]
Mitchell took all of his cock into his mouth and swallowed. The sensation made Demi’s brain go dizzy as his body heated up. Mitchell pulled back off his cock, releasing his rigid shaft, then licked and sucked down the underside. Wetness came to Demi’s lips and he opened his eyes. Lucifer was kneeling beside his head, a hand wrapped around the base of his huge cock as he danced the tip across Demi’s lips, leaving a line of his juice behind. Demi met Lucifer’s heated gaze and licked his lips, tasting his mate’s essence for the first time.
Demi licked across the tip of the offered cock and Lucifer’s taste exploded across his tongue. He opened his mouth wide as he gave Lucifer a look, telling him with his actions, that he accepted what Lucifer was offering him. A soft smile crossed Lucifer’s lips and he thrust forward, sliding the tip into Demi’s mouth. He wrapped his lips tightly around the leaking head and began to suck. The heat in Lucifer’s eyes darkened as a deep groan came from his lips. Seeing that he was causing that effect on his big mate made Demi want to give him more. He wanted to be the one to bring this strong, powerful man to his knees. A sense of urgency engulfed Demi and suddenly he felt feral, like he wanted to attack his mates, pinning them down and claiming them as fast and as hard as possible.
He had no idea where these feelings were coming from and it scared him a little, but mostly it made him feel powerful. Real power like he had never felt before. He sucked Lucifer into the back of his throat and laved his tongue against the underside, pressing against the thick vein. Lucifer’s fingers thrust through his hair and grabbed his head, the motion making him feel claimed. Lucifer slowly pulled back slightly, then slid in until the tip hit the back of Demi’s throat. At the same time Mitchell engulfed his sac in his mouth and began to roll his hardened balls around with his tongue.
“I need to be connected to both of you, now,” Lucifer growled out between clenched teeth.
Demi reached up and grabbed the base of Lucifer’s cock and pulled his head back, sliding off Lucifer’s cock. “Mitchell, fuck me as Luc fucks you,” Demi ordered.
Both his mates looked at him with surprise, but then a smile filled their eyes. Mitchell released his sac and sat up, then stood at the foot of the bed. He quickly removed his clothes and Demi got his first real look at Mitchell’s gorgeous body. He had seen him nude before when he had shifted back from his lycan, but both times Mitchell was feeling vulnerable and shy. This time was different. There was no shyness about him as he stood there and let his mates explore his gorgeous form with their eyes.
Asteme unde frotem golatom,” Demi said and he and Mitchell moaned in unison and threw their heads back. Mitchell’s knees buckled and he grabbed on to the edge of the bed to stop himself from falling to the floor.
“What was that?” Lucifer asked in concern.                                     
Demi gave him a mischievous smirk. “I opened both of us so that we are now ready to accept those beautiful cocks inside us.”
“You opened…” Lucifer started in confusion, but stopped when Demi’s meaning hit him. A devious smile crossed his lips as his eyes filled with mirth. “So my angel mate is sneaky is he? Tsk tsk tsk. You took away some of our fun, little one. Being able to play with both your asses to accept my shaft is part of the fun. But I can’t say that it is a bad thing right now. The burning need to claim you both is clawing inside me. And now a trick of my own,” Lucifer said and his pants disappeared, leaving him gloriously naked.
Demi and Mitchell looked at him with lust in their eyes. Demi’s eyes widened when they fell on Lucifer’s cock. Yes he had seen it up close and personal and had that huge piece of meat in his mouth, but seeing it standing at attention against Lucifer’s stomach was a totally different experience. Lucifer’s large shaft was magnificent, just like the rest of his muscled body. The man looked like he worked out every minute of every day. Tanned skin covered those ridges and valleys making them stand out. Demi licked his lips as he thought about running his tongue over every inch of Lucifer’s body.
Suddenly Mitchell was lifted off the floor and his body floated in the air and moved to hover above Demi. Mitchell was lowered until his body pressed down against Demi’s and they both sighed. They turned their heads and looked at Lucifer and found him standing next to the bed with a satisfied smirk on his face. “Yeah, that’s right, I got skills too.”
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