Monday, May 9, 2016

      Stories From a Crossroads Demon 3

                  By Best Selling Author

              Maggie Walsh
                      Coming May 12th,2016 to bookstrand

All the books in this series can be read in order as a stand alone.

Book Blurb: Riley works in a BDSM club in hopes of finding his perfect Master but he starts to notice that the Doms want nothing to do with him. And some of them, including his dream man, Master Blade, start to abuse and degrade him.
Riley is confused by the loathing they show him and turns to the Crossroads Demon for help. He asks for his perfect Master. When even his bargain with the demon doesn’t seem to be working, Riley gets desperate and accepts an offer from his boss, Stuart, to train under him to become the perfect sub.
Still, the Doms ignore him as others begin to mistreat and humiliate him. So Riley decides to walk away from his boss, the club, and the lifestyle.
Can Dantalion help Riley to see that what he desires is right there, laid out before him, in hopes of Riley finding redemption? Or will Riley walk away from the life he desire’s, damning his soul to hell forever?


A soft touch feathered across his heated skin, causing Riley to release a small moan. He didn’t know where he was or how he got here. Blackness surrounded him and his arms ached. Riley concentrated on his body and catalogued what he could feel, to try to figure out what was happening.
The soft touch came again, starting from the tip of his left shoulder and gliding down his spine to the dimple at the top of his ass. A shiver raced through him, and the touch moved away. He was naked, he could feel that by the touch to his skin, but he also could not feel any clothes on his body. His arms were stretched out above his head and he tried to pull them down, but they wouldn’t budge. He felt the cuffs around his wrist as they dug into his flesh from his movement.
He was standing on a cool bare floor, his feet spread apart, but no shackles held his legs there. His eyes must be covered, because he could feel them his eyelids fluttering and his lashes brushing against something.
“You are exquisite, slave,” a deep voice came said from behind him. A rush of hot air blew across his cheek, telling him that whoever the man was, he was standing close behind Riley. A hand thrust through his long hair, grabbing a tight hold and pulling his head back right before lips claimed his. Those lips were soft and warm, and they demanded his submission. He opened his mouth and a wet tongue thrust deep inside, swirling around his tongue.
Riley’s heart beat faster and he couldn’t catch his breath. Whoever this was, he was causing Riley’s head to begin to swim. The realization that he was bound and helpless in this strange man’s control amped up Riley’s lust and his cock became extremely hard.
The man pulled back from the kiss and his hands ran down Riley’s side, stopping at his hips and sliding over his lower abdomen. Fingers wrapped around his cock at the base and began to stroke him in slow, lazy movements. His hips thrust forward, trying to get more friction, but the hand wouldn’t listen. It just continued its leisurely pace. Riley released a groan of frustration and the hand around his cock slowed as a low chuckle came from behind him.
“So impatient, slave. Remember, I will give you what I want, when I want it.”
The hand slowly slid up to the tip and a nail pressed into the small slit. Riley cried out, wanting more. He needed more, but this man wouldn’t give it to him. Riley bit his bottom lip and fought against his need, trying to keep still in hopes the man would give him what he wanted. This Dom wouldn’t listen to him though. Riley knew he wouldn’t as the man kept up the slow strokes making Riley go insane.
Finally after a frustrating ten minutes, Riley felt his balls pull up against his body and his orgasm raced through him. He shot his load out into the air, a few drops landing on his stomach. “Very good, slave, now do you feel better?”
He nodded to answer, knowing his words would not be welcome, but his nod was a lie. He didn’t feel better. He felt robbed and unsatisfied.
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