Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Exciting New Titles Coming This Year! #iartg #RBPB

 I Can Barely Contain My Excitement!

This year will see several new releases from me and a determined new push where marketing my work is concerned. I've been researching, studying and gleaming information feverishly and I think I've come up with an aggressive yet fun marketing plan for my upcoming works.

First of all, I launched my newsletter recently and would love for you to subscribe to it. The newsletter is the best way to stay up-to-date on my news and upcoming releases. Please fill in your information on this form (link below) and I will include you in the newsletter mailing list. 

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Free for a Limited Time

When playboy billionaire Aaron Hudson makes an appearance in the relatively unknown restaurant run by Chef Bree Myers, she believes his presence will be great for business. Little does she realize Aaron is about to change more than her business. He sets his sights on having her and Hudsons always get what they desire. A somewhat rocky start quickly escalates to a full-blown passionate affair however Bree’s happily-ever-after is at stake, hindered by secrets and threatened by betrayals. She is left to wonder if she, a chef and regular woman, can ever be enough for the charmingly roguish billionaire, the object of her passion and the only man her heart has ever longed for.

Free from January 20, 2016 to January 23, 2016. Don't miss out on this full-length sweet romance novel.

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New Shifter Series!

I have a shifter romance series coming out this spring. The series will be entitled Ravages of Spirit and the first book will be Retribution. It is the story of cougar-shifter, Finn, obsessed with avenging the murders of his family. After an accident, Tessa, a woman who is running from her tragic past and hiding in the remote forests of the Great Smoky Mountains, nurses him back to health. Passion flares and Finn resumes his quest for vengeance. However, he greatly underestimates his foe, believing the human hunter will be no match for him. A heart-rending game of cat-and-mouse ensues in which Finn is no longer certain he is the cat.


Excerpt (please be kind, it’s unedited):

Blood pounding nosily in her ears, Tessa froze in place, instinctively reaching out to Goober. Her trembling hand stilled the growling dog. She watched the cougar intensely. It looked from her to the dog and back again. Tessa’s heart raced as she considered the rifle she held in her hand. She did not intend to kill the magnificent animal on the rocky ledge above her but she would protect herself. And Goober, of course. Her constant companion stomped in place beside her as he growled lowly in his throat again. He was a large dog, half Mastiff and half Great Dane, in turns gangly or regal. Now he stood rigidly, his hackles up and growled once more, warning the large cat to keep its distance.

The cougar raised a thick, scarred lip in response, exposing long and sharp fangs. Tessa watched the curl of its lip, the movement of its long red whiskers and attempted to ascertain its intentions. The red whiskers held her attention and when she realized the coarse hairs protruding from the cat’s eyebrows were also red, she cocked her head slightly in wonder.

This cougar was not the rusty brown of every photo she had ever seen of one. Its entire coat was a dark orangey-red, including its underbelly and muzzle that should be white. There were no dark markings on its face and its eyes were not yellow or green as they should have been. The cat bore resemblance to a cougar in shape, but that was all. This animal was too large and heavy-set and too red in colour. Its eyes moved to her hand on the rifle and Tessa’s grip tightened, ready to swing the weapon up and fire a shot if need be. When the cat’s eyes met hers, Tessa sucked in a startled breath. It was not just the colour, the eyes themselves were wrong. Although cat-shaped, the eyes were not feline. As she took in the whites surrounding the hazel irises, Tessa’s heart rate increased. Set in a cougar’s head, distinctly human eyes held her gaze, the intelligence and reason in them unmistakable.

At her increase in alarm, Goober snarled loudly and took a step forward. The cat hissed in response now pulling back its lips to reveal all its pointy teeth. The tip of its upper right canine tooth was missing and Tessa marvelled at how this caught her attention in the midst of such a dangerous situation. Her left hand grasped Goober’s collar and she held him tightly, her fingers curling around the leather as she kept her eyes locked on the cougar. It warily shifted its intense stare from Goober to her once more and the warning in its eyes was as readable as the plea in them. It was imploring her to keep the dog under control so that it did not have to react violently.

“Sit, Goober,” she commanded, struggling to keep her voice steady and low, desperately hoping she would not agitate the cat further.

Goober stiffly sat back on his haunches, emitting a low whine, uneasy with assuming a more relaxed pose but unwilling to defy Tessa. She ran her hand down his back, a calming motion that the cat observed with interest.

Tessa maintained her vigilant stance, her right hand still tightly clenching her rifle, ignoring the chill that coursed down her spine when the cat’s human-like eyes met hers again. With one last cautioning glare, the cougar then turned its body and moved away. She stood perfectly still and watched it despite her tense muscles that screamed for movement. She stayed motionless, wanting to ensure the cat did indeed leave the area. She watched its powerful limbs work as it negotiated the rough terrain, splaying the toes of its massive paws for balance. Relaxing somewhat, she watched the agitated swish of its tail as it stumbled when loose stones moved beneath its paws. She saw its right fore ankle buckle and it lost its balance. It scrambled to regain its footing and Tessa noticed with alarm how precariously close the cat was to the cliff’s edge.

Goober gave a sudden loud bark and the cat flinched during its fight to remain upright. She gasped as she saw the cat’s body pitch to one side, the cliff side, unable to maintain its balance. It twisted its body in a vain attempt to remain on the edge, seemed to hover a moment in mid-air, its clawed toes closing on nothing, and then it disappeared from sight.

Copyright 2016 C.A. Knoble

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Other Works

Summer of 2016 will see the release of the much-anticipated sequel to Night's Companion, then the first instalment of a new wolf-shifter series entitled Lunar Spell. There may be a few more surprises thrown in the mix, including a Christmas story for the holiday season. Please sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media to stay informed of my upcoming titles.

I wish you and yours a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year filled with as many blessings as you can endure. <3 



Tina Donahue said...

Congratulations - that's awesome! Hope 2016 is the best year for you ever. :)

Cynthia Knoble said...

Thank you so much Tina! I hope you have an outstanding year too! <3