Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cerise shows you #Regency carriages! Tryst, anyone? Happy Bunny #Easter Day!

You're out there, I can see you, looking for those hidden eggs!
I've made you work this year and concealed them in tiny places that will make your heart go boom. Meanwhile, I give you the next 2 in my Regency Romp series! Have you see them? Hope so. I have been knocking myself out telling everyone about them because they are 99 cents...until they're not. SOON, too.
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Imagine going for a carriage ride in London and this marvelous conveyance arrives!
This is my picture from the Royal Mews, the Semi-State Landau.
And if you do not care for the wind in your hair, you can see that the tops do fold up. No messy bed head for you! This wonderful coach is often used by the younger royals in parades such as the Trooping of the Color for the Queen's Birthday. Very popular with Queen Victoria, the coach gives a feeling of youth, vibrancy and allows for a full view of those in the seats. It was gilded and decorated for her Golden Jubilee in 1887, surviving today with the excellent care of the staff at the Mews.
But what would you do, what carriage would you want if it rains?
My picture from the Royal Mews. 

Try this one! Known as the Scottish State Coach, it is used for glamorous state occasions when being seen is the best PR tactic. Built in 1830 for George IV's younger brother, the Duke of Cambridge, it was refurbished for the Royal household a century later. Used by Her Majesty to attend Scottish Parliament and other state occasions, the coach bears the Scottish crown on the top. 

As for me, I intend to use a coach similar to it in my next Regency. Of course, the hero must be fabulously rich, perhaps even fabulously vain! Hopelessly handsome, too. Hence, the reason for the grand display.

And what sort of woman would not want to travel in such an open and obvious carriage, hmm? One who had reason to hide!

My last picture is one that tickled me to see it. Black. Square, with an old and ugly curtain over the window. Yes, it is a sedan chair. I shudder to think what a ride in this would have felt like! And we hope it would not have been too expensive because one was certainly paying for the convenience of not walking!

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Tina Donahue said...

These are so cool. They look like Cinderella's carriage. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Love anything Regency... these carriages are cool!!!!