Thursday, April 14, 2016

Excerpt New Release: A Promised Heart

Night fell, but the squaw did not leave. Hawk knew what he had to do, but it wasn't something he relished doing. At least not yet. It was not time. The woman knew him, but she wouldn't be ready to submit to him, of that he was sure. It was simply necessary.
"Come…you must lay with me now," he told Eve, as his hands reached to cup her face and he drew her closer.
"What?" She barely breathed her eyes going wild with some inner turmoil.
She watched his eyes, they held an emotion she'd never seen there and questions began dancing in her head. Her eyes were big and round, but his head bent.
"This is the only way." he whispered. "That I can save you."
"What is?" she barely uttered now
"Lay with me…" he encouraged softly.
With trepidation, she lay on his blanket with him, stiff and shaking with unbridled fear.
Eve's eyes were wide with expectations, but he tried to sooth her as he leaned over her. "Whatever you do, don't scream out. If you want to live…" His hand reached to cup her face again. His eyes studied her relentlessly. She was even more beautiful close up.
"What?" She looked fearful at him. "What are you…"
"Don't!" He commanded softly. "Lie still, I will not hurt you. But I must…claim you now." He told her. "Do not cry out. You will be mine now, as it should be."
She laid very still, waiting, wondering, and yet fear escaped her as he came ever closer. His lips hovered over hers. Then he did the unthinkable, his lips came down gently on the side of her mouth, first one side, then the other. She opened her mouth to object and he covered her mouth with his.
His kiss held her spellbound. Like butterfly wings, he tasted, then tasted some more. Suspended in a moment of time, she gasped and he covered her mouth once more. This kiss was relentless in it's pursuit of her. She moved her head from side to side to escape this beautiful torture. And when he wouldn't let go, she found herself melting into the kiss, slowly, gradually letting him have his leave. He raised above her when he felt her give in.
He laid beside her now, staring into her face with a smile.  "What…are you…" she looked panic stricken, so he dipped his head and his lips touched hers in a storm of passion. He smothered her prayer with a white hot kiss that immobilized her thinking.
Immediately feelings and emotions surrounded her. Unexpected tenderness made her swoon as he commanded the kiss to entice her.
He smelled of the earth, clean, like a summer rain. Her arms went around him to hold on, his skin was smooth and hard with muscle. Surprised his touch electrified her.
Her heart pounded like a drum, her breath seemed to escape her. She hadn't expected this gentle attack of her senses. It overwhelmed her reactions. Instead of fighting him, she began to surrender. For this was the lover she had dreamed of.
He raised his head to stare into her confused eyes.
At first it was a mere feather's touch, as he put his hands on each side of her face and held her. She didn't fight the sensations building inside her, she couldn't. Like a storm that blew quick and lustful, it rendered her submissive, totally in his control.
She didn't fight it.
For over two years she had dreamed of this moment, but it was just a dream, not a reality. Apprehension, denial, even a last ditch fight for survival had no part of this. Hawk was seducing her with his gentle ways. Ways she had known he would have. It was their coming together, her dream come true.
Yes, her heart sang and touched her soul.
But something inside her said she should fight.
She tried to squirm away, even though the kisses enticed her not to.
Her dormant sexuality was brought to life by this man, awakening her, as though this moment had been planned by the creator from the beginning. Passion flared in one long surrendering sigh. Unable to fight against his seductive kiss, she surrendered with a soft moan.
He had a commanding mastery of the kiss, that drove and aching need inside her, the desire for another kiss burned through her like a wildfire out of control. Like liquid metals fusing together, melting, and forming new shapes. His kisses lingered, until she completely succumbed to his domination. She would not fight this. She could not fight this.
A yearning as old as time had come to life and he was fulfilling the dreams she had of him.
He was real flesh now, she realized. And she knew nothing would stop him until he possessed her.
Yet, fear wasn't a part of it.
Was it lust?
How could she fall in love with an Indian? But another voice asked, 'How could she not'.
From the moment he touched her, she willed herself to be still, to be patient, and to fight when she could.
This is what she'd waited a lifetime for, this moment, with this man. But he was an Indian, her mind cried! Impossible!
She felt the movement of his lips against her, soft, yielding and so sweet.
A dream like intimacy wove around them, as he forgot his aim to save her, and bask in her response to his kisses. Somehow her arms flew around his neck and urged the next kiss as she reached to touch his lips with her own.
His glance registered shock, at first, and then a slow smile spread over his face, making him even more appealing as he momentarily lifted his head to stare into her beautiful blue eyes.
However, he knew the squaw watched and would tell the others the next day. The mixed emotions that his gaze held, should have warned her. But he realized he was lost to the moment himself. It was no longer some show for the squaw. What was taking place was real.
He had to take her, or her fate would be sealed. He looked down at Eve who was complacent now. "May your God forgive me. I must do this…it is for your own good. Do not scream! For I will never harm you! But I must do this…" Something in his voice stilled her.
He slowly lifted his shirt and then her skirt and kissing her deeply, his warm hand moved along her thigh. She closed her eyes, as his hands explored her. She tensed for only a moment, but the way he touched her, made her quiver against him with the shock of pure desire.
"This isn't a dream, is it?" She whispered not with fear but of expectations.
"No, relax, and I will pleasure you," he whispered  between kisses and she pulled him closer for another kiss. White hot desire speared through them as they began moving together now. Shock riveted through him as she moved toward and not away.
His hand made it's way to her inner core. 
Her mouth opened in awe of the moment. His strokes were so gentle and endlessly arousing. His hands moving to gently readying her for what was to come. Never had she experienced such a wonderful enlightenment.
All the ugly cruel moments with her husband faded into oblivion now, as Hawk retaught her the art of making love with a man.
Her eyes glazed with undeniable desire from his exquisite torture. He stared down at her, caressing her with his eyes. He opened her shirt slowly. She waited with baited breath to see what he might do next. His eyes gazed upon her with such pleasure that her heart hammered when she looked at him. A pleasure she'd never witnessed with her husband. He had never wanted to look upon her like that.
"To look upon you is heaven." He whispered, his hand slowly uncovered one breast, as his thumb absently feathered the nipple. She closed her eyes again, memorizing the feel, the touch, the smell, the heat. She gasp from the slightest touch of his hand.
She felt the wet between her legs, the heat from her own body, but what she saw in his eyes mesmerized her.
No man had ever looked at her like that. She closed her eyes, and he fondled her breasts.
Every kiss, every touch, every movement was for her pleasure. How could she refuse him now?
When she opened her eyes, there was no fear, only a heated desire. Not lust, but true desire. His head bent, and his lips covered a slightly swollen nipple. She moaned aloud this time, unable to stifle the erotic touches of his mouth. The way his tongue massaged the ache at her breasts had her molding herself against him. She held him tightly now, not wanting him to stop, not knowing where it would go.
Alarm bells should have gone off.
She moved her head, shaking her head, but the boldness of his touch, and the look in his eyes as he glanced at her sent a wave of sensations through her like she'd never known. This man wanted her, needed her, and openly desired her.
How could she refuse his gentle taking of her?
It had never been this way with Harold, her mind skidded, tryin to find reason. He had mounted her, taken his own needs and dismounted. There was no lovemaking. Even his kisses had been harsh, unrelenting and emotionless. She had come not to expect it.
But this strange and wonderful pleasure Hawk gave was not to be denied by either of them. He supped her lips, then her nipples as his hand stayed ever busy. He cupped her buttocks and tugged her toward him.
His touches sent her reeling. She wanted his taking.
Stripped of all the barriers of propriety, she ached for some unknown fulfillment. His hands slid over her belly slowly, as though he were memorizing her, then lower, slowly edging his way to her womanhood. She panted, her eyes big and round, her body throbbing with a need she never knew she had. Spreading her thighs, she welcomed him, as his hand curled into her, his fingers exploring the warm, wet recess of her inner core
 His eyes feasted on her. "You are so beautiful. We must be one…You are a virgin to love." He murmured. Her eyes closed and she moaned the ecstasy that his hand created when he touched her nipples with his thumbs. Her breasts tingled. How could he be so gentle and so big at the same time. She squirmed, unable to stifle the slight moans. Fire spread through her like a hot spear. Her eyes wide, her mouth opened. Her body readied itself for him.
He began to kiss her once more, first her mouth, then slowly down her neck, and then he pushed her blouse off of her entirely, removing it, and throwing it to the side he snuggled his nose against her breast, his tongue feathering the tips of her nipples until she brought herself against him. When his heated arousal plunged into her deeply, she moved toward him, instead of against him. Their union was a welcome reprieve from the torture of his erotic touches. His eyes stared as passion overrode common sense and she was plunged into some wild, erotic pleasure. His mouth smothered her nipple once more, flicking his tongue gently over her, slowly, erotically stripping her of the need to cry out, and yet, needs rippled through her body like a tidal wave. Lost for the moment, she rode some epic tide within her.
Gently he rolled her over so she was on top, and he encouraged her to enjoy the moment.
"Be free…let it go…enjoy it." He encouraged. "Don't fight it. You are mine now."


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your new release, Rita. Great excerpt and I love the cover. Do you have links for where you're selling the book?

Redameter said...

Here's the link to the book on Smashwords.com

Thanks the cover was done by Sheri McGathy.

I hope you enjoy it.

jean hart stewart said...

Wow, love this! I'm sure it will be a smashing success....