Saturday, November 7, 2015

Oops! I forgot to post today!

Def Leppard

So I forgot to post today and its late.  I'm terribly sorry.  Normally I don't miss but lately with all the subbing I've been doing my brain is mush and I just plain forgot.

I've got no news on the writing front for myself but I do want to acknowledge that we lost a great writer, Fran Lee.  I'm sure that everyone knows now but I'm still saddened by it.  She is with her daughter now and I hope that they are happy.  My favorite book of hers was Jillian's Job.  There was something about that book that I keep re-reading and find new things to love about it.

The reason for the picture is that they are coming to Dallas on my actual birthday and I can't go.  One of my all time favorites and its during the week.  :(  We can't swing it no matter how much we think about it.

I promise that I will do better in December.  Hopefully I will have some news...any news other than, I'm working a lot and I forgot.


Tina Donahue said...

So shocking and sad to have lost Fran. I'm still feeling bad over it.

Sorry you can't see your band. Hope next year is better. :)

Fiona McGier said...

You're not the only one working way too many hours. I haven't had time to blog or promote, let alone write. Never thought I'd be working this many hours, this hard, for so little money, at this age. But having multiple kids is multiple-expensive! College for 4 is not easy to swing on any salary(s).

I didn't go to any concerts from my first pregnancy until the oldest was 26. Then last year, husband and I went with 1st and 3rd son to see Nine Inch Nails with Soundgarden. Woot! No matter that I was much older than the last time I was at a concert. I still had a great time! I love industrial metal!

So you have to miss them this time. There will always be a next time...maybe even BEFORE they're doing the "geriatric deal" like some bands (cough, Stones, cough), who charge WAY too much for the chance to see old guys pretending to be eternally young.