Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Writing Companions! ...and WINNER

It seems many of us have writing companions. From kitties, to pups, to birdies. I have Django, you might have seen him on Facebook and Instagram :D He was a stray that showed up at Meat Man's house almost two years ago now. We tried to find his home, but he wanted to stay. He has become my cat.

I split my time between MM's house and mine. He's doing a fair bit of traveling into NC so I've brought Django back to my house. I'm not letting him outside like he's used to because we're a bit too wild here. So he's adjusting to the indoor life.

This is Emma, our wonderful Golden. She is so patient.

Django got a little dolled up while I was cleaning. Is he a diva or burlesque kitty?
 And when he decides it's nap time. Usually when I'm writing.

I have put a pet in Passion Cowboy Style, my cowboy book. The pups is a Chocolate Lab like I had. Mollie left us about five years ago now and it was heart wrenching.

Tell me about your pets? Do you like to read stories with pets? A pet loving hero can warm anyone's heart.

And now last months winners!
Debby, Tina, Fiona and Sandra. I need your email address and I'll send you a copy of After The Hurt!


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Debby said...


Tina Donahue said...

Aw, I'm a cat person - love Django :)

Shana Gray said...

He's a sweetie. Remember though, I need your emails for the book

jean hart stewart said...

Love your pets! They're darling..

Fiona McGier said...

I've loved 4 dogs in my life, one of whom was mine from the time she was a 5-week old puppy, to when I had to put her down from a combination of old age diseases. Tasha was a keeshound blend, since her mother's owners said something jumped the fence, but they had no idea what kind of dog it was. She was about 35 pound, and smart as a whip! Tons of personality. I still miss her, almost 30 years later.

My daughter has been working on my husband for a couple of years now, trying to get him to adopt another dog. Many of his siblings have one, and she wants to get one as soon as she has a job and her own place. He's about convinced. She keeps stressing that with all of our kids moving out, he needs someone to hug and love, when I'm busy working or writing. Plus we'd all benefit from the regular exercise of walking a dog.

fiona (dot) mcgier (at) gmail (dot) com

Debby said...

Where do I send my email?
debby236 at gmail dot com

Shana Gray said...

Books have been sent! Thank you.

Jean you were late to this comment...if you'd like a copy of After The Hurt, please email me shanagrayauthor (at) gmail (dot) com