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                                              The Angel Pack book 9

                                            By Bestselling Author Maggie Walsh

                                                        The Saga Continues

Book blurb:

King Dante places Shelby in the protective custody of the Angel Pack to guard the secret of who he truly is and what he is capable of. Shelby has known who his mate is since before he was kidnapped by his psycho father six months ago. But now he fears that being in the same house as his mate will finally show Xander who he is. He has been hiding from his mate, but now that they are face-to-face Shelby needs to stay strong and reject Xander. He can’t afford to get attached to anyone and have them turn on him when they find out the truth.
But Xander won’t give up on his mate and does everything he can to show the gorgeous man that he wants him for who he is and will never try to control him or tell him what to do. The battle to save their world explodes at the same time the battle to save his mating puts Shelby in danger.


 Jesse was the first to compose himself and he walked to Shelby’s side. He placed a gentle, comforting hand on Shelby’s arm and gave him a sympathetic smile. “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, Shelby, and for laughing. But at this point you may want Claude to finish. Would you like me to get a hand mirror so that you can see first and then make a decision?”
“Yes...thanks...Heart,” Shelby began with a snarky voice, but then realized who he was talking to and changed his tone.
Claude handed Jesse a mirror and he held it out for Shelby to see himself. Shelby looked down into the mirror and his eyes went wide. “Oh my Gods. With the other one bare, my hairy ball looks like a hobbits foot.” Taylor and the rest began laughing again from Shelby’s declaration. “Take it off! Take the rest off, now.”
“Do you want me to hold your hand for you, princess?” Taylor asked with a smirk as he walked closer, stopping next to Shelby.
“No. I would rather you hold my dick for me so Claude here doesn’t rip it off.”
“We’ll be right here for you, Shelby,” Jesse offered and took one of Shelby’s hands into his.
“Thank you, Jesse.”
Claude moved his rolling stool closer to Shelby, sliding between his spread legs, then grabbed the wooden spatula. He dipped it into the honey colored wax and pulled some out. He turned to Shelby and lifted his hand out to begin applying the wax. Shelby growled at him and Claude froze, raising his eyebrow.
“One wrong move, buddy and I turn you into a eunuch,” Shelby threatened.
“It’s gonna be alright, Shelby, just squeeze our hands if it hurts,” Jesse said and gave Taylor a pointed look to hold Shelby’s other hand. Taylor reached out and grabbed Shelby’s hand.
“You mean when it hurts, right? Because there is no doubt that it does hurt.”
Jesse gave Shelby an encouraging smile and then looked to Claude, giving him a nod to continue. Claude reached out and smoothed the warm goo onto Shelby’s groin. He then placed the spatula onto the tray and grabbed a piece of cloth. He placed the cloth over the wax and patted it down. Taking one edge of the cloth into one hand, Claude placed his other hand under Shelby’s sac, stretching the skin.
“Is there an engagement ring that goes with this, ole’ Claudie?” Shelby asked sarcastically. Claude looked up and met Shelby’s eyes for a brief moment and Shelby could swear he saw a glint of pleasure there. Was the guy getting off from touching his dick? Or was he getting off from causing Shelby…”Oh my fucking Gods!” Shelby screamed at the top of his lungs as Claude pulled the cloth from his sac, ripping the hair out with it. At least he hoped it was hair, because it felt like the man ripped his asshole out through his balls and not in a good way. His hands squeezed around the hands holding his, and Taylor and Jesse both flinched.
“Are we done?” Shelby asked as he panted.
“Almost. Just a little more to go,” Claude answered as he reached out with the spatula again and swiped the warm, wet wax onto Shelby’s already abused skin.
Claude repeated the process and Shelby screamed out again. He was sure Claude ripped his asshole out with that last one. His body went stiff and arched off the table as his eyes slammed shut and he clenched his jaw.
Suddenly the door to the game room burst open. The room filled with enforcers and fae guard. The large men came barreling into the room at the ready to defeat whatever foe was harming the mates. The smaller mates all looked to the men in surprise as they froze in their spots. The enforcers and fae warriors stopped short and looked around the room in confusion.
“Bailey, baby? Is that you?” Lexi asked as lowered his hands and tilted his head.
Bailey’s eyes went wide as his hands went up to touch his mud covered face. Bailey screamed and ran from the room. Lexi began to laugh as he watched his sexy little mate run from him. “Baby, don’t you know that running from a wolf only makes them want to chase you more?!” Lexi called out with a chuckle and took off at top speed from the room, chasing after his mate.
“What the hell is going on in here?” Raith asked as he surveyed the inhabitants of the room.
“It’s beauty day, mate. We told you that,” Rory said as he sauntered up next to Raith. Slowly he pulled the tie around his waist until the knot gave. Rory slid his hands up the edges of the material and opened his robe slightly, giving his mate a peek at his smooth chest. Raith’s eyes were glued to Rory’s actions and when Rory’s chest and abdomen appeared, he licked his lips. Rory stepped closer and pressed his body against Raith’s rock hard muscled form, then slowly ran a single finger down Raith’s chest to his waistband. “See anything you like...Sir?” Rory purred.
Raith bent and grabbed Rory around the knees, then stood and threw his mate over his shoulder, quickly exiting the room.
“Why don’t we sell tickets and invite everyone in to look at my dick?” Shelby called out, bringing everyone out of their shock.
“Oh shit!” Jesse said and looked around for something to cover Shelby’s nakedness.
“No,” a whimpered cry came from Shelby and Jesse turned to look at what was wrong. At the same time a growl was heard from across the room and the harshly spoken, “Mine,” was heard. Jesse’s head snapped in the direction of that word and his eyes opened wide as they met the heated and angry gaze of Xander.
“Oh shit. Step back from the vamp, Jess,” Taylor warned as he took a step back.
Xander’s breathing became rough as his eyes began to glow with his wolf and his canine’s descended. He took a step towards Jesse as his eyes zeroed in on Jesse’s face. Movement behind Jesse caught Xander’s attention and his eyes turned to his wolf and he opened his mouth, showing off his sharp teeth. Xander took another threatening step toward Jesse and all hell broke loose.

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