Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hope you like this one!!!!

 Here's the opening pages of My Elusive Earl. It's a long historical with all the goodies; a wounded hero, a beautiful heroine who desperately needs help, and their tortured journey to happiness. No cover yet, as it barely been accepted. Hopefully it will be coming soon from MuseItUp, my publisher. Incidentally, the staff and editors at Muse are a joy to work with.  The book's opening follows....

 Elizabeth snorted. A most unladylike snort, but one

she’d dearly love to make even louder. Fuming, she wished

she knew enough gutter words to express her disgust with

this brute of a man. A beefy man now pushing his horse

against her own and forcing her into a bramble bush beside

the path.

     Tossing her head in disgust, she found her thick braid

tangled in the thorns of the bush. Trying to pull the tawny

strands loose, she almost screamed with frustration when

she found her long hair securely caught. That’s what she

got for riding around being comfortable instead of

respectably putting up her hair.

     “Leave me, Squire.” Her haughty tones showed no sign

of the panic she felt. “I’ll never in this world marry you.

Nor will I ever sell you Kimberly. Go. I no longer wish to

speak to you.”

     The Squire sneered, his delight evident at finding his

quarry pinned helplessly. He paid no attention to her

demand to back away. Instead, he pressed his horse forward

ruthlessly, backing her even further into the brambles.

     She gasped, but then stopped trying to free her hair

when a deep masculine voice unexpectedly spoke in a voice

of authority.

     “You will remove yourself, sirrah, or I will do it for

you. Back your horse from the lady’s. Immediately!

     The Squire seemed not to hear the new voice and tried

to press forward, obviously delighted to have his quarry


     Elizabeth looked up to see an impressive gentleman on an equally imposing black stallion. The man appeared to be quite tall, even seated with military erectness in his saddle. He was sparely but powerfully built, and his lean face with its prominent cheekbones and deep-set eyes personified authority and confidence. Dark hair curled slightly over his collar. Although a trifle thin, the thighs gripping the horse were corded with sinewy muscle.
He wheeled and rode directly up to the Squire, using the power of his magnificent stallion to force the other man’s horse away from the girl’s. She breathed a small sigh, and finished loosening her hair from the brambles. The bully exploded, brandishing his whip.
“Here, who the bloody hell do you think you are? Get your brute away from me.”
“I’m Travis Rivington,” the new arrival said coldly. He scorned to take notice of the whip, and fixed the man with a steely stare.
“Means nothing to me, you clodpole,” blustered the Squire. “Get out of here and leave us alone. You have no right intruding in a friendly conversation between neighbors.”
The newcomer turned to the girl.
    “Was it a friendly conversation, Miss Drayton?                                                       
Elizabeth’s eyes widened. How did he know her name? Surely she couldn’t have forgotten meeting such an impressive male!
“It was in no way a friendly conversation, sir. How could it be when Squire Bellamy is telling me if I do not marry him willingly he will force me to do so? Do you call that even amiable?”
Travis watched as her magnificent eyes, framed with sooty black lashes, flashed with fire.
The Squire turned almost purple. “Elizabeth, how dare you repeat our private conversation in front of a stranger? This is no concern of his!”
Travis Rivington spoke in a tone that would have caused his acquaintances in London to run for shelter.
“Anything that concerns Miss Drayton concerns me.  I am the Earl of Cade.”
“Good lord,” gasped Elizabeth.
      Cade turned to her and his face softened momentarily into 

smile. “I try to be, I really do, but it’s sometimes difficult.”
    His heart gave an odd little lurch as she looked at him in

consternation, her magnificent eyes startled, with a different kind 

of anger now showing in their depths.
Looking at her made Cade feel slightly out of balance. He had not expected her to be so lovely. He drew a very deep breath. His exhaustion must account for the intensity if his unwanted reaction.
He knew well he could have no lasting interest in any woman."
                                                       * * * * *
Hope this intrigues you. It was fun doing the research for this book, as I always love learning more about the Regency period. I'm thrilled Guilty Secrets is scheduled to come out in print. You can find all my thirty some books at my website, www.jeanhartstewart.com. Or write me anytime at jswriter@earthlink.net
I'd love to talk to you via this wondrous internet. 


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