Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rereleasing An Old Love

Many authors talk about their books being like children. Many new authors are often given the advice to “kill their darlings” ie their works to describe how brutal you have to be—often to your favorite passages—to get a work ready for others to read. But for me, my books are closer to old relationships and old loves, than children. Each hero is a former flame, abandoned for a different bad boy or sexy nerd (and I certainly have become a slut over the years, hee hee).  

A few months ago I got back the rights to one of my old short stories. It was a story I wrote a long time ago, before I was ever published (it was my third work published but written before either of the others). And after receiving the rights back I decided to take another look at it. I was surprised and amazed by how much I still loved this story so many years later, how much I still was enamored by my slightly unconventional hero (though you don’t find out why until the end of the story, just a teasers out there for all of you that haven’t read it yet) and my sexy confident heroine. Like meeting up with an old boyfriend you reconnected with on facebook, I was infatuated all over again with this story.

So I did what every other good author does…I self-published it. With a little more revising, some formatting and a great new cover, Whatever You Want, Sir is available all over again for all readers’ pleasure.

Here’s a little teaser to get you all in the mood.

Alicia tapped her heel against the smooth tiled floor beneath her desk. The phones had been quiet all day. No visitors had darkened their door since yesterday. 

Never exciting, her job was duller than usual today. 

Elbow braced on the desk surface, Alicia pivoted her chin in her hand, looking to the large white-faced clock on the opposite wall. Still five hours to go till she could return home and pour herself a glass of merlot. 

Alicia glanced over her shoulder into her boss’ office. Ted sat at his desk, focused on several papers spread across its surface. He massaged his temples, blinking down at the small print. His smooth linen shirt hugged his strong shoulders, stretching tighter across his chest with the extension of his arms. The top button was undone, giving a taste of the soft dark chest hair covering his pecs. 

Ted looked delectable. He always did. Half the reason she’d taken this job was so she could stare at him all day. Most assistants didn’t have anywhere near the view Alicia did. He was the kind of man that could make any woman hot and wet in all the right places. But today, fatigue almost overpowered his gorgeous qualities. Exhaustion was written all over him, from the stoop of his shoulders to the wrinkles sketched across his brow. 

Her boss wasn’t just yummy, Ted was also the best man Alicia knew. He never failed to put everyone else’s needs before his. Just as he had last night, when he’d pulled himself out of bed before the crack of dawn to sit by the side of a scared wife while her husband underwent emergency surgery. He’d looked beat when he’d walked in this morning, and three cups of coffee later, he didn’t look much better.

She wished he wouldn’t work himself so hard. That he’d find a little time for himself. Maybe even take a day off.

If only there was something she could do. Alicia’s lips curled into a wicked smile. An evil plan formed in her mind. 

She’d make him relax, even if she had to force him.

Flushed with excitement, Alicia leaped from her chair, running to the thick wooden portal that separated her reception area and Ted’s office from the rest of the building. She twisted the ancient lock. The click of the bolt sliding home sent a shiver up her spine.

Alicia wasn’t the most skilled assistant. She wasn’t great at filing, and a message or two often got lost on her desk. Her computer skills were subpar at best. But she had other skills to offer up, and it was about time she started using them for Ted’s advantage.

She stepped to Ted’s office door, tugging her dress down so that her breasts peeked out from the top of the plain neckline to emphasize the shadowy valley of her cleavage. No reason not to put her best asset forward. 

Alicia took a deep breath as she raised her hand to the smooth wood door. This wasn’t going to be easy. She smiled as she brushed the hair from her face. But it would be fun. For her as much as him. She rapped her knuckles against the wood, throwing the door open before Ted had a chance to respond to her knock.

He didn’t look up from his desk as she stepped to the entryway, giving Alicia a moment’s pause. His gaze trained down with iron focus. With bouncy blond hair, ample breasts and long smooth legs, Alicia wasn’t used to men maintaining that kind of concentration around her. Especially when she gave them all the signals she was interested in more than photocopying. Maybe she shouldn’t have bothered him. It wasn’t too late to abandon her plan. She could toss off some simple excuse and slink back to her desk with him none the wiser.

“What is it, Alicia?” Ted growled. Sable locks pointed out in disarray around his head, as if he’d been running his fingers through them all morning. Her palms twitched with the urge to comb through those silky strands and right his mane. To then use her grip to pull him close enough to smell the woodsy cologne and natural male scent he wore. Her desire to comfort him, to touch him, gave new life to her convictions and revived the power inside her. 
Ted needed to enjoy himself, he needed to relax, and only she could give him that.

It can be found now at all your major ebook retailers. I hope you’ll check it out and discover one of my old loves, just like I did a few months ago.


Tina Donahue said...

Wonderful excerpt, Willa! I know what you mean about slicing/dicing your work to make it readable to others. Been there, still doing that. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Great excerpt... It does hurt to hack away at your babies, though.