Friday, October 9, 2015

Book 7 of The Angel Pack Saga

Warning: Excerpt contains adult language.

“Yes! Oh my fucking Gods, yes!” Crew screamed out. “More, Haven. Please don’t stop. I want to feel all of you,” Crew begged.
Well who was he to deny his mate what he wanted? But he would take it slow. No one had ever been able to fit his whole cock inside them and he didn’t want to hurt his mate. Haven pressed forward and slowly inched his way inside Crew’s body. Crew arch up off the bed as his head shook from side to side, and his hands fisted the sheets below him. A moan escaped Crew’s lips that was so damn sexy, that Haven thought he was going to come just from the sound. His cat roared and scratched to claim their mate. He needed to feel the connection, too. Haven’s eyes shifted and turned into his feline’s as he felt his fangs rip through his gums. He closed his eyes, trying to gain control of his cat. His jaw clenched from the breathtaking feeling of Crew’s inner muscles flexing and moving around his shaft, opening to allow his cock to slide in and then gripping him tightly. Haven was in total bliss as he pressed forward. His head fell back on his shoulders, eyes closed, and his mouth open as he panted and moaned his pleasure.
He was so lost in the feeling of being inside his mate and all the emotions swirling around inside him that his eyes flew open in surprise, and his head snapped down, when he felt his balls touch Crew’s ass. He stared at where their bodies were joined and he was lost in the sight. He was fully encased by his mate’s body. Not an inch of his cock was to be seen. His balls pressed against Crew’s smooth skin and his wiry curls mixed with Crew’s as he pressed his groin against his lover’s balls.
Holy motherfucking son of a bitch, sweet ecstasy. How? He was shocked at the sight in front of him. He couldn’t believe he was fully seated inside his mate. His eyes quickly shifted to look at his mate’s face, expecting to see pain and horror there, but instead he found a man who was lost in the pleasure. Crew’s face was relaxed, his eyes closed and lips parted as he panted. Exquisite moans and whimpers escaped his lips. He watched in awe at the sight of his mate’s face. Crew’s eyes opened, his gaze meeting Haven’s, and Haven gasped from the look in his mate’s eyes. They were full of desire, passion, need, and…love. Was that love he was seeing mixed in with all those other emotions?
“Move, Heaven. Please move,” Crew begged. Haven didn’t have the heart to correct his mate when he called him heaven instead of Haven. He could see in Crew’s eyes that he said what he meant. Haven’s heart clenched, then filled with joy―he liked it that Crew called him heaven.
Haven pulled back slowly until just the tip remained and then thrust forward again. Never before had he experienced such intense bliss.
Haven grabbed onto Crew’s hips and began a steady rhythm. As his thrusts increased, Crew began to babble and thrash below him. He begged and pleaded for Haven to take him, to make him his. Haven lowered his body over Crew’s and held himself up by his forearms. He captured Crew’s lips in a heated kiss as his hips began to snap against Crew’s body. Crew threw his arms around Haven’s shoulders and held him tight as he began to move his hips, meeting Haven thrust for thrust. Haven devoured his mate’s mouth. He couldn’t get enough of his taste. He wanted to stay right here inside his mate’s body with his tongue and his cock, as he lay pressed against him, encircled by Crew’s arms.
This was it―this was the pleasure he sought his whole life. He was here and he never wanted to leave it. Crew pulled his lips away and opened his eyes. Beautiful emerald-green eyes stared into his. “Do you feel it too, Haven? Do you feel like you’re finally where you were always meant to be?”
“Yes, baby. I feel it,” Haven whispered in awe. Crew said in words exactly what he was feeling.
“Claim me, Heaven. Make me yours.”
“Heaven, huh?” Haven asked with mirth.
“Yes. You are my heaven. Take me.”
Haven lowered his head and licked the side of Crew’s neck where it met his shoulder and he struck, sinking his teeth into the smooth, delicious flesh of his mate.
Crew’s blood coated his tongue, and Haven finally knew what ambrosia tasted like. One drop, one taste, and he already knew he was addicted to his mate’s blood. His hips thrust faster as he drew more of the intoxicating fluid into his mouth.
Crew’s fingers thrust onto his hair fiercely and tightened on the strands. Haven groaned from the sensation. He felt like he was being claimed at the same time he was claiming. Crew’s body drew him in, and his blood gave him life. There were too many sensations at once, that Haven felt dizzy from it. The feel of Crew’s body pulling him in and wrapping around him. His legs wrapped around Haven’s waist, locking them together, his arms holding him intensely as his fingers kept Haven’s lips pressed against his throat. Their sweaty chests sliding against each other, all mixing in with the incredible taste of his mate, and the intoxicating smell of him surrounding Haven’s head.
His sac pulled tight against his body, and an electric current shot down his spine. He thrust hard one last time, and his body stiffened as his seed exploded out of him, filling his mate’s hole. His body reacted, and he shot a second load, as he felt and smelled Crew’s release between them, as Crew screamed out his name to the heavens.
Envy is part of The Angel Pack, and Beyond the Angel Pack Series. The books should be read in order:
Betrayal, Secrets, Truth, Trust, Dante's Mates (Under Beyond the Angel Pack), Underneath, Viktor's Familiar (Under Beyond the Angel Pack), United, When World's Collide (Under Beyond the Angel Pack), and Envy.
 All titles by Maggie Walsh can be found at: www.bookstrand.com
All titles but Envy can be found on Amazon.com 


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