Monday, April 18, 2016

The Apha Hero & giveaway!!!

I have a question for ya'll. Last week I was at RT convention in Vegas -- which was a fabulous albeit exhausting time. There were a number of takeaways from the conference. One being the ALPHA HERO is what everyone wants. Even as far as to say, the ASSHOLE ALPHA HERO.

So I wanna know what YOU think.

If you had to describe the ALPHA HERO - what does it mean to you. Please leave your comment below and from the comments with your definition of ALPHA HERO, one lucky person will win an ebook copy of After The Hurt. Which has an ALPHA HERO, just not an asshole alpha hero.

After The Hurt is my newest release. Only two weeks old from Loveswept Random House. In this story, the hero has had his heart broken and the heroine must ask for forgiveness. One reviewer said she loved that this book explored the hero having his heart broken.

Library Journal "Readers who enjoy contemporary romances more for slow-burn, erotic love scenes than complex story lines will enjoy this fiery tale of lovers reunited." —Library Journal -- After The Hurt

  Now for some fun pictures from RT

 My first ever Harlequin Books signing.

Vicki Lewis Thompson's Cadillac Margarita prior to receiving her award.

Vicki Lewis Thompson and I taking a trip in the jaunty golf cart on the way to the Award Ceremony where she received her Pioneer Award. She was a great roommate!

My good friend and author Gina Gordon.

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Debby said...

I am not fond of the asshole alpha. I like them strong capable, competent and protective

Tina Donahue said...

I can't imagine anyone liking a hero who's abusive unless that person has serious issues with self-esteem. Strong and Alpha doesn't mean snarling, argumentative, narcissistic, and demanding. That's a child, not a man. A real man listens and cooperates - he doesn't demand. A real man cherishes - he doesn't abuse or god-forbid rape.

I've always said that if any guy raised his hand to me, that would be his last conscious act on earth. I don't take prisoners.

Shana Gray said...

Me either Debby. I sorta had one as a boyfriend and it was hell on wheels. Until I dumped him :)

Exactly Tina! I was stunned when I heard this *want* for a hero. I was thinking we'd gone back to the '70s, bodice rippers and the like.

I'd truly like to hear more of what the readers think about this type of hero. I hope we get more comments.

Fiona McGier said...

Bleah! No alpha-holes for me. I much prefer beta heroes. I like men who are good to their mother and sisters, and who cherish the women in their life. I despise men who think the sun shines out of their ass. I won't read books with alpha heroes, lest I damage my kindle by tossing it across the room. And I certainly don't write them. They're not welcome in my consciousness in any way, shape or form.

The alphas I dated before marriage were usually not even very good in bed. All they thought about was their own pleasure. How on earth is that supposed to be sexy? I suspect that many who want to read about alphas have never been with one in real life. As long as it's just a fiction, I guess that's alright. But it's still not my cuppa.

Sandra Lowrey said...

I want my Alpha to be Hot, Sexy, Sultry and Strong. I Want him to cherish me,and fulfill all of my dreams and desires.

Shana Gray said...

Winner will be announced on my blog tomorrow! So be sure to check back in.