Thursday, July 16, 2015

What kind of relaxation do you prefer?

So here it is, the summer is almost 1/3 over, and I'm still having to force myself to enjoy having my days free, and only working a few hours a week at my second job.  This means I only bring home a few measly shekels when school is out, so my guilt at not contributing more often overwhelms my enjoyment of having time to think...and read...and write.

I do spend some time relaxing, but I've come to realize there are different ways to do it.  My late father, a carpenter for 50 years, used to tell me that as a workin' man, he relaxed best by "lyin' on the back o' me neck, starin' off inta space in a vacant dwam."  Honestly, since he was born in Glesga,  that's how he spoke. I get too restless lying still for any length of time, unless I'm asleep.

Which leads me to my husband, whose favorite form of relaxation is to lie on the couch on our airy back porch (which he built), or in his recliner, and read either the newspaper, or a sci-fi book.  Often before long, I'll hear definite proof that he's gone and fallen asleep, which is his very favorite relaxation pastime. If I try to nap I get a headache.  I have to be really ill, or recovering from surgery, before I can nap during the day without waking up feeling much worse than when I fell asleep.

So what's my idea of relaxation?  I call it busy relaxation.  Husband wants me to come sit in the room with him and watch TV together (meaning: "Turn off that damn computer, stop writing/blogging, and pay me some attention!")  So I go up there and pick up my crochet hook and my yarn, and get to work on the current afghan I'm making.  I've already made them for all of my kids, and most of my niblings (gender neutral term for children of your siblings.)  I have two more nieces to go, and one sis-in-law.  Then I'll have to start making them for friends, or to donate or sell, I guess.  I work on them while watching TV, (mostly listening to it),  while sitting with friends talking, and even while alone working on my current WIP in my head.

How else do I relax? I sew clothing: I made a couple of cute tops and skirts and a dress for myself for the summer, and I'm almost done with a dress for my daughter.  Then I'll sew the dress and jacket I'm wearing to my son's wedding in September. If the weather is cooperative, I may bake something, like bread, muffins, or pie.  I promised the family a sour cherry pie for this weekend (the recipe is on my website under the page marked Pies.)

I also read, but I prefer non-fiction mostly, so I keep a pen handy to underline what I find scintillating, so I can find it again.  Lately I've been reading classic short stories also.  I also go on-line and blog, or catch up on the many blog loops I'm on. And I do try to fit in time to write.  I don't consider that work, because:
 A--I enjoy it too much to call it work,
and B--I make so little money the IRS calls it a hobby...you know, the kind of thing you do in your leisure time...when relaxing.

Actually, the only time the family can get me to really relax, is when I'm camping. No TV, I can't bring my crocheting because I don't want it to get dirty, and no sewing machine or oven.  I sometimes bring my laptop, but we go to places too remote for wi-fi or any signals. But I do bring my crosswords, so I can do something intellectual while I sit around.

How about you?  How do you relax?  Restfully, or busily?

For pie recipes, or to read about the fruits of my fevered imagination, head to:


jean hart stewart said...

Reading is my relaxation, and I never tire of that. I read a wide spectrum, and the second hand stores are wonderful for keeping me supplied. Can't just sit and do nothing...

Tina Donahue said...

I haven't relaxed in so long I can't remember how. If I did have the time, I'd watch several years of The Walking Dead (that I've missed since I've ditched cable), while I was eating popcorn and chocolate. :)

Lisa Carlisle said...

Reading a chapter while I drink a cup of tea.

Harlie Williams said...

For me its what I call "bad television". House Hunters, House Hunters International, Donnie Loves Jenny, The Wahlburgers, and The History Channel. Its how I relax. On my bed with our dog. :)


Fiona McGier said...

Seems like I'm out-numbered then. You all at least dream about sitting around doing nothing, even if you can't seem to find the time. When I have the time, I have to be busy while I'm relaxing. Husband says I need to learn how to find the quiet place in my mind. I told him there's a woman spinning plates in there, and the second she gets the last plate spinning on it's pole, the first one is stopping and she has to run back there. In place of a quiet place in my mind, there's chaos.

That's why I like to write. I have to sit still and just listen to what the characters are telling me.