Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Anniversary to me!

You're welcome!  
Last Friday, my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  We had Domino's pizza with our son for our dinner.  That's how we roll at our house.  See, we got married when I was 37 and the hubs was 30.  Four weeks after the wedding, I got pregnant with our son.  The only true anniversary that we found a babysitter was our first.  Every since then, we've never lived near family so we try to have lunch on our anniversary and then celebrate with our son.

I realize it doesn't sound traditional but it's us.  Its always been the three of us.  As a unit, through thick and thin.  It's the only non-traditional thing that we do as a couple and family.  Which leads me to the point of my post this month.

We were looking at our wedding gifts that we received and believe it or not, we still have everything that we got and still us everything.  If there was one thing that we didn't register for and regret now is a quesadilla maker and tortilla warmer.  Weird, right?  My husband still loves his wok and I still have my whistling tea kettle.  Use them all the time and I haven't seen a tea kettle like I have since we got married.

Of course our everyday pattern was discontinued a year after we got married from Crate and Barrel.  We still use it every day and it still looks brand new.  Same with our silverware, pots/pans, towels/sheets.  I guess we just don't wear out things that everyone else.

Have we bought other stuff since we got married?  Yes and no.  We still have the same furniture we brought into the marriage and the same vehicles.  New computer and odds and ins for the kitchen.  Not that we are cheap but if its not broken and still works, why buy something else?

So my question for you is, do you still have some or all of your wedding gifts?  And tell me your favorites.


Tina Donahue said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the picture. :)

Harlie Williams said...

Thank you Tina!

Jon always brings a smile. :)


jean hart stewart said...

Great picture....happy, happy, anniversary.

Fiona McGier said...

We've got 20 years on you, girl. About the only wedding gifts we still have are the wall hangings, like the one telling us that it's not enough to choose the right partner in a successful marriage, you need to BE the right partner. And an ornate mirror.

Dishes? We've got almost a whole set from my late mom, and a few left from our other set, but all of them are cheap, heavy dishes we collected from the local grocery store, a plate at a time. And there's the Tupperware plastic square plates from when the kids were young and I color-coded their plates and cups to try to minimize the passing of germs. Glasses? Again, cheap plastic and a few glasses that no one has broken ...yet. Miss-matched coffee mugs we've been collecting for years. A couple of sets of cheap silverware from the local Target. Raising 4 kids is a whole lot more expensive than one, so luckily for my husband, I've never been the kind of woman who cares about things like that.

Furniture? All old, all used by someone else, except for our beds. We joke there's a sign out front of our house, "Give us your tired, your old, your broken-down furniture you're tired of looking at. We'll use it up, then chop it up and burn it for firewood out back or in our 2 fireplaces." Nothing goes to waste. Besides, we used to catch our crew having contests, taking running starts and jumping onto the coffee table, to bound onto the couches, to see who could jump the highest. No wonder our couches never lasted long! Now they're all adults, we joke that we're waiting for them to own furniture of their own, so we can come visit and jump on their couches, to pay them back.

P.S. Hubs is a younger man? You lucky woman!

Harlie Williams said...




I'm glad we aren't the only ones that haven't bought furniture. We don't see the point right now with a 10 yr old. LOL!

We are not wasteful people either. We use it until we can't use it anymore.