Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When it comes to love, these working men aren't afraid to get...dirty. #erotic #contemporary #kindleunlimited

Summer's here, and Sander's Valley is getting HOT!

I've got the details on your next vacation read! Check out the first two books in the Blue-collar Billionaire series, Sander's Valley. Both are F-R-E-E to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Love in Repair
Sander's Valley, book 2

Even love needs regular maintenance.

Wyn Sander enjoys the simple things in life--a variety of women, good friends, and working on cars. He's not cut out for commitment. But with his older brother's wedding on the radar, Wyn is rethinking his stance on exclusiveness. And he has the brown-eyed, exotic woman who barges into his garage to thank for it.

The sexy Russian socialite manages the impossible--capturing Wyn's interest for more than a night. She's everything a guy could want, but she's made her stance clear. She's in Sander's Valley for one purpose--to plan her half-sister's wedding. In a month, she'll be gone.

Challenge accepted. But navigating the murky waters of love and relationships isn't Wyn's biggest obstacle. Iona's possessive ex wants her back. Suddenly loving a rich girl might bring deadly consequences. For both of them.

**AVAILABLE in Kindle Unlimited**

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Rewind & Go
Sander's Valley, book 1

Sometimes moving on means taking a step back.

Kyle Sander is an expert at starting over. At eighteen, he had his whole life planned out--marry his long-time girlfriend, take over his parents' farm, have kids, and live out his days in Sander's Valley. But his perfect life came screeching to a halt the day Ronnie Axel skipped town without a good-bye.

A decade later, the little rich girl he'd loved is back, looking sexier than ever. Finally, he has the chance to work her out of his system. Too bad he's never been able to separate sex and love when it comes to Ronnie.

This time, their connection is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the years apart didn't fix their issues. Ronnie's obligation to the Axel fortune threatens to tear them apart a second time. But it's the family scandal involving her that might make their separation not only permanent, but...deadly.

**AVAILABLE in Kindle Unlimited**

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Fiona McGier said...

I get so tired of billionaires! I'm really glad to see working men as heroes. I don't measure (ahem) a man's worth by his bank account, so it irritates me that so many romance novels assume that women are all shallow.

Besides, there's something very sexy about a man who knows how to use his hands...

Tina Donahue said...

These books sounds wonderful, Nancy. Congrats! :)