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Editors... The Unsung Heroes with @AuthorNicMorgan

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Editors... The Unsung Heroes of Publishing 

As an author, I feel safe to speak for the overall author community in saying that we all put our hearts and souls into our books. Whether we are writing a short story, a novella or a full length novel, we take time and care in what we write. However, even with all of the love and attention we put into our words we simply aren’t perfect and we will more often than not make mistakes. 

This is where our editors come in. Can they frustrate us at times? Well of course, we’re human and sometimes those editor notes are their opinion on what they think may work better. I’m sure we’ve all felt, at least once, that twinge of annoyance when we read a comment or suggestion in the track changes column. The fact of the matter is their thoughts are always with the best of intentions to make our books become the best they can possibly be. 

The very first time I had a professional editor read one of my books I almost cried when I saw the myriad of track changes in the right column of the screen. Page after page there were comments and suggestions. My biggest problem appeared to be switching between the characters points of view. It was a nightmare trying to correct all the mistakes I made in that first book. It took me forever (or at least it seemed that way) to complete that first round. When I finally turned hose edits in, I prayed that they would be good and correct my obvious transgressions in the fine art of storytelling. 

Looking back on this experience I have to say, my editor had the patience of a saint to sit down and make as many notations as she did so that I would learn the proper way to tell a story so it doesn’t leave the reader’s head spinning.  Thankfully the patience of that editor has taught me so much. I now am confident that my new works I submit don’t have the point of view shifting problem. I proudly have earned my degree in POV 101 so now future editors no longer have to pull their hair out in frustration. 

With all that being said, I know not all editor suggestions are right. One thing I am confident of is that they are all well intentioned. In fact, very rarely do I not take the advice my editors. So, while I have been fortunate to work with some fantastic publishers, cover artists as well as authors, I would be remiss if I didn’t give kudos to my editors. They are the ones who help buff the scuff marks out of my books and make them shine. 

~ Nic

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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Nic, and I agree. My editors have taught me so much. Couldn't do without them.

Fiona McGier said...

See I'm not so convinced that giving different point of view is confusing. I do it occasionally, and find having to give a chapter to each character to be intrusive to the flow of the story.

But you're right about the fact that no matter how hard we work to send in a perfect manuscript, it can always be improved upon. I learned that with my very first book, that I had read and reread hundreds of times, my editors went over twice, and after it was printed my daughter pointed out that she found 3 typos in English, and 2 in my espaƱol. Sigh.

An editor friend of mine years ago told me that I'm a very good writer in need of a very good editor. True words!