Sunday, May 29, 2016

     Here in the States we are celebrating a long weekend, filled with barbecuing, shopping, beach-going and other unofficial first day of summer activities. But at the tail-end of the weekend is Memorial Day, a day to honor the troops, all those who have served, and most especially the fallen.

     I've written two books so far about returning warriors and the challenges they face on the home front. In the first, HEALING HEARTS, my hero, Adam Caldwell, Viscount Riverton, was returning from the Peninsula, nursing his wounds and carrying a load of survivor's guilt.

More recently, my hero in HER CAPTAIN, is a former Navy SEAL, who returns to his bucolic hometown to try to recapture the innocence he's lost overseas. Yet the PTSD he suffers, gives him frightening night terrors that make him loathe to get close to anyone.

 There is something about these returning warriors that fascinates and affects me. The hero of my current WIP, has also come marching home. He's long  hidden his secret: He's a wolf. And when he gets home, surprises await!

Let's take a moment out of our long weekend, to remember those who've put their lives on the line for us.


jean hart stewart said...

good column and covers....Many sales!!!!

Tina Donahue said...

Both books sound wonderful, Taryn - hope you have a great Memorial Day holiday. :)