Thursday, May 19, 2016

Romance is in the Air~ Sexy Over 50

I love a sexy, steamy story and Tiara's Golden Submission fits the bill. Romance after 50 is nothing to be ashamed of and when you got it....flaunt it!

As a woman over 50, I love myself even more now than I thought possible. I'm secure in my life, family & love and everyday brings a new adventure. 50 is the new 40 and you're only as young as you feel.

When I wrote Tiara's Golden Submission, I wanted to give this sassy Latina flair and panache and I believe I succeeded. Tiara is strong, flirty and sexy~ much like the women in my life, whether they be twenty or sixty.One can never hold down a strong Latin woman.

Check out Tiara and Julian and I think you'll fall in love.
Hugs~ Evelise

On the cusp of turning fifty, Tiara, a submissive without a Dom or husband, desired to return to the lifestyle. Placing her destiny in the hands of Madame Eve and the 1Night Stand Service, will Tiara find all that she seeks? Or will a past love interfere with her future plans?


Tina Donahue said...

Tiara's Golden Submission sounds wonderful Evelise. Who says women aren't sexy over 50? Of course they are. 50 is the new 30.

Suz said...

I sure hope that a person can be sexy over 50 given that I'm 61! Great post, Evelise.

jean hart stewart said...

Great premise for a story...lots of success with this...

Fiona McGier said...

(Waves hand) I'm over 50 also. My last romance involved participants who were both in their 50s. A good, steamy romance, is a good, steamy romance, no matter the age/color/sexual proclivities of the protagonists.

Hot cover! Good luck with sales.