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                “Burning Desire”
                                Eternal Flame Series, book 1
A Collaborative series by M/M Authors Maggie Walsh and Cree Storm.
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Centuries ago the Phoenix and Dragons were a force no one could penetrate. They fought together, mated together, and worked side by side, and then all that changed. The children of the leaders were dead and war had practically destroyed them all. The fighting stopped and they both went their separate ways.
Daytona was the Captain of the Crystal fire department. He loved his small town and he loved his job. However, what none of the small town knew was that he was also a dragon. Crystal was a small location just outside Denver, and it was also the home to the Phoenix. He had lived amongst them for years, hiding his scent, until the day came that he could no longer keep his secret.
When a fire claims his mother's life, Ethan rushes home. Having your mother being a victim of an arson is not something he was prepared to face, but discovering he wouldn't have to do it alone, should have been a relief. The thing is...that relief came in the form of a dragon, and the town believes that his mate is the cause of all the fires around town.
When the arsonist strikes close to home, Day knows he must clear his name and find the culprit that is now trying to kill his mate.

Ethan drew a big breath in through his nose, taking in Day’s scent deep. His head felt dizzy and he closed his eyes from the sensation. Slowly he released the breath and turned his head toward Day. He needed to get a deeper breath. Ethan pressed his face into Day’s throat and inhaled deeply. “Gods you smell so good,” he said breathlessly.
“So do you, mate. Tropical and pure. I could drown in your scent and die a happy man.” Day growled as his hand began to roam over Ethan’s body, causing Ethan to heat up more and a shiver to race through him.
Without thinking Ethan began to nibble on Day’s throat. He licked a path from his Adam’s apple to his ear, and hummed from the delicious taste of his mate. His skin was salty, but tart, and Ethan wanted more. He turned his body toward Day and attacked his throat, nibbling, kissing, and licking his way from one ear to the other as he pressed his body against Day.
“Fuck,” Day groaned. “You’re killing me, baby. Gods I want you so bad.” Day ran his hands down Ethan’s back and grabbed onto his tight globes. Ethan shifted and straddled Day’s lap, pressing his hard cock against Day’s rippling abs. He began to thrust his hips and the friction against the underside of his cock was almost perfect. He just needed to set his cock free from its constraint and feel Day’s skin against him. The zipper of his jeans was biting into his sensitive flesh and Ethan was afraid he was going to do permanent damaged.
He slid his hands between their bodies and flipped the button of his jeans, then pulled the zipper down. Instantly his hard shaft broke free and Ethan sighed from the release. He slid Day’s shirt up his abs to his chest and pressed his cock against Day’s hot skin, then hissed at the contact.
“Oh fuck, baby. Commando? That is so sexy,” Day growled and attacked Ethan’s throat. Ethan threw his head back to give Day more room as he slid his arms around Day’s neck and held on. Day’s hands kneaded his ass and ran up his back possessively. Ethan moaned from all the sensations. He didn’t care that he was still a virgin, he needed Day inside him right the fuck now in the worst way. Day’s hard cock was pressing against the crease of his ass and the damn thing felt like it was a log.
Day grabbed onto his ass and skillfully lifted Ethan up with one hand as his other hand slid between them. Ethan could feel Day’s fingers fumbling with his pants, then he heard the slide of a zipper. Suddenly Day placed him back down into his lap and Ethan’s cock pressed against Day’s long, hot, hard shaft. He could feel the moisture from the tip as it dripped on his stomach.
Daytona pulled back from Ethan’s throat and captured his lips in a hot, passionate kiss that sent Ethan’s head swirling. His phoenix lit up inside him and spread its wings, he wanted their mate just as badly as Ethan did. Day’s hand slid down the back of his pants and Ethan felt a thick finger slide down his crease and press against his puckered star. He thrust his hips faster, needing more, needing to come.
Day pulled back slightly from the kiss and growled against his lips, “I need lube. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Ethan couldn’t agree more. Lube was a good thing right now, but where the hell was he going to get lube right now? Angelo! That fucking beautiful bastard, Ethan thought and reached into the front pocket of his jeans, pulling out the small packet that Angelo had forced him to take. Ethan handed the packet to Day and pressed his lips back against his mates, thrusting his tongue deep into Day’s throat.
His mate’s hand slid from his pants and Ethan heard the rip of the wrapper. A few moments later Day’s thick finger was back against his hole and it was nice and slick. Then a large hand wrapped around both of their cocks and Ethan thought he was going to go crazy from the need building inside him.
As Daytona began to stroke their cocks together, he slid the tip of his finger inside Ethan’s hole. Ethan tensed for a moment before he relaxed and let the euphoric feeling take over. Ethan pressed his ass down against the finger impaling him and the thick appendage slid fully inside him. “Oh fuck, Day! Oh shit that feels so damn good. Don’t stop!” Ethan cried out right before his mate captured his lips again and picked up the pace of his pull on their cocks.
Ethan was lost. His orgasm was racing toward him and he was helpless to stop it. His balls pulled up painfully against his body a minute before his cum shot from the tip of his cock and covered Day’s abs. Ethan pulled back from the kiss and threw his head back as he cried out Day’s name and held him tight, digging his nails into Day’s flesh. A splash of cum coated his stomach as Daytona pressed his finger fully inside him and groaned out Ethan’s name.
They both panted for breath as they relaxed against each other and pressed their foreheads together. “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had,” Day said as he panted.
“Me too,” Ethan said.
“Me three,” a snickered voice came from behind Ethan.
Ethan jumped and turned his head to face the voice as Day released a deadly growl and held Ethan tighter. “Frankie, you fucktard!” Ethan yelled.
“What? I let you finish didn’t I? It wasn’t like I interrupted you right before the big blow and ruined the buildup. Jeez. I could have stopped you before Day lubed up.”
“You have been standing there since…You fucking asshole! Get the hell out of here.”
Frankie held out his hands. “Hey, I’m just doing my job. I thought I heard wild animals attacking each other and I came to investigate. And I was right.” Frankie began to laugh and slapped his leg.
“Don’t be an asshole, Frankie.” Another voice came out of the trees. Marco, Frankie’s partner on the police force stepped out and slapped Frankie upside the head.
“Hey, what the fuck man?”
Marco looked at Ethan and Day and smiled. “Having fun?”

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This sounds delish - what a great collaboration! May you burn up the net with your sales. :)

Maggie Walsh said...

Thank you Tina.

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Hot excerpt,,,you've got a winner here...