Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Always Remember…a story of women and war!

This is not an ordinary story of romance. It's more a story of life. In our books sin is very much a part of a good novel, and a writer must balance the good versus the evil in their characters. How do we go about doing that? Is good and evil like black and white? Do we show only the black heart, or do we show growth in the villain as well as the hero?

In Always Remember,  there are three heroines, Ruby, the mother, Rose the oldest, and Josey the youngest daughter of the Anderson family.  All three were heroines in their own way. Rose Anderson was a complex character. Some would call her a nymphomaniac, others just pure sinful and lusting. But there was much more to Rose than met the eye. Rose above all was a survivor. Going through the rigors of growing up during the civil war, Rose had been abused as a child. Her mother, a good woman knew nothing about how to save her daughter. The shame of a senseless act sent her mother scrambling to cope, and Rose scrambling to understand what life was all about. In a way, Ruby was partly responsible for Rose taking on every man she met. And her innocent sister Josey, was grown before she realized what had happened to Rose. All those years of resenting Rose for enticing men to her,  Josey hadn't a clue what drove Rose.

Rose had a simple belief that every man should be loved and happy. However, she never bargained for the deep seeded love she had for the slave her mother had raised. An impossible relationship that hurt her so badly, that Rose was forced to grow up.

Long ago, sex was not a discussion nice women had. Not even with their daughters. Can you imagine anything like that, these days?

We see her go from a wanton young woman to a mature, caring, and still very complex heroine. We see her character flourish under the worse conditions. We see inside Rose.

Always Remember is a tale of a hateful war, that brought chaos to even the struggling families. Women had to fight for their own land. They had to protect it. They had to protect themselves from the evils that lurked.

Josey grows up, her innocence stripped. Rose faces choices she doesn't want to face. Death stares at them. Always Remember is the story of a family that survived during the civil war and the struggles they had to overcome to do so.

The ones back home, this is the story of a family, the victories and the defeats, the love and the losses.

I hope you'll read this book, not because I wrote it, but because of the heartaches and the struggles of the women at home, during wartime. Be it now or back then….


jean hart stewart said...

This sounds strictly wonderful,,,love the Civil War period.

Tina Donahue said...

Lovely post, Rita - love your cover. :)

Redameter said...

Well I tried to mix reality with fantasy in some of this story, but I feel I poured out the reality in big doses. All civil war romances are usually bigger than life. And at first some will get the wrong impression of Rose. But her story is worth telling as she's complicated and yet we see a growth in her character, as war brings this out in most of us. I hope people will enjoy this book as it is dear to my heart. In men, the need to fight and stand up for what is right comes out. In women, passion, compassion, and emotions come out. This isn't the usual romance, and you'll quickly grasp that concept in the first few chapters.

It's a Jimmy cover and I love the lady and him together. But one must realize that Jimmy is only one of her men.....LOL

Love and blessings