Monday, September 14, 2015

Do Children Enhance a Love Story?

I've read many reviews about books with children in a romance. I've also read that children is a way to support the story and that they are in the way of the romance. I disagree heartily. A child or baby can show so much about the hero or the heroine in the romance.

I like family stories, and so children or babies to me are a natural part of life and writing. To me, including all the elements of life in your story helps build a stronger story. I enjoy a romance with children, because for one thing, it makes it much harder to have that romance.

Pioneer life was full of every aspect of family and hardships. Most marriages involved many children. Leaving them out of a story is like not including all the cycles of life.

How a hero reacts to a woman with a child can build on the story. How he reacts to the child or baby tells us more about his character. Whether it is the woman's child, or sibling, children and babies are a natural part of life.  Is the mother a good mother, or a nervous mother, or a mother that is lost with her own child. All these elements introduced in the story only add flavor to it. Finding a time and place for a kiss can be magical with a child involved. But again, that is real life too and not all people in love are childless.

Sometimes a man falls in love with a woman and she has a family of siblings, like in my book Heart of a Family. Bonnie was not a well educated woman trying to raise her siblings after her folks died. But after surviving for four years on what their parents left them, she was out of resources and trying to figure out how to keep the family together while facing the prospect of losing her house. So Bonnie set about to find a husband. It was logical. She needed help, someone who would stick around and help. This whole books centered on family and caring and loving. To me it created the warmest of atmospheres for a romance.

So the next time you sit down to read a romance and you find it has a child or a baby in the story, open your heart and mind to  the possibilities of being a warm and inviting story.

Life is about people. Stories are about people. To exclude any age is silly. A writer can make an appealing case for the family unit. It isn't a ploy in the story. It's part of the story.

Many people these days come from broken homes, orphaned, or on the street. Part of our job is to create an escape for the reader. Bringing the story of a loving family to the reader is enlightening  and can make those warm fuzzy stories even better.

Consider the family in your stories. Babies are something we all love. Why not have some in your books. Children are a blessing, how can anyone object.

Now, naturally having an erotic story with a child might be hard, but I've written steamy stories with children in them, and I still think they enhance the story itself. I hope others enjoy them too. I might add that the same goes for animals too. A good animal character can make a lot of jo y and smiles for your book. So don't leave anything out. Include the family.

Till next time…God bless


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Rita. Love historicals. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I only write contemporary romance, and I've got at least 3 or 4 stories that involve the heroine having children. Before I became a mother, I was ambivalent about babies. Once I had one of my own, quickly followed by 3 more, I became convinced the only thing sexier than a man holding a toilet bowl brush (he loves you enough to tackle that most onerous of tasks so you don't have to!) is a man holding a baby. AWW! A man in touch with his feeling enough to be gentle with a baby or child, is someone I want to have touching my feelings...and the rest of me also!

jean hart stewart said...

Never thought of children as detracting from a story. I have them in all sorts of stories, and they detract from any romance as far as I can see. How can they?????

Redameter said...

Well girls, I never said I don't approve of it, I'm saying I've read some reviews of my books where the reviewer actually objected to me having children or little ones in story. I think that is so unfair but it struck me that a lot of people object to it. But I feel it makes people more real in the stories. Glad I'm not the only one that agrees. Sometimes we are so isolated in our work when someone says something like this, it makes you wonder. So discussing it makes it clearer.

I love children and babies in stories. Because like you girls mentioned, nothing is really more appealing about a man who can deal with children or babies.

Love and blessing to you all.