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                                 The Angel Pack 
                & Beyond
              By Maggie Walsh

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                              The Angel Pack
                       Beyond the Angel Pack Series

  Every book in The Angel Pack and Beyond the Angel Pack Series has landed on the top ten list on Amazon’s Bestsellers List for Gay Erotica and Paranormal Erotica. Pick up your copies today and immerse yourself in this magical world that Maggie has created.
  There are lots of hot men, wolves, vampires, fae, angels, demons, feline shifters, and more. Tons of adventure, laughs, and tears, (oh, and lot’s of hot sex) as this group of misfits join forces to battle against evil and find family and true love along the way.

Note: This is a series and should be read in order: Betrayal, Secrets, Truth, Trust, Dante’s Mates, Underneath, Viktor’s Familiar, United, When World’s Collide, and Envy.

Maggie’s newest release, the next installment of The Angel Pack
                              The Angel Pack- book 8
               Coming to Bookstrand on Nov. 16th, 2015

                                    Blurb for Kindred
  Matthew is a lost boy who believes no one wants him. When he and his mate Josh cannot claim each other because of their age they decide to keep their relationship secret. But then Josh finds their other mate Milo. The realization that Josh and Milo can claim each other, but Matthew will be left out, only solidifies his self-doubt of ever having anyone to love him.
He runs to Montana to search for the only family he ever felt wanted him, but when he gets there he finds that the Montana pack is now being ruled with fear and death. Matthew struggles to help two new friends as he tries to get them back home to safety.
In the meantime Josh refuses to let Milo claim him and cool his mating heat. He will die before he lets anyone but Matthew claim him first. Can Matthew make it home in time to save Josh and his mating or will the new alpha in Montana find him before he can get his new family to safety?

Warning: Excerpt contains strong language and sexual content. Gay Erotica, Menagé Manlove.
                                         Adult excerpt for Kindred
   “Oh fuck!” He screamed out as Josh’s mouth fully engulfed his cock and then he swallowed. At the same time, Milo pulled his hips back, impaling him on Milo’s tongue. Josh wrapped his hands around the backs of Maddy’s thighs and held on as Milo began moving Maddy’s hips forward and back. , the motion causing him to slide down Josh’s throat, or back onto Milo’s tongue. It was the most erotic thing he had ever experienced.
Maddy wanted to stay like this for the rest of his life, right here being loved on by his two mates, by the two men that he loved. His balls pulled up tight, and he knew it was only a matter of seconds before he blew. “Gods, I love this, but I want to come inside Josh.”
Both his mates slowly pulled back, and Maddy was shocked to hear the whimper escape his lips. “Just making sure you’re all open for me, baby,” Milo said from behind him and then Maddy felt him kiss each cheek. Maddy looked down and his eyes met Josh’s. The love he saw in Josh’s eyes made him want to cry.
Milo kept his hands on Maddy’s hips as he lowered down onto his knees. Josh reached below him and grabbed Milo’s cock, directing it to Maddy’s waiting hole. As he felt Milo’s tip kiss his puckered hole, Maddy grabbed the back of Josh’s head and smashed their lips together in a hungry kiss. Maddy slowly lowered onto Milo’s cock as he devoured Josh’s mouth. Finally, he felt the wiry curls of Milo’s groin tickle his ass and Maddy sat fully onto his lap.
“Yes, oh god, baby, yes. You feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock. Damn, I wish I could have both of you wrapped around my shaft at the same time,” Milo declared as his hot breath caressed Maddy’s nape.
Maddy released Josh’s lips. Opening his eyes he looked deeply into Josh’s and felt the mating bond intensely. “Turn around, babe. I want to feel you wrapped around me as I hold you in my arms,” Maddy whispered. His throat was closing from all the emotions bubbling up inside him. He had the two most wonderful mates in the world and he almost blew it. He had almost lost Josh completely. He had walked away from them and caused them pain. But they both had faith in him. They both stayed strong in their belief that he would make it back in time to save Josh. How could he ever repay them for that faith?
Josh cupped his face with both his hands and rested his forehead against Maddy’s as they continued to look into each other’s eyes. “I can see your pain, mate, and I can feel your sorrow. It all worked out, Maddy. It’s all okay now. I’m here with you and Milo. We’re all where we’re supposed to be. Let’s just be happy and celebrate that we are finally one and not dwell on what happened before. Milo and I understand why you left. Why you needed to do what you did. And you didn’t know that you had already turned twenty, like I didn’t know I was turning twenty-one. I know that had you known you would have been right here. So let’s just love on each other and start this new phase in all our lives as a united front. We’re all finally home.” Maddy nodded and Josh kissed his lips softly, then pulled away giving Maddy a beautiful smile.
Josh stood up and turned around. Maddy reached out and grabbed his hips as he helped Josh line up with his cock. Milo grabbed the base of Maddy’s cock and positioned it. Slowly Josh pressed down against Maddy’s cock and the tip pressed through his outer ring. Josh moaned deep as a rush of air blew from his lips. Slowly he continued down until Maddy’s cock was buried fully inside him.
Maddy thought he was going to die from the sensation of having one mate in him and one mate surrounding him. He leaned back against Milo’s hard chest and dropped his head back to rest on Milo’s shoulder. Josh moved back and leaned against his chest as Maddy wrapped his arms around Josh’s torso, holding him tight. Milo began to slowly thrust his hips up into Maddy, causing Maddy to thrust up into Josh, and the three moaned out together.
Milo grunted, causing Maddy to go still. “Are you okay, Milo? Are we hurting you?”
“The two of you together are a little heavy. You both may need to do the fucking.”
“Shit, Milo, we can stop,” Josh said in a hurry.
“No! Don’t either of you move off me. You just may have to do all the thrusting that’s all. But don’t you dare stop until we all explode.”
“Turn around, Josh. I think it may be easier that way,” Maddy instructed. Josh pushed up and slid off Maddy’s cock. He turned around and quickly took Maddy into him again. “Good, now we can both move easier so Milo can enjoy this, too.”

Josh held onto Maddy’s shoulders as he began to ride his mate’s cock. Every time Josh dropped down, it forced Maddy down harder on Milo’s cock. And every time Josh pulled up, Maddy slid up Milo’s steel shaft.
 Milo took one of Maddy’s nipples between his fingers and started to squeeze and twist them as he sucked on Maddy’s neck. “Oh fuck, mates. I’m not gonna last. You two are just too much pleasure to last long,” Maddy cried out.
“Me…too,” Josh panted as he began to ride Maddy faster and harder. “So…fucking…good. Gonna…come.”
Maddy wrapped his fingers around Josh’s cock and stroked him in time with their thrusts. Soon the three of them were moaning and panting as they clung to each other tightly. The room filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. Their sweaty bodies slid against each other, as they all cried out their release simultaneously. They each threw their heads back and screamed to the heavens above.

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