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So on every 31st I'll be here giving two cents of my madness to everyone. Aren't you just lucky?

OH dear indeed!

So the last time I was here, I gave a little lecture on Massage Therapy, but I also promised a sneak peek into my books. And now I'm back this month to give ya a little sumthin-sumthin! 

The first of my books that I want to give some insight on is the Club Aries Series

The series takes place in Nashville, Tennessee - a place I visited a lot in 2012. It's so incredibly beautiful down there, and it made sense for Aries to be centered in downtown Nashville. My first book, All The Difference features Jamie Monroe and Diego Ramirez. The two couldn't be more opposite. 
At the beginning of the book she is a wallflower, a secretary for Bristol Carter, no self esteem at all thanks to the last boyfriend she had. I poured quite a bit of myself into Jamie, with the exception of the secretary thing. In 2012 I had just left my husband of whom I'd been with for a decade of my life. I knew nothing else, and I was very self conscious. But once she meets Diego, a male dancer at Club Aries who is in the bar of the hotel she decided to stay in, he helps her find that confidence within herself to push forward to catch her dreams. 
Six weeks go by within the book after the hot weekend Jamie spends with Diego and she's refusing to sue his number, to contact him, instead wanting to find herself and stand on her own two feet -- or so she tells herself. She makes up her mind to go back to school to get her paralegal degree, and on her final day in the firm, she figures out that finding her dreams is meaningless without the one person that made her feel confident enough to go for it. 

The book started out more as a wish fulfillment/fantasy of a man I'd met at a book convention. Then it turned into something so much more, and you get to see Jamie and Diego's growing romance and relationship in the subsequent books. 

Book Two - Chivalry Isn't Dead takes place alongside All The Difference's timeline, in which Adrian agrees to fill in for Diego when he takes the weekend off from Aries to spend time with Jamie. He meets Natasha Franklin at Aries who is there to celebrate her best friend's upcoming wedding.  After partying hard and drinking a lot, Natasha finds herself crudely awakened by the bridesmaids insisting they go work out at one of the dancer's fitness studios. She then remembers the Adonis that begged her to come, and quickly dressed. She found out that she and Adrian shared an intense love of dance and music, and instantly hit it off. 
Unfortunately for Natasha, there's a man within her group of friends in Bowling Green, Kentucky that wants her for himself and will stop at nothing to have her. Regardless of Adrian and Natasha's growing love, this man decides that if he can't have her no one can. 

Natasha was an interesting one for me to write. I had seen her a different way, while she shared Adrian's love of dance, her looks were very different, until I was sitting with my kids while they watched Disney. Zendaya's "Replay" comes on and I actually listened to the lyrics and realized that she was my Natasha. Her name was originally Natalie as well, but once I found the inspiration for her it changed. Adrian was inspired by a good friend of mine, who is also a friend of the man that inspired Diego. He'd asked me in 2013 if I would write a book for him after he'd read a bit of All The Difference. With that one question the entire Aries crew took life within my head. 

Book Three - Now or Never puts the timeline ahead a bit and introduces more firmly Travis Holt, a driven man, who works in Aries, but also has a dream of owning his own construction business. He works with a construction team in Bowling Green, and lives on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee to make certain he can make it to both jobs at a decent time. While working in Kentucky he sees a girl that had drawn his attention while he was onstage at Aries. A blonde bombshell that drove him insane with lust. Upon leaving the job site he finds her admiring his '72 mustang. But what surprises him is that Katelyn Jacobs is just a driven as he is. When she sees something she wants, she goes for it head first. 
They begin a friends with benefits relationship slowly growing the friends portion until they finally begin dating. Travis doesn't realize fully until Katie's life is put in danger how much he truly cares for her. 

Into Katie I put my recklessness. Katie is fun and a down home country girl, loving going mudding with the boys. Katie fits in with the group as 'one of the boys' and that's me completely. I've always had male friends and was treated like one of the boys. 

Book Four - Once in a Lifetime gives us more of Mallory, who was introduced in All The Difference. She's made a name for herself as a Massage Therapist and loves what she does. She also has the hots for Diego's friend Vincent. Vince, however, has too many skeletons in his closet that keeps him from forming attachments. Mallory is just too sweet for him to resist, but even though he tries to keep her at arm's length he cannot stay away from her. 

As I said in my last blog entry I modeled Mallory after myself with my love of my new career. Mallory's involvement within the Club Aries series is not done yet, she plays a part in Book Six where I feature Jamie's wedding. 

Book Five - No More Games is the lead in to Jamie and Diego's wedding, and the last of the boys following his dreams. Jason has opened his bar, The Red Zone and it's doing very well in Nashville. One of the boys from Aries, Joey is like a little brother to him, but Joey's sister, Tiera certainly is not like family to him. He's loved her since he first met her, and the two have been dating a while, but have been keeping it secret. Tiera deals with overbearing parents who wants to run her life and belittles her when she attempts to explain that she's doing what she loves. She doesn't find the courage to stand up to them and for what she wants until Joey is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. 

This book was an interesting one for me to write. I had imagined Tiera's parents to be overbearing but sweet, wanting the best for their kids. Yet when I wrote the first scene with them, I hated them. HATED them. But it works, and it made the story so much better for when Tiera finds that confidence. I found myself relating to Tiera in her desire to have what she wants, and yet wanting to make everyone else happy before thinking of herself. 

The series will continue with Ready and Willing, book six, in which I show Nicholas, who has been shown throughout the series, and Jenna, one of Jamie's best friends. 

For now, however, I'm busy working on my paranormal, which'll be 11 books with potential to continue after that. There's an overall arc of a war breaking out within a secret supernatural community. It influences everyone in the books and each couple will have their own book to feature in as the timeline progresses. Paranormal is my passion and I've been working hard to get it right to be published. Hopefully soon, by my next blog, I'm hoping for, I'll have the news that it's been contracted! 

It's been a pleasure to be here again today, and I'll see y'all on Halloween!

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