Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Night's Companion, a Perfect Hallowe'en Read

As we are approaching Hallowe'en, I thought I'd go back a bit to a horror release from last year. Night's Companion is a full-length novel you can really sink your teeth into. *wink*

Kord is sexy, controlling and just too hot for Michelle to resist beginning a torrid sexual tryst with him, even if he is her new boarder. Mysterious, charming and more than capable of fulfilling every fantasy Michelle has ever had, she finds it easy to ignore the questions others raise about Kord’s odd behavior. When both of their violent pasts collide in their conjoined present, Michelle’s very life will hang in the balance as Kord struggles with a horrid choice: save Michelle or protect his true identity; lose his human lover or expose his true nature. 


Later that night, still costumed, Michelle rapped lightly on Kord’s door before opening it and walking in. It was her routine, their routine, and Kord was waiting, as always, just inside the door. He smiled broadly as his eyes took in her costume and he immediately enveloped her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

“Nice costume,” he commented.

Michelle was dressed as a vampire, wearing a floor length black dress with a long hooded robe over it. The robe was lined in red. She had long black gloves on that reached to her elbows. She too had gone heavy on the makeup, her face very pale, her eyes dark and her lips shockingly red. The tips of her vampire fangs nestled against her lower lip, barely visible unless she smiled. They were fairly expensive, molded fangs that adhered to her canines with denture paste. They were surprisingly solidly in place; she had eaten a candy bar earlier and had not loosened them.

She shrugged and then smiled, fully exposing her vampire teeth.

“I thought I’d bite you back for a change,” she teased.

“Hilarious,” he responded mirthlessly.

Michelle squeezed his ass cheeks playfully.

“Ah, come on. I thought it was funny.”

“Yes, it is very funny to poke fun at my teeth. It’s not like I’m self-conscious of them or anything.”

His tone was teasing now, despite his chastising words and Michelle smiled again.

“Want me to blow you with these on?”

“Absolutely,” he chuckled.

He kissed her deeply as he pushed his prominent erection against her. She felt his tongue moving over her fangs and he groaned and clutched her tighter. Her costume turned him on and Michelle grinned devilishly inwardly as she ran her tongue over his teeth, knowing how much he liked it. As her tongue caught on the tip of one of his canines, she quickly pulled it back and winced. She then leaned back to see his face, her lips pulled down into a slight frown.

“Have you ever thought about having your teeth filed down?”

He let go of her then and stepped back. Michelle instantly regretted her question and was about to apologize when Kord spoke, his expression heavy and dark.

“Of course I have but… my teeth are as much a part of me as anything else. Like my name. It has been suggested that if I change my first name along with my last that maybe Leila would not find me so readily. But Konrad is the name I was born with. It’s mine, bestowed upon me by my parents and I refuse to let her take that from me as well.”

Knowing she had hit a nerve, Michelle stepped forward and splayed her hands on Kord’s chest. Her apologetic eyes met his.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you. Your teeth don’t bother me, they are just unusual. It’s something to get used to, that’s all, and I’m more than willing to take the time to get used to them.”

He nodded solemnly but did not reply to her. Michelle smiled exaggeratedly fully exposing her fake fangs for him.

“Do mine bother you?”

Kord smiled. “No, they’re hot. And so is the lisp you have with them.”

Michelle feigned shock.

“Lispth?” she questioned innocently, “I have a lispth?”
Kord laughed.

“You’re fucking mental sometimes.”

“Look who’s talking. You used the word ‘bestowed’. Seriously, how old-fashioned is that? Were you born in the middle ages or something? Maybe I should call you Sir Kord.”

Kord firmly grabbed her plump buttocks and pulled her against him tightly.

“I’d like it if you called me sir.”

“I bet,” she cooed.

Leaning forward he ran his tongue from her chin to her ear. After quickly nipping her ear gently, he whispered into it, his voice husky.

“Can I have that blowjob now?”

Smiling and maintaining eye contact with him, Michelle slowly sank to her knees before Kord, her gloved fingers already unbuttoning his jeans.


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Loved your excerpt - beautiful cover! :)