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So on every 31st I'll be here giving two cents of my madness to everyone. Aren't you just lucky?

OH dear indeed!

So the last time I was here, I gave a little lecture on Massage Therapy, but I also promised a sneak peek into my books. And now I'm back this month to give ya a little sumthin-sumthin! 

The first of my books that I want to give some insight on is the Club Aries Series

The series takes place in Nashville, Tennessee - a place I visited a lot in 2012. It's so incredibly beautiful down there, and it made sense for Aries to be centered in downtown Nashville. My first book, All The Difference features Jamie Monroe and Diego Ramirez. The two couldn't be more opposite. 
At the beginning of the book she is a wallflower, a secretary for Bristol Carter, no self esteem at all thanks to the last boyfriend she had. I poured quite a bit of myself into Jamie, with the exception of the secretary thing. In 2012 I had just left my husband of whom I'd been with for a decade of my life. I knew nothing else, and I was very self conscious. But once she meets Diego, a male dancer at Club Aries who is in the bar of the hotel she decided to stay in, he helps her find that confidence within herself to push forward to catch her dreams. 
Six weeks go by within the book after the hot weekend Jamie spends with Diego and she's refusing to sue his number, to contact him, instead wanting to find herself and stand on her own two feet -- or so she tells herself. She makes up her mind to go back to school to get her paralegal degree, and on her final day in the firm, she figures out that finding her dreams is meaningless without the one person that made her feel confident enough to go for it. 

The book started out more as a wish fulfillment/fantasy of a man I'd met at a book convention. Then it turned into something so much more, and you get to see Jamie and Diego's growing romance and relationship in the subsequent books. 

Book Two - Chivalry Isn't Dead takes place alongside All The Difference's timeline, in which Adrian agrees to fill in for Diego when he takes the weekend off from Aries to spend time with Jamie. He meets Natasha Franklin at Aries who is there to celebrate her best friend's upcoming wedding.  After partying hard and drinking a lot, Natasha finds herself crudely awakened by the bridesmaids insisting they go work out at one of the dancer's fitness studios. She then remembers the Adonis that begged her to come, and quickly dressed. She found out that she and Adrian shared an intense love of dance and music, and instantly hit it off. 
Unfortunately for Natasha, there's a man within her group of friends in Bowling Green, Kentucky that wants her for himself and will stop at nothing to have her. Regardless of Adrian and Natasha's growing love, this man decides that if he can't have her no one can. 

Natasha was an interesting one for me to write. I had seen her a different way, while she shared Adrian's love of dance, her looks were very different, until I was sitting with my kids while they watched Disney. Zendaya's "Replay" comes on and I actually listened to the lyrics and realized that she was my Natasha. Her name was originally Natalie as well, but once I found the inspiration for her it changed. Adrian was inspired by a good friend of mine, who is also a friend of the man that inspired Diego. He'd asked me in 2013 if I would write a book for him after he'd read a bit of All The Difference. With that one question the entire Aries crew took life within my head. 

Book Three - Now or Never puts the timeline ahead a bit and introduces more firmly Travis Holt, a driven man, who works in Aries, but also has a dream of owning his own construction business. He works with a construction team in Bowling Green, and lives on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee to make certain he can make it to both jobs at a decent time. While working in Kentucky he sees a girl that had drawn his attention while he was onstage at Aries. A blonde bombshell that drove him insane with lust. Upon leaving the job site he finds her admiring his '72 mustang. But what surprises him is that Katelyn Jacobs is just a driven as he is. When she sees something she wants, she goes for it head first. 
They begin a friends with benefits relationship slowly growing the friends portion until they finally begin dating. Travis doesn't realize fully until Katie's life is put in danger how much he truly cares for her. 

Into Katie I put my recklessness. Katie is fun and a down home country girl, loving going mudding with the boys. Katie fits in with the group as 'one of the boys' and that's me completely. I've always had male friends and was treated like one of the boys. 

Book Four - Once in a Lifetime gives us more of Mallory, who was introduced in All The Difference. She's made a name for herself as a Massage Therapist and loves what she does. She also has the hots for Diego's friend Vincent. Vince, however, has too many skeletons in his closet that keeps him from forming attachments. Mallory is just too sweet for him to resist, but even though he tries to keep her at arm's length he cannot stay away from her. 

As I said in my last blog entry I modeled Mallory after myself with my love of my new career. Mallory's involvement within the Club Aries series is not done yet, she plays a part in Book Six where I feature Jamie's wedding. 

Book Five - No More Games is the lead in to Jamie and Diego's wedding, and the last of the boys following his dreams. Jason has opened his bar, The Red Zone and it's doing very well in Nashville. One of the boys from Aries, Joey is like a little brother to him, but Joey's sister, Tiera certainly is not like family to him. He's loved her since he first met her, and the two have been dating a while, but have been keeping it secret. Tiera deals with overbearing parents who wants to run her life and belittles her when she attempts to explain that she's doing what she loves. She doesn't find the courage to stand up to them and for what she wants until Joey is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. 

This book was an interesting one for me to write. I had imagined Tiera's parents to be overbearing but sweet, wanting the best for their kids. Yet when I wrote the first scene with them, I hated them. HATED them. But it works, and it made the story so much better for when Tiera finds that confidence. I found myself relating to Tiera in her desire to have what she wants, and yet wanting to make everyone else happy before thinking of herself. 

The series will continue with Ready and Willing, book six, in which I show Nicholas, who has been shown throughout the series, and Jenna, one of Jamie's best friends. 

For now, however, I'm busy working on my paranormal, which'll be 11 books with potential to continue after that. There's an overall arc of a war breaking out within a secret supernatural community. It influences everyone in the books and each couple will have their own book to feature in as the timeline progresses. Paranormal is my passion and I've been working hard to get it right to be published. Hopefully soon, by my next blog, I'm hoping for, I'll have the news that it's been contracted! 

It's been a pleasure to be here again today, and I'll see y'all on Halloween!

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A Few of my Favorite Lines #WolvesofWillowBend #NewRelease

I have spent the week celebrating the release of the latest Wolves of Willow Bend, so I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite lines from the book:

“Only if you understand that I graduated from bad boys to big bad wolf.”
“I’ll only ask you nicely once. Who are you and what are you doing here?” 

Damn good questions. What was her name again?
“My mother is definitely not a wolf. Hell, she’s a Methodist…”
“Damn, you got mean while I was gone.”

“Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?”
How his father managed to reduce him from Alpha to recalcitrant teenager he’d never know—or admit to—but the man did. In the kitchen, his father nodded to the table. “Why don’t you set that while we talk?”

Irritation scraped against his nerves. He had a thousand things to be doing, but sure…he could set a table. “What’s up, Dad?"

Brett Dalton, Alpha of Hudson River, isolated himself from his pack mates after one betrayed him. The once, easygoing Alpha has become taciturn, remote and unforgiving. His pack worries for him, but they too have suffered a devastating blow. When several members leave to join Three Rivers, the pack faces the threat of dissolution until Brett’s best friend and Lone Wolf, Luc Danes returns to Hudson River accompanied by a beautiful young human—or is she? Something about the woman consumes Brett. Has Luc come home to help or to take the pack from Brett?

Colby Jensen wrapped up thousands of hours of community service working at the hospital in Maine when an injured Luc Danes rolled through the door. The impossible patient drove the nurses crazy, but when Danes offered her money no strings attached to drive him to New York, she agreed. The last thing she expected was to arrive in the small Westchester County town and to meet the craziest collection of residents—especially the devastatingly sexy Brett Dalton. Part of her wants to hit the road, the rest wants to make him smile and he keeps making excuses for her to stay.

Then she sees the wolves…and is exposed to a world she can barely imagine. When Brett discovers a secret about her, nothing will be the same again. Now she will find herself torn between a world she isn’t sure she can understand and the man who has taken her heart hostage…

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Scorching New Highlander from Sabrina York #Giveaway

Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York
First in a brand-new series about the bold, brawny men of the Scottish Highlands--and the lovely lasses who bring them to their knees…
Coming September 1st

Highlanders are her weakness.

Hannah Dounreay has no time for suitors who only seem interested in her family's land, which she manages as well as any man. If she marries, she wants to be loved for the educated, independent woman she is. But when a strong, silent--and spectacularly handsome--Highlander saves her from a violent attack, her heart is stirred. Who is this man? And if he asks for Hannah's hand, will she be able to resist him?

Love is the most powerful weapon of all.

Alexander Lochlannach, Laird of Dunnet, has no time to lose. The Highlands are in an uproar as clans battle for land--without mercy--and Alexander can't afford to fall for the wildly attractive, strong-willed Hannah. What's more, he has a desperate secret, one that could destroy them both. But as their attraction turns into an all-consuming passion, Alexander has no choice but to prove to Hannah that he's the only man for her--body and soul…

Read an excerpt:

Egads. She wants to speak with him before the wedding…

The door opened immediately, as though she’d been standing there waiting. At the sight of her, his heart stalled and his throat tightened. She had this effect on him each and every time he saw her. God, she was so beautiful. 
Her eyes widened, as though she was surprised to see him, which befuddled him, because she’d asked him to come. Then her gaze raked him. He liked to think that look in her eye was a glimmer of appreciation. “Dunnet,” she said. “You’re . . . dressed.”
Aye. Dressed for a wedding. He couldn’t help but notice she was not.
“Lady . . . Hannah.” He bowed. “You wanted to . . . talk?”
She nodded briskly and opened the door wider, stepping back to allow him to enter. He did so and closed the door behind him. The click was deafening. It was not lost on him that he was in her bedchambers. His gaze flicked to the bed. It was slightly rumpled. That made him feel slightly rumpled as well.
This was not the time for his passion to rise.
It did.
“Thank you for coming,” she said, turning away to pace. “I know you are prepared to marry . . . forthwith.” He had no idea why she emphasized the word as she did. “But before we exchange our vows, I have some things that I need to say.”
He nodded, even as relief gushed through him.
She hadn’t changed her mind.
And if she had things to say, he should probably stay silent. And listen.
“You and I need to have an understanding.”
“An . . . understanding?”
“Aye.” His hope was supplanted by a hint of disappointment when she said in a very businesslike tone, “We both know this is a marriage of convenience.”
His gaze snapped to her face. Ernest though her expression was, it lacked the dreamy, romantic tinge a groom might hope for. In fact, she set her chin and shot him a very unromantic glance.
A marriage of convenience? A cold, heartless, distant union? Denial howled. Suddenly, to his surprise, he found he wanted something very different. He longed to respond, to cry out his dissent, but his throat locked.
“There is no reason to pretend this is something other than it is. I agreed to marry you because Dounreay needs your protection and you agreed to marry me for my lands. We are marrying for no other reason. Aye. I understand that. We understand that.”
Nae. We understood nothing of the sort. There was another reason he was determined to marry her, did she but realize.
He wanted her.
“Regardless, Dunnet, my wish is for a peaceful union.”
Peaceful. Aye. Peaceful was good.
“I should like for us to work together as a team. In partnership.”
Aye. He had a partnership in mind. . . .
“If I’m going to pledge myself to a man forever, I need to know that he will respect me. That he will honor my wishes. I need to know he will take my counsel into account.” She fixed Alexander with a steady gaze, as though she expected a response. So he nodded.
She was so beautiful, so earnest. So tantalizing.
He stepped closer, intent on his target.
Her eyes widened as he neared. Her hand on his chest stalled his approach and her brow wrinkled. Her gaze flicked to his mouth and her tongue peeped out, wetting her lips, igniting a flame in his belly. With great effort, she ripped her gaze away and frowned. “Do you agree to my terms?” she asked.
He cupped her cheek and angled her head up. Her breath caught. Her features froze as she realized his intent. “Aye,” he said. “Aye.” And then he did what he’d been thinking about for weeks. What he’d been obsessing over all day. He kissed her.
And it was glorious.

A shiver rippled over Hannah’s skin as Dunnet took her mouth. His taste, his scent, infused her. It was a light kiss, a testing foray, but it sent an unholy thrill through her and left her wanting one thing. More.
She had wanted this chance to speak with him privately, to receive his assurances that their marriage would be a partnership, to set her mind at rest, and he’d done that. But if she was being truthful . . . something like this had been on her mind as well, skulking there behind her noble intentions, a roiling hunger. A curiosity. A need.
She’d kissed him before and he had turned away. She desperately needed to know if, in his heart, he had any passion for her whatsoever.
He lifted his head—way too soon—and stared down at her. “Hannah . . . ” he murmured.
Even as she attempted to rein in her disappointment at his withdrawal, his hold on her cheek tightened, his eyes narrowed, and he issued a noise, something gruff and deep, something that sent a lick of exhilaration through her.
He yanked her closer. The feel of his body against hers, rigid and unyielding, made her head spin. His fingers threaded through her hair and he held her steady as his head descended again. She sucked in a breath, quivering with anticipation.
And ah. Ah.
This kiss was different.
This wasn’t tentative in the slightest. It was a taking. A mad, starved consummation of her mouth with his, a melding of lips and tongue and need.
This was as wild as the windy squalls off the coast. As tantalizing as the fairy wisps at dusk. As scorching as the forge where razor-sharp steel was tempered and formed.
And it cut through her like a screaming wind, an enticing magic, a warm blade.
Scuttles of heat rose in her womb. Rivulets of excitement danced in her veins. His taste filled her senses, her mouth, her soul.
When he lifted his head, a glimmer danced in his eye. It was the look of a conquering hero, a savage Scotsman, a man whose hunger had been sated but ignited at the same time.
Oh heavens.
Exultation whipped through her. Her knees were weak and her body melted.
Damn her reservations.
Damn her fears.
Damn her doubts about whether or not he really wanted her.
She wanted him. And she would have him.
It was gratifying to see that he was not unaffected. His breath came heavy and hard and there was a slight tremble in his voice when he spoke. It was one word and one word only, forced out and wreathed in a growl, but it was enough.

Bold and steamy—Publisher’s Weekly
5 stars: A stunning tale from beginning to end—Love, Life and Booklust
Top Pick: Hannah and the Highlander is a wonderful love story that I can honestly and happily recommend to all—Night Owl Reviews
4 Stars: York turns her talent for sizzle to men in kilts—and the women who love them—in her newest sexy romp—RT Magazine

Untamed Highlanders Series
Hannah and the Highlander—Coming September 1st
Susana and the Scot—Coming December 29th
Lana and the Laird—Coming in 2016

Want More Highlanders by Sabrina York?

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Get updates and alerts from Sabrina here: HotSheet Sign Up.


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Nibble of Cerise's #new cherry? Taste her butler! HER BEGUILING BUTLER #Regency

     I'd like a butler, please. Especially one like Mr. Finnley. Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious and oh, so obliging!
   He's out everywhere and I will get you the links. In the meantime, here is the AMAZON link:

   He is the first in a series about delightful, impertient servants in Dudley Crescent, London. Others to come include a FAB.U.LOUS group created last month by so many readers who came to a FB Party I gave with my buddies.

   Look for them in coming months. 

Here's your nibble:
Copyright 2015, Cerise DeLand.

  She should not undo him. But she did.
  “Wallace Finnley. You have education and breeding. I can tell. Do you know how?”
  He shook his head, her nearness a magnet to his body, his soul. Her lips, his only lure.
  “For one thing, you own that very fine, very French Ferdinand Berthoud pocket watch. My great-uncle owned one similar.” She dropped her eyes toward the point on his chest where he kept his treasure. “I can hear the delicate chimes when it rings every quarter hour.”
  He should have left it in his rooms. But it was the dearest memento he owned from his grandfather.   Besides, he ran his daily duties by the precision of it. “I cannot part with it. It keeps me on task.”
  “It does. I see it.”
  “May I go now?”
  “No. Certainly not. I would learn more. You say you come from Yorkshire. But I detect no hint of it in your pronunciation. You went to school. Some fine institution that weaned you from your native speech. Where?”
  Good god. She was perceptive. He set his jaw. He’d not reveal his year at Edinburgh. He never told anyone of that, he’d hated it so. “The Army was my schooling. Taught me responsibility.”
  “Your rank?”
   She smiled at him, her face around her eyes crinkling in appreciation. “So then your family purchased a commission for you?”
   My father gave me nothing of value. “I ran away. Began as a recruit.”
   “Noble of you.”
   “Necessary, ma’am.” He shook his head, thinking them done, moving to rise.
   She caught his hand. “A moment, Finnley. There is more to your story. From your time in the Army, I see then when and how you acquired your demeanor with those under your command.”
He wished to escape her touch and her sound perception. “The Army gave me a good education.”
   “And war is a demanding teacher,” she concluded.
   “It was. I wish to never fight again.”
   “Nor do any of us. My brother died. At Waterloo.”
   He schooled himself to remain placid. Her brother had been his best friend. What he did here for Alicia was as much for her as for Jerome.
   “I find it intriguing, dear Finnley, that with such rank in the military, you now offer yourself in domestic service.”
   Her statement, he knew, was a question and he had to avoid the whole answer of his origins. “Being a butler is an honorable occupation.”
   She fell back to her cushions, her hand dropping and freeing him of her hold.  Her expression told him she was dismayed with his obstinate ways.
   He stepped backward and rubbed his wrist.
   She stared at him, clear-eyed and assured. “Finnley, I will be forthright. I look into your endearing blue eyes and can see that when you speak truth to me, your pupils darken and enlarge.”
   “And when you lie to me, your pupils constrict and your body tightens like a drum.”
   Well, damn. Foiled by my eyes?
   Once more, she took his hand and put his open palm to her soft cheek. “Might you care for me, Finnley?”
   Might? There was no might.

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Susana's 2015 English Adventure: Introducing Squidgeworth


Tomorrow afternoon, Susana will be on her way across the pond to London for her 2015 English adventure. This time, however, she won't be traveling alone. Her dear friend Squidgeworth, who turned chartreuse with envy when his cousin Squidge got to travel there with Ki Pha earlier this year, will be accompanying her on the trip and posing for photos along the way. Squidgeworth and his cousin appear identical—as indeed does every member of the Squidge family—but the Squidgeworths are the aristocratic blue-bloods of the family. He was quite indignant that his commoner cousin got to visit the land of their ancestors before he did. He got over his fit of pique when Susana explained that she was going later this year because she wanted to visit when Buckingham Palace was open to the public. Squidge, after all, didn't get to go there.

So… where else are Squidgeworth and Susana going this year?


A dear friend invited them to stay a few days in Eastbourne, where they will be visiting Firle Place and/or the Glynde Estate, Chartwell, visiting the quaint village of Alfriston, and Quebec House. They will also be taking in a play called Flare Path.

From there, they will travel to London, where they will be residing in a rented flat near London Bridge. There are always plenty of things to see in or near London, and some of the places on this year's list include:

  • Buckingham Palace (of course)
  • Osterley Park
  • Kenwood
  • Ham House
  • The White Hart, St. Albans
  • Marble Hill
  • The Foundling Museum
  • The Victoria & Albert Museum: specifically, the Vauxhall exhibit, with the Handel statue and supper-box paintings.

Day Trips from London

  • Petworth, West Sussex
  • Waddesdon Manor
  • Hatfield House, Hertfordshire
  • Burghley House, Lincolnshire
  • Bateman's House, East Sussex
  • The Bell Inn, Stilton
  • Lyme Park, Cheshire
  • Greenway, Devon
  • Charlecote, Warwickshire
  • Arundel Castle, West Sussex

Overnight Stays

Bath and Devizes

The Bear Hotel

In Devizes, Susana and Squidgeworth will be staying at the historic Bear Inn, which featured in Susana's Coaching Days & Coaching Ways blog series. Then they will spend two days in Bath, visiting some of the sights that figure in Susana's story, The Third MacPherson Sister, from the Sweet Summer Kisses box set.


Following that, S & S will be heading north for two nights in York, where they will be paying visits to Harewood, Castle Howard, and Haworth, as well as enjoying the lovely city itself.

England's Stately Homes By Train

Neither Susana nor Squidgeworth is interested in driving in England, so Cheryl Bolen's book, English Stately Homes By Train, has been very helpful in planning the trip. Susana used the print version for planning and will take the digital version on her iPad for the trip.

Follow S & S on their wanderings

Squidgeworth will be appearing regularly on Susana's Facebook Page, and photos will be downloaded to Pinterest as well. Highlights of the week will appear on Mondays on this blog. Please keep in touch so they don't get too homesick!

À bientôt

Susana & Squidgeworth

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer loving....

It's almost September already! If you're like me you look with some dread to fall as with it comes snow and Winter soon.  This year I've resolved that I would enjoy each season as it occurs.  I encourage you all to try this!  I'm going to make it the best fall/winter ever!

In the writing world I have a new book coming out with Evernight Publishing! I am currently working on a few books at this time including the third book in the Binding series, a new standalone book, and a contemporary erotic book.

My first book in the Binding series Binding Dreams is now available in paperback format from Amazon as well as in ebook format!  Truthful Silence and Binding Blood will be available in paperback in the next coming month or so.  In the meantime if you want me to sign your copy of Binding Dreams I can arrange to do so if you contact me at CecileTellier1980@gmail.com.

In the photography world I have a gypsy/fairytale shoot September 5th and am looking forward to working with a great local model.  This is a part of the process I enjoy as it's art of different mediums all combined to make for an amazing reading and visual experience!

Blogging/Vlogging/Video Gaming:  I am starting a twitch.tv channel for my gaming stream fun.  I am also going to continue with blog/vlog creation now that the Mac is healed!  I am in the process of creating a Patreon account to support some of these more expensive habits that allow me to interact frequently with readers/gamers/etc.  

Please have a safe end of summer and feel free to contact me at www.facebook.com/ceciletellierauthor!

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Warrior Hearts—Tales of the Picts

From the land of the Picts, spring two tales of ancient tattooed warriors, wielding longswords in the fight for freedom and love.
The fate of Caledonia rests in the hands of the Warrior and the Druidess. But Brude is not about to marry a druidess, never mind that his blood boils for her and he can’t  stop thinking of her. Can Brude and Tanwen put their differences aside and fulfill their destiny? 
Bethoc aims her bow at King, Kenneth Mac Alpin, but she misses her mark. To save her life, she is forced to wed the king's cousin, Malcolm. Just as the Scot  Warrior and the Pict Princess begin to forge a bond, Malcolm must reveal his incredible secret and choose between two worlds: one with Bethoc or one without.

Warrior Hearts is a box set of two novels I wrote about the Picts: Druid Bride and The Scottish Selkie. It is 0.99 on Amazon

The two novels in the box set WarriorHearts are about the Picts. They inhabited and ruled over Caledonia (Scotland). There is a lot of mystery and controversy about the Picts. There were many things that were different about them compared to the tribes of England and Ireland.
These are some things we do know: The Picts permanently tattooed themselves. The poet Claudius Claudianus said, "Venit et extremis legio praetenta Britannis, Quae Scotto dat frena truci ferronque notatas Perlegit examines Picto moriente figuras.” Which means, His legion, which curbs the savage Scot and studies the designs marked with iron on the face of the dying Pict. That is why the Romans named them Pictti which means painted. That is where we get the name Pict from and they were also called the Cruithni. We don’t know what they called themselves.
We know nothing of their language thought it does appear to have been different than that of the English and Irish Celtic tribes. It is a lost language, although a team from Exeter University believes symbols on the Pict standing stones show characteristics of written languages instead of just images or designs.  But to date no one has deciphered them, if the symbols are indeed a written language.
Another thing that is different about the Picts is they were a matrilinear society so Pictish kings were not succeeded by their sons, but by their brothers or nephews or cousins as traced by the female line.
The Romans never conquered the Picts or their land. In fact in 122 AD during the rule of emperor Hadrian a wall named after him was built to keep the Picts out. Yes, the mighty force of Rome not only never conquered the picts, they hid from them behind a big, brick wall.
By 410 AD the Romans had completely pulled out of Britain and guess what happened then. The Picts started climbing over the wall and raiding as well as increasing their piracy along the British coast. And that was when Vortigern hired the Jute War Lords Hengist and Horsa and the age of the Saxons in Britain began. But that’s a whole other story. I actually wrote about that in the box set Swords and Roses and the individual books, The Celtic Fox and The Celtic Vixen.
For now, lets move up to 9th century Scotland when The Scottish Selkie takes place. Kenneth, his Gaelic name was Cinaed, and his brother Donald and the Pict earls were very real. An even stranger fact is during the long reign of the Mac Alpins’, rumors abounded of selkies among them. This is true.
The legendary massacre depicted in the first chapter is known as Mac Alpin’s treason. Kenneth’s move to unite the Picts and Scots under his rule is seen by historians as a great advantage to Scotland for it prevented the Vikings from taking a hold on the country like they did in Ireland.
Donald reigned after Kenneth and both ruled wisely. Kenneth is often considered the first king of Scotland.
He did move the Lia Fail from Dalriada to Scone where it remained until King Edward I took it as a spoil of war in 1296, seven hundred years ago. He fitted it into a wooden throne and English sovereigns have been crowned upon it ever since. In 1328 in the Treaty of Northampton the English agreed to return the stone to Scotland, however it was not until 1996 the stone of destiny was returned and transported to Edinburgh Castle where it remains.
In the fragmentary Annals of Ireland a verse has come down to us from ages past lamenting Kenneth Mac Alpin's death, and showing us how beloved he was. “858, Cinaed son of Alpin, King of the Picts, died. It was of him that the quatrain was said— Because Cinaed with many troops lives no longer, there is weeping in every house; there is no king of his worth under heaven as far as the borders.”
Some recent Pict discoveries were made in 2015, when archaeologists excavating a remote sea stack near Stonehaven believe they discovered a Pict fort. Also archaeologists from National Museums Scotland and Aberdeen University’s Northern Picts Project unearthed more than 100 pieces of late-Roman and Pictish hacked-up silver, coins and jewelry. The find includes a Pictish silver chain and a carved stone depicting a sea eagle. Items from the hoard are on display at King’s Museum, Old Aberdeen Town House, High Street, Old Aberdeen.
As I said, I love the Picts and I am thrilled to be able to transport readers back through the mist of time with my writing so they can get to know a little bit about the lifestyle, the beliefs, the bravery and the beauty of the noble Picts. The Romans called them savages but you and I know better.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Writing in Solitude Like Thoreau @TylerArboretum

I write my books in my quiet office, without music or distractions. I can imagine spending time alone in the woods to write in a hideaway house like this one.

My husband and I spent a beautiful summer day at the Tyler Arboretum in Media, Pennsylvania, and during our walk along the trails, came upon this cabin hidden in the woods.

The arboretum staff recreated an exact replica of American poet Henry David Thoreau‘s tiny home beside Walden Pond in Massachusetts.Thoreau lived simply for two years and two months (1845-1847) in the one-room cabin he built himself, to write without distractions, on land owned by his good friend Ralph Waldo Emerson. If you look closely at the bottom right of this photo you’ll notice a spot of blue–the pond behind the cabin.

One room with a fireplace, a bench to sit on, and a loft above him to sleep. This single room was re-recreated in the exact dimensions and style of the original home on Walden Pond. I imagine there was a table inside too, but little room for anything else. When I took this photo, I was standing inside the open doorway.

Sleeping loft after a day of writing.

I think all writers look for a sanctuary in which to write. Though my romance novels couldn’t be more different from the writings of Thoreau, I felt a connection to his cabin and its surroundings because I understood his need for solitude. The cabin in the woods at Walden Pond was the highlight of my visit to the Tyler Arboretum and a place I’ll always remember.


Thoreau wrote:

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Debut of There He Sat Series

Hey gang! I have two new releases this month! Go me! Lol.  There He Sat is a scintillating collection of short erotic tales told from the male protagonist’s point of view. Each installment is subtitled with the emotion the character embodies at the start of the story. This has been a challenging and fun project to conceive and write and I am so excited to be able to share it with you!

Richard Kelsey has spent his life in pursuit of money and power. A junior executive at Stansfield Industries, he is poised to rise through the ranks. He has a plan, one that will allow him to reach his goals faster. He is dating Chelsea Stansfield, his boss’ daughter and heir to the Stansfield fortune. Marriage to her will guarantee an enviable position in the company and provide financial freedom.

Chelsea is hardly his ideal mate. She is high-maintenance, childish and vapid. She denies him sex, intent on controlling their relationship in order to determine his true feelings. None of these issues will deter Richard. He is determined to woo Chelsea and more than willing to endure her to have the lifestyle he has always coveted.

Waiting for Chelsea in the lobby of her hotel residence, Richard encounters her mother. Estranged from her husband, Richard’s boss, Andrea is an alluring woman. Intelligent, beautiful and emanating sexuality, she is everything Chelsea is not. Passion and mutual attraction flares, leading to a proposition Richard is more than happy to entertain...

His body is desperate to accept Andrea’s offer while his mind demands he stick to his plan with Chelsea. Richard finds himself torn between two extremely different women. One is a gateway to his dreams, the other the most physically enticing woman imaginable. Past insecurities resurface as his turmoil escalates and he questions his situation. Is succumbing to his base nature in order to possess Andrea worth abandoning his master plan?

Carlo had it all, a charmed life that included a thriving business and a beautiful wife. In talks to merge his company with the much larger Knowles Enterprises, a lucrative move he is certain will transpire smoothly, Emma Knowles suddenly informs him the deal is off. Moreover, she will ruin his business. Shocked at her sudden change about face, he doubts the effect on him will be as devastating as her ominous threat foretold. Yet, he soon finds himself divorced, broke and a pariah in the business world.

Twelve years later, Carlo has rebuilt his empire, and is once more in a position of power. He has focused his energies on one goal, his vengeance. He is poised to execute a hostile takeover of her company, when Emma desperately offers him an alternate solution. She offers herself, for a week, to do with as he pleases. He readily accepts her offer, keen on subjecting her to degradation, breaking her and finally exacting his revenge.

It is soon apparent that something else is at play. Emma’s past attack was not unwarranted; she had good reason to do what she did. He struggles to uncover what her motivations were and what event drove her to such a cruel act. As he plummets into a scathing self-examination, his past acts are unveiled. Carlo realizes he is not the man he thought he was and that Emma is more complicated than he could imagine. A searing passion ignites within him, along with an intense need for atonement and forgiveness.  However, can he convince Emma he is not the man she believes him to be when even he questions who he truly is?

There He Sat: Brooding will be available next month.

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