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                                                 The Angel Pack Book 10
                                       By Bestselling Author Maggie Walsh

Evan Donaldson moved to Sanctuary to find a safe place for him and his Lost Boys. A group of young gay shifters who had been chased out of every other pack they tried to settle into. Sanctuary turns out to truly be the place for them. Alpha Micah, his mate Jesse, and the whole Angel Pack welcome him and his boys with open arms. 
  Ties start to bind them all with the Alpha and the inner pack, but when Evan meets his mate in the Alpha’s father Raphael Angel, Evan doesn’t feel worthy enough to have the older Alpha as his mate. Even though Alpha Micah has welcomed him into the pack, Evan doesn’t believe Micah will accept him as his father’s mate. Especially if the secrets from his past and what he has done, ever comes to light.
  Alpha Raphael Angel has spent his whole 460 years of life hiding his true self. But now that he is in Sanctuary with his son Micah he can finally be free to be who he is. He had devoted his life to his pack in Montana and to helping young wolves find their way. But he is ready to step back and focus on living his life. Once he meets his mate Evan, he knows that fate made them perfect for each other. Getting
through Evan’s walls will be a tough job, but the older wolf is up for the challenge.

  After a misunderstanding between the two, Evan, along with two of his boys get kidnapped and Raphael worries that he will never see Evan again to tell him how sorry he is.
  The pack must call in a very powerful and unexpected being to help them find the three and rescue them before one of them loses his life to the evil demigod Minos.

Adult Excerpt:

  Raphael lifted one wet hand and cupped Evan’s cheek. It felt so good that Evan leaned into the touch and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes to meet his mates gaze he only saw understanding and love. “Of course I am not rejecting you. You are a wonderful man, Evan. I’m proud to have you as my mate. That is if you’ll have me?”

  Evan smiled and dove against Raphael's chest, wrapping his arms around his neck and pressing their lips together. “Of course I want you. You haven’t even claimed me yet and you are the most wonderful mate in the world to me. I don’t deserve you.”
  “None of that, mate. Of course you deserve me. It is I who isn’t worthy of you. If you’ll have me, I will spend the rest of my life helping you to heal and to see that what I say about your past is the truth. I will do everything in my power to make you happy.”
  “I want you be your mate. I want to be yours.”
  “Then when you're ready, we’ll mate,” Raphael said with a smile and kissed Evan gently.
  “I am ready. I have wanted you since the moment our eyes met. I was so afraid that once you knew the things that I had done that you would reject me. I know this is probably too soon and we have only started to get to know each other, but I love you, Raphael. Every time I am with you I have fallen more in love with you. It broke my heart to think you would reject me, but I knew how much I wanted you and I needed to tell you everything.”
  “It’s not too soon. We know how we feel, and I love you too, mate.”
  Evan gasped and tears rimmed his eyes. “You do?”
  “Yes, Evan. I fell in love with you the day I saw you through the window vacuuming. You were dancing around and you looked so adorable. I knew right then that I would do whatever I had to do to make you mine.”
  Evan leaned in and kissed Raphael softly. He slid his tongue out and across the seam of Raphael’s lips. His mate didn’t disappoint him. Raphael opened his lips and Evan slid his tongue inside to tangle with his mates. He twisted his body so that he was fully facing Raphael and their bare chests pressed together. Evan moaned into Raphael’s mouth from the feel of their hard cocks making first contact with each other.
   Raphael’s hands went around his waist and held him close. One hand slid down his slick flesh and cupped his ass. Evan shivered from all the wonderful sensations. It had been over ten years since he had another man touch him, and even then it was just a quick fuck in the back seat of the guy’s car. This was different. It was so much more. It was his mate and he loved him. Evan thrust his fingers through his mate’s hair and held him close as their tongues dueled in his mouth. Raphael deepened the kiss and took control.
  Raphael thrust his hips forward and Evan slipped down slightly, their cocks rubbing together. Evan gasped as he felt the size of his mate. His hole twitched in anticipation of the long thick pole he felt pressed against his. He wanted to see his mate in all his naked glory. He wanted to taste Raphael and feel his cock slide into his body.
  Raphael broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against Evan’s. “Gods I want you, mate. I want to feel our bodies entwined as our skin glides together. I want to feel your body open up to mine and wrap around me.”
  “Yes, my mate. I want to feel you inside me.” Evan panted breathlessly.

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