Thursday, June 2, 2016

Booktrope - Under the Gun Series Orphaned Again

Warning: A somewhat ranty post!

When you’re an author you go through a lot of challenges. The anxieties over sales, the worry if you’ve done enough to satisfy your characters and readers, as well as your constant decisions over going with publishers or alone. Because of the success of Amazon and All Romance, the opportunity to release books has become very easy. The writers before us depended on the big time publishers, but now we have the luxury to make it through self-publishing.

That’s great, but what if you’re lacking the time or resources to publish? Truthfully, it’s better to have some assistance from a publisher to upload books, to promote your work, and provide services, which for some authors are too huge of an expense to take on. Even better than a traditional house, a hybrid that allowed the author their freedom, while giving them some support.  So when I heard about Booktrope, I thought it was a great idea. I thought it was interesting to be part of a team that works along with the author to further their careers and publish the books. I also met a few awesome people while working with Booktrope, but when I look back at it, I feel I could’ve done just as well self-pubbing the books on my own.

Now, I have two books that are orphans. AGAIN. These are the same books I trusted to another publisher that closed down and took any semblance of royalties I had with it. The same has happened this time. Any royalties made from UTG 1&2 I haven’t seen because of the promotion expenses and now that Booktrope has shut its doors, I’m left paying my creative teams for the editing, proofreading, and the cover. I hope to recoup some of this money when I re-release the books, but I seriously doubt it. Thankfully, the people on my team have been wonderful. They understand my plight and have decided to discount the amounts I’ll need to pay for the books. However, it’s left me with a big distaste in my mouth. All I wanted was to get these books out to a bigger audience and instead this decision has left me with a huge headache.

Believe me, I don’t want this post to come off as a complaining. I had a wonderful experience and met great people who I will work with again. I wish the people who developed Booktrope nothing but the best. 

I'll just chalk it up as another lesson learned when it comes to publishing. It kind of goes hand in hand with the old adage, if you want something done right, do it yourself. 


Tina Donahue said...

Sorry to hear that, hun. The book publishing industry really sucks sometimes.

jean hart stewart said...

What a shame...good of you to tell your story. It might help someone else.

Fiona McGier said...

I've had 2 publishers sold to someone else. One, I decided to get my rights back, and submitted those books to my current publisher. Great, all 4 were accepted! Then that house was sold, and I've been waiting for almost a year for the re-release of the first of the 4 books. Plus the website was re-designed, and my books are no longer listed on it, for various reasons. The new owner sends out almost daily updates, asking for patience. I'm not sure how long we're expected to sit in silence and wait. Sigh.

But like you, I'm not sure self-publishing is for me. I work 2 jobs during the school year, and have NO time to spend doing anything else. I don't even get time to write for months. Now that it's summer, I'm "only" working 1 job, but I have vacation plans, family time, and friends to visit, whom I never get to see otherwise. So I really need a publisher to take on part of the work, and I'm okay with only getting a percentage of sales, in exchange for that. But to have sales, I have to be on websites!

The publishing world is still in upheaval. I know of at least 2 major e-pub houses that closed in the past year. Luckily I wasn't with either of them. But that's a whole lot of authors now looking for a new home. And still there are so many choices for readers, that some only read free books. I guess we all hang on with our fingernails and hope for the best, right?