Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A fun interview!!!!

This is my heroine, Lady Valanna, from my book
Desire's Dilemma that is part of the new anthology Entice Me.
 Lord Marcus, earl of Monteith, is profoundly in love with Valanna and has been for years. A war injury keeps him from declaring his love. Here's a make-believe interview with Marcus and a perspicacious reporter.

Fun interview of Marcus: Desire’s Dilemma

Q1: (interviewer)
Don’t you think you treated Lady Valanna rather shabbily? And for such a long time,too.
A1: (Lord Marcus)
I have to agree. But I could do nothing else.

Q2: Is that the answer of a gentleman? Especially one responsible for the welfare of a young lady like Valanna. You were her guardian, were you not?
A2: It’s all the answer I can give you. I regret being unable to say more.

Q3. You’re not really helping, are you, my lord? You have told us exactly nothing.
A3. (Marcus looks at interviewer haughtily.)  Then perhaps you should change the line of questioning. I am not likely to tell you secrets behind Valanna’s back. She too, would like to know the answers to these rather impertinent questions.

Accompanied by a sigh from the interviewer.
Q4. Was it another woman, perhaps, that dictated your cold treatment of her?
A4. By god, if you were not someone I had agreed to talk to, I’d shove your dastardly words down your stupid throat. There has never been another woman for me. Ever. Perhaps we should cease this interview as of now.

Q5. My lord, I do beg your pardon. I am trying to get at the truth here, and your answers are puzzling, to say the least. Shall I try again? Does Lady Valanna know the secrets you are so carefully guarding?
A5. We will leave Lady Valanna out of this interview or it is over.

Pause and another sigh.
Q6. You were on Wellington’s staff? Can you tell us about your war experiences and how they affected your romantic life?
A6. Your impertinence knows no bounds. Another question like that and we will meet outside to teach you some manners. You might find me not so crippled as you seem to think.

Q7. Can you tell us anything, anything at all about your war experiences? It is well known you we a trusted confidante of Wellington. At least you were until you dropped out of sight.

Long pause, and finally Lord Monteith speaks in a deadly quiet voice.
Q7. This interview is over. Good day to you, sir.

Lord Monteith stalks from the room.

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Great post, Jean! Entice Me is a wonderful collection. :)